Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Clif High Confirms Rumors of Hillary Dropping Out of Presidential Race & Major Financial Events

If you are not familiar with Clif High's work, here is an explanation taken from his ALTA website.....
Predictive Linguistics is the process of using computer software to aggregate vast amounts of written text from the internet by categories delineated by emotional content of the words and using the result to make forecasts based on the emotional 'tone' changes within the larger population. A form of 'collective sub-conscious expression' is a good way to think of it. Predictive linguistics can be used to forecast trends at many different levels, from the detail of sales to individuals, all the way up to forecasts about emerging global population trends. 
You will find his interpretation correlates recent rumors of Hillary Clinton in serious health as the Power Elites plan to remove her from participating in the upcoming USA presidential elections. Clif also talks about major financial events and specifically mentions precious metals such as gold, silver to increase in value.  Some say this predictive language about these solid monetary assets are actually referring to the new financial system backed by precious metals.
Published on Sep 20, 2016
September ALTA report at

Discussion about recent Hillary health 'episodes', body doubles (more than one of them), CGI Hillary, and bonds and the US dollar as we move through October into November.