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The purpose of this Blog is to keep people informed about the most incredible events in our Reality taking place at this moment, an organic ascension of mother earth & humanity. Some are calling it a planetary ascension. This is a time for humanity to wake up to a new Reality and state of Being. This is a Spiritual Ascension event that has been talked about for thousands of years, in many different cultures, time periods, and spiritual teachings. The grand spiritual choice that approaches is based on what your soul wants to experience and what level of Awareness you want to become. Every path taken is the correct path as this Divine plan was created with Perfection. This Universe and each one of us are an Infinite Being enjoying the creational constructs of this Light Universe. Our experiences throughout our many lifetimes on earth, lifetimes on other planets and galaxies, and in other dimensions have allowed us to gather Wisdom so that we grow spiritually. We have reached the end of this galactic and spiritual cycle to only start a new cycle yet to be created. Congratulations Hu-Mans! You are about to graduate into a Universal Being if that is your soul path. It is the liberation from the lower ego and a unification of duality where both 'light' and 'dark' merge to form a truly harmonious expression of existence. This is going to be exciting!!!

Please explore all avenues of information and follow your heart. Your own Truth will shine and let nobody tell you what to think or believe. You have the free will and spiritual sovereignty to choose what to experience in YOUR reality.  No worries though because what ever you choose is the most perfect expression of who you are. You are part of this Divine creation and nothing can hold you back, unless you allow it to happen. Stand strong and realize the Infinite Being you are is Divinely powerful. When viewed from the higher levels of your Awareness then fear becomes an illusion and not an empowerment to your ego form.

My views and opinions come from Unconditional Love. I do not judge any soul as every soul is a spark of Divine Light and is perfect in every way. Your soul journey is your own co-creation so listen to your heart's voice. Every Being in this Universe is on their own unique path learning and obtaining wisdom. Humanity has come to a moment in spiritual evolution also known as Ascension.

Some great links to start with your research into the coming spiritual events are listed here or visit the video library to expand your awareness or you may want to listen to some recent Intel calls archived here. You can also read the blog posts which I update continually with the latest Intel and news from around the world and our galaxy.

If you are completely new to this then I suggest you begin with the guideline I put together called Sequence of Events Leading to Ascension

** Just a reminder... the information presented on this blog has many different viewpoints coming from a wide range of sources.  Some of it may be conflicting with your belief system or supporting it. Either way you have the complete freedom to pick and choose what works with your understanding of reality.  I must also mention that just because I post a source of information doesn't necessarily mean that I support it.  I present information that actually goes against some of my beliefs but I do this in order to provide a complete spectrum of information and allow the reader to use their own discernment and own power to take or reject what is right for them.  Your beliefs and your version of reality is exactly Truth for you but it may not be Truth for someone else.  Please respect other community members and visitors of this blog but debates on information is encouraged.  You are the person you've been waiting for!

I have been advised to post this disclaimer as well.......

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