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Why is the Federal Government buying 14 Million Potassium Iodine Pills and having them shipped to a warehouse outside Washington , DC?

Gee Whiz! If radiation from Fukuishima is "Nothing to Worry About" why is the Federal Government buying 14 Million Potassium Iodine Pills and having them shipped to a warehouse outside Washington , DC? What you can do to protect yourself and family

Wednesday, 01 January 2014 15:48

January 1, 2014 -- (TRN )  -- For the past three weeks, Turner Radio Network has been covering developments in the Fukushima, Japan nuclear power plant disaster.  We've been factually detailing the strange die-offs of marine life in the Pacific Ocean, the radioactive Cesium contamination of Tuna in that ocean, the strange loss of fur and visible, bloody lesions on inland animals from Polar bears, to Moose, to Deer and most recently, even Bald Eagles as far inland as Utah.  We caused such a stir with our story about sailors on the USS Ronald Reagan coming down with cancer after the Fukushima rescue effort, that even the mass-media started covering it. We've been factually documenting, with Geiger counter evidence, that weather patterns of rain and snow, spread the Fukushima radiation across the entire United States, and have issued radiation "Alerts" when local radiation levels have spiked 100 points or more higher than "typical."

Many have smeared our reporting as "sensationalist." Some have called our reports "fear mongering" while still others decry ". . . the many problems with the claims being made by . . .  us.  Fair enough.  We have one question for our critics: If we're so wrong, why is the federal government of the United States placing an Emergency order for 14 MILLION Potassium Iodine pills to be delivered to a Maryland warehouse near Washington DC on or before February 1, 2014????? Care to guess?  THEY know what's actually coming.  THEY intend to protect THEMSELVES which leads to one, inescapable fact: all of our reporting has been right!

Now that we have that out of the way, read below what the government is doing (to protect itself) and what you can do to protect yourself as the radioactive contamination dumped into the Pacific Ocean from Fukushima (every day for the last 1,000+ days) begins arriving along the west coast of North America.  It will be here in heavy supply within days or at most, a few weeks.

The General Services Administration (GSA) is the main purchasing department for all the things the US Government needs (except military equipment.)  When any government agency needs something, they submit a requisition to the GSA and the GSA supplies it.  When the GSA needs something, they put out  request for Bids through the web site

On December 6, 2013, right about the time we at TRN started seriously investigating the ongoing Fukushima disaster, the GSA put out a request for Bids to supply FOURTEEN MILLION pills of Potassium Iodine.  They want the pills delivered to a warehouse in Maryland (FEMA Fegion 3) by February 1, 2014. That request can be viewed HERE.

Potassium Iodine has only one use: To protect the Thyroid gland from absorbing radioactive Iodine; which then accumulates in the Thyroid, leading to thyroid cancer.  As many of you know, for women, thyroid cancer is about 95% CURABLE.  For men, thyroid cancer is about 95% FATAL.  William Rehnquist, former Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, died from Thyroid cancer; all his money and all his power couldn't save him. Folks in the government know exactly how nasty this is!

This begs the question: Why would the government suddenly be stocking-up on the one thing necessary to protect themselves from radiation-induced Thyroid cancer?   Wait for it . . . . . . wait for it . . . . . .  YES!  They know that serious radiation is about to hit the United States!!!!!


As most of you probably remember, on March 11, 2011 a massive earthquake struck in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Japan.  About 50 minutes later, a tsunami (tidal wave) came crashing into the east coast of Japan with waves from 40 to 65 feet high.  The waves obliterated everything in their path, including a 30' tall sea wall which was supposed to protect the nuclear power plant at Fukushima, Japan. The waves flooded the plant and destroyed all the back-up systems.  The cooling pumps shut off, the nuclear reactors overheated and the fuel melted down causing three of the six reactors there to explode.(the three other reactors had been previously shut down for various reasons and did not explode.)  When the explosions took place, they destroyed the reactor buildings and hurled tons and tons of deadly radiation directly into the atmosphere.

Some people have been quite happy to speculate the Fukushima disaster "wasn't as bad as Chernobyl."  Others have been quite happy to speculate "a lot more radiation was released into the atmosphere by nuclear bomb test in the 1950's , 60's and 70's."  All of that sounds good,  -- and all of it is wrong. The amount of radiation released at Fukushima was the equivalent of seventy-two thousand (72,000) Hiroshima Nuclear Bombs! This was computed based on the fact that the Hiroshima bomb used about 140 pounds of Uranium when it was detonated.  Each reactor at Fukushima contained about ninety (90) TONS of nuclear fuel.  90 tons times three reactors is 270 TONS of radioactive material.  Do the math.

Of course, not all of the nuclear fuel burned up and went into the atmosphere.  Some of it was hurled out in clumps by the explosions, landing up to 40 miles away; some on land, some in the Pacific Ocean.  Some of the fuel did burn up and go directly into the atmosphere.  What none of us knew until almost three years later in July, 2013, was a terrifying piece of information revealed by the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO).  In July, 2013, TEPCO admitted that some of the fuel not only remained in the reactors, but had melted-through the reactor floors and was being quietly flooded by 600 tons of groundwater flowing beneath the soil from Japan into the Pacific OCean -- EVERY DAY.  Of the 600 tons of groundwater, 400 tons was becoming contaminated beneath the reactor buildings and flowing into the Pacific carrying its deadly radiation.  400 tons - every day -- since March 11, 2011.  That's over one-thousand days! ! !

TEPCO knew this. The government of Japan knew this.  It is logical to believe the U.S. Government knew this.  Yet until July, 2013, nobody told the general public;  no one told _us_.


There are a number of reasons we weren't told. First, TEPCO and the Japanese government were telling everyone "everything is OK, don't worry, we have a plan."  They just wouldn't tell anyone what the plan was.  Second, no one could actually do anything to stop it.  No sense in telling the public they're at risk from tons of poisonous radiation going into the water when there's nothing the government can do to stop it.  Third, folks in government actually think we're too dumb to be told.  We can't be trusted, we wouldn't understand, we might panic.  Our arrogant public servants long ago forgot that they SERVE US, and started believing their own lies that they RULE us.  It never entered their little minds that without taking money from us at gunpoint through taxes, they would have nothing -- they just continued to live in their own little fantasy world that they were the only one's who needed to know.  We won't bother to point out that government has never had a history of employing the best and the brightest. In fact, they get all riled-up when you point out that most of them (not all of them) couldn't make it in the private sector, which is why they had to kiss political ass to get a job on the public dole.  But that's another subject for another time.

So, the majority of not-so-bright government types kept their mouths shut and kept all of us in the dark.  The one's in government who ARE smart, knew what was going on with Fukushima; and they were told to keep their mouths shut to keep their jobs.

Thankfully, some of us out here in the real world DO pay attention. We kept track of things.  We started doing research and asking questions.  What did we get in return? Stonewalling.  Agency after Agency stopped answering questions and merely referred people to another agency; the EPA.  When those of us in the real world got tired of the stonewalling, we started utilizing laws like the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), to compel disclosure from the government.  But those crafty public servants weren't going to be told what to do by us simple folk; they invoked "national security" and denied numerous (not all) FOIA inquiries.

What the government folks don't seem to understand is that some of us pesky adults out here in the real world realize the harder someone refuses to release information, the worse the information is.  The more information the government held back, the harder we probed to find ways to get the info.

When all else failed, we did it ourselves.  Marine Biologists started finding and reporting massive die-offs of marine life and strange behavior by sea creatures throughout the Pacific.  Sea stars on the ocean floor literally melting into piles of white goo.  Masses of fish found bleeding from their eyes, mouths, gills and bellies. Seals losing fur and bleeding from lesions around their eyes.  Walruses developing bloody lesions all over their bodies.

Sailors on merchant vessels began revealing the strange quiet on the ocean; where they used to see all sorts of sea life on long ocean voyages, all was strangely quiet.  Said one sailor "It's almost like the ocean was dead."

Wildlife experts started finding and reporting strange symptoms sweeping through inland animal populations with deadly results. The moose population in Minnesota down by 70%.  Deer populations in Wyoming and Montana down 80%. Hundreds of dead animals found near creeks and other waterways.  Animals losing their fur (Gee, doesn't hair fall out from . . . . . radiation?)  Animals with external tumors, sores around their eyes and mouths, leaking blood.

Private companies began setting up networks of live radiation detectors, all feeding into internet web sites for the public to access real-time radiation readings.

Suddenly, a picture began to emerge: Radiation from Fukushima was not only a lot worse than we were told, it was already here in North America. Worse, even more of it was silently approaching our west coast via Pacific Ocean waters.


When government and nuclear industry people saw that information was getting out to the public; they went into "spin mode."  They used their shills, many of whom are in the employ of government agencies or government contractors, to discredit the revelations being made about the radiation.  "Don't pay any attention to the man behind the curtain, there's nothing to see here, move along."  They scoffed at the "uneducated" and "nonprofessionals" who dared to make common sense analysis of what was happening.  Such folks were challenged "Are you a nuclear expert?  No?  Then shut up."

You may not be a Swiss Watch maker; that doesn't mean you can't read and understand a clock.  We don't have to be nuclear experts to read and understand.  We don't need to be nuclear scientists to know that radiation kills.

The spin doctors are now out in full force; belittling news outlets, scoffing at the publication of "unfounded rumors," and, in the case of, offering a plethora of hyper-technical or arcane explanations for why all these things are happening, when the truth is staring them in the face.  (We're toying with the idea of seeking to have their professional credentials revoked for Quakery.)  The shills are trying to downplay what clearly is coming: a radiation nightmare.

Which brings us back to how this article began: Don't listen to what the government SAYS, watch what it DOES.  And what it's doing is buying 14 million pills of Potassium iodine, demanding it be delivered to  just outside Washington, DC by February 1. You don't need to be a nuclear expert to understand what that means: the radiation is coming from the Pacific.  It is coming soon and it is going to be dangerous.

PREPARATIONS YOU SHOULD CONSIDER  ( We do **** NOT **** sell any of the products suggested below )

1) Keep up-to-date on developments via the Internet. The mass-media is not reliable because like the government, they want to avoid any mass panic.  While that is a noble goal, withholding information as was done previously when the Fukushima disaster struck in March, 2011, allowed people to get exposed to radiation which could kill them now - or years from now.  TRN believes people have a right to know, so as to make an informed decisions about whether to protect themselves or not.

2) Go immediately (RIGHT NOW) to your local home improvement or hardware store for rolls of plastic, Duct tape, WIDE masking tape and  a couple rolls of self-adhesive weather stripping. You want to have a roll or two of the type of plastic that is used by painters; (the kind they use to cover your floor and furniture in case paint drips) and a roll or two of Duct tape.  Don't deploy this yet, but if the radiation arrives, you'll HAVE what you need and won't be battling a million other people trying to get some when the danger actually hits.  You can use the plastic and duct tape things to cover the insides of your windows, doors, AC electric plugs, light switches, bathroom exhaust vents, stove exhaust vents, -- even ceiling vents, to TRY to keep out radiation particles once you know they're arriving.  (NOTE: this may not be 100% effective.  Houses have loads of nooks and crannies which allow air from the outside to get inside.  If you cover the largest ones, you're at least giving yourself and family a fighting chance.)  These supplies are available immediately at: Home Depot Lowes Walmart TrueValue Ace Hardware and many other retail stores. (We are not affiliated with any of those merchants and have no financial interest or incentive to refer you to them.)

3) If radiation is identified as heading toward your area or has arrived in your area:
a) Cut sheets from the roll of plastic, large enough to cover your windows, window frames/woodwork, sliding glass doors, doggie doors, etc., and do so on the INSIDE of your house.  Once the sheets are cut to size, secure that plastic to your inside walls using Duct tape.  You want to cover things inside not outside so the weather doesn't cause the plastic to make noise or perhaps rip off during high wind, rain or snow. The duct tape should cover 100% of the edge of the plastic, making a good seal AROUND the window, sliding glass doors, doggie doors, etc.  It is important to note that the plastic should go AROUND the woodwork on the inside the window/door and NOT merely around the inner perimeter of the window itself.  Gaps between the window assemblies and exterior walls might not be air-tight; especially in older homes where the silicone weather sealant around windows/doors is worn or in earthquake prone areas where the shaking has loosened-up window/door seals.  This will help seal out radiation particles in the air so they shouldn't be able to get inside your home.  Those of you in private homes should do this sealing on EVERY opening to the outside (doors, windows, vents) on every floor of your home, from the basement to the attic.  Those of you who do not have basements, will usually find vents along the slab foundation which are designed to naturally ventilate under the house.  SEAL THESE from the outside as best you can.  Similarly, those of you without full attics, will usually see vents of some type for the roof rafter area. SEAL THESE as best you can too. (PLEASE don't fall off any roof or off any ladder. Be careful!)

b) Cut smaller sheets from the roll of plastic to cover electrical outlets and  light switches inside the house. Those outlets and switches are breaks in the walls to the inner structure of the house.  The inner structure gets naturally ventilated under the eaves and awnings of the house.  While the air flow is not generally a lot, it IS there;  you want to seal it out.  As with the windows, use Duct tape to hold the plastic a full inch or two around the entire perimeter of the light switch our electrical outlets.

c) Cut sheets from the roll of plastic to cover vents: Bathrooms, stoves. Remember, this is just a TEMPORARY situation and the radiation will usually blow-over or dilute within a week or so.  While none of us likes the smell in the bathroom after it is used, it's better to put up with that for a few days than have radiation in there from the vents.  BE VERY CAREFUL IF YOU CHOOSE TO COVER A STOVE EXHAUST VENT; YOU DON'T WANT THE PLASTIC GOING ON FIRE IF YOU'RE COOKING.

d) DO NOT use duct tape or plastic over your main entry/exit door. If, God forbid, there's a fire, you want to be able to exit fast and not be battling duct tape to get out.  Instead, maybe check to see the weatherstripping around the door is in good shape or at worst, add a layer of new weatherstripping to what's already there.  The bottom of the door sill can be covered with a rolled-up towel if necessary, to prevent drafts at the bottom of the door.
NOTE: Duct tape, when removed, may damage the surface of the wall it was stuck to.  It may peel off paint or even the paper covering of Sheetrock when you remove it.  If this is a concern, you may wish to utilize WIDE masking tape instead.  We do not recommend masking tape, but it may be viable if you are concerned about peeling off the duct tape when the emergency is ended.

e) If you have a parking garage attached to your home, seal it up and do NOT use it. Opening your garage door is akin to opening a wall to your house.  All sorts of air flow happens when that doors opens and closes.  If radiation levels outside are high, opening the garage door to park the car will be like opening a whole wall of your house to that radiation.  If you are advised that a radiation emergency is taking place. leave the car outside.  (Cars become particularly troublesome by accumulating radiation on the interior cloth and carpeting, which blows around when you turn on the heater, so wear a mask when driving or radiation in your own car might be your downfall.)

4)  Get a minimum "NIOSH N100-certified" filter mask for yourself and each member of your family. NIOSH stands for National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) which is part of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), an agency of the US Government.  They rate protective gear for various industries and the lowest possible level of mask with any hope at all of filtering out radiation particles must be rated by NIOSH as N100, which filters 99.97% of airborne particles.   The masks cost about $30 on Ebay and look like the one in the image at left below.  The CDC also lists N100 mask suppliers HERE.

SERIOUS NOTE: There are TIME CONSTRAINTS on the use of the N100-rated mask in a hostile environment.  Having such a mask is not a license to go out and have fun.  It is a limited mask, with limited capability for a limited time period, to help protect you in this type of emergency.

Of course, you can go all-out and get some super-mask for several hundred dollars, but the minimum you need is an N100 rated mask.

Whatever you do, don't try to get "cute" and figure you can "get away with" a mask that is rated N95 or lower.  An N95 mask will NOT filter out the tiny particles involved here and you will be fooling yourself if you buy any mask rated less than N100.

It is important to understand that a "hospital mask" normally used by Doctors, WILL NOT PROTECT YOU AT ALL from radioactive particles.  The particles are so small, they can fit right through a typical surgical mask used by doctors.  If you breathe-in any "hot Particles" of radiation, they will wreak havoc on your lungs and cause very rapid deterioration of your health. Cancers, Leukemias, Hemorrhaging . . . . you get the idea.

5) About your job and going to work during a radiation emergency . . . .
Those of us with jobs can't simply call-in and tell the boss we can' come to work today because we're afraid of the radiation. So start discussing this situation with your bosses first thing TODAY. See if the company as a whole is willing to develop some type of strategy to deal with taking time off or working from home due to a radioactive plume coming onto the west coast of north America from Japan, making things unsafe for a few days.  Start the conversation.  Don't wait until things spiral out of control and people are panicking.

6) If you HAVE to go out, clothing will get contaminated; be prepared to protect yourself
Wear an NIOSH N100 mask at all times when you are outside your house during the plume's arrival and presence.  Yes, you're probably going to feel like a jerk; especially when the uninformed, the ignorant and those "in denial" about the real danger, start poking fun at you.  Just remember you'll have the last laugh.

A VERY helpful tool for this situation is a disposable TYVEK suit and booties.  You can get them at most home improvement stores and on EBAY for about $8. Tyvek coveralls are one-piece garments, usually white, commonly worn by mechanics, painters, installation installers, and laboratory and cleanroom workers where a disposable, one-time use coverall is needed.   They are also used for some light HAZMAT applications, such as asbestos and radiation work but do not provide the protection of a full hazmat suit.  Wear it to work, when you get inside, take it off right at the doorway and throw it away in a garbage can near the door.  It's done. Don't touch it again. Then go wash your hands and face to wash away whatever may have accumulated on them.  These suits are also available at the retailers listed above (Home Depot, Lowes, etc.).

If you simply refuse to walk outside dressed-up like a Bunny, you must realize that Clothing worn while you are outside will have contamination on it.  This is unavoidable. Once you've been outside and enter your job, remove your outerwear and place it as close to the door as you can. You may want to pack a change of clothing in a tightly closed gym bag, to change-into at work. Having a change of clothes for when you get to work might not be a bad idea.  The change of clothes ought to include FOOTWEAR.

When you're outside, your footwear is going to be picking up the contamination that fell onto the ground. This is unavoidable.  What you CAN do, is take those shoes off once you get where you're going, and thereby not track the radiation into wherever you are.  You may want to get "Disposable Plastic Shoe Covers" to help avoid at least SOME of the radiation getting onto your shoes.  These shoe covers are cheap, and you throw them away as soon as you get inside your destination.

For Eye protection, we suggest a cheap pair of Swimmer's Goggles.  They vary in cost from 99 cents to about $10 on Ebay - or your local sporting goods store. The purpose of this is to prevent radioactive particles from landing on your eyeballs.  Swimmer's goggles will fit the bill pretty well and you can wash them off once you get to where  you're going, and use the goggles again the next time you go out.  Radiation washes off with soap and water.

The same procedures listed above for going to and from work, should be used by you and your family when going to/from home.  After all, you don't want to bring radiation into your house on your clothes, shoes etc, or walk-it-through the whole house once you arrive.  Put a coat rack just-inside the entry door.  Put a shoe rack too.  First thing everyone does when they walk in the door - ditch the outerwear and shoes right then and there.  YOU DO NOT want to be tracking radiation into and all over your house, then spewing it up into the air when you vacuum and it comes out with the vacuum exhaust air.  You want to stop the radiation as close to the door as you can.  If you prefer, put a clothes hamper -- LINED WITH A PLASTIC LAWN-AND-LEAF-SIZE BAG just inside the front door and change your clothes the moment you get in.  When the hamper is full, seal-up the bag, take it to the washer and wash the radiation away.

External radioactive material washes off with soap and water.  When you consider that everything you touch and all the air that touches you OUTSIDE can be contaminated, it is important to WASH exposed body parts (face & hands) with soap and water often.  When you get home from your daily routine and get out of potentially contaminated clothing, take a shower before anything else.  A SHOWER, NOT A BATH.  Showering will allow the radiation to fall off you and go down the drain whereas a bath could possible allow the radioactive materials to cling to your body as you leave the bathwater.   Sadly, this brings us to one, final, MAJOR, MAJOR, MAJOR problem: Water comes from reservoirs and reservoirs are out in the open; radiation has and will continue to fall into our water supplies.

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) lists the maximum safe levels and government-approved methods for removing, radiation in water.  Yet according to KHOU-TV in Texas, local and state officials in that state deliberately conspired for YEARS to alter the results from their municipal water tests, to deliberately CONCEAL high levels of radiation in municipal water!  If local and state officials in one state have already been caught deliberately concealing radiation in water, can any rational person believe they aren't doing it now in other states -- or won't do it (again) in the future? You can read that story and watch the KHOU-TV news video HERE.

In fact, KHOU-TV found that the radiation in local water was so severe, that it made the underground water pipes and the water heaters inside homes radioactive;  in some cases 11 times more radioactive than allowable by law!  The pipes and water heaters were so radioactive that none of those things could be scrapped in a junk yard!  You can read this separate KHOU-TV story and watch the video HERE.

Given the irrefutable proof above we suggest equipping your sinks and shower head(s) with a water filter.  Now, getting radiation out of water is NOT simple.  Paper filters do nothing in that regard.

Granular Activated Carbon filters have shown SOME ability to remove SOME types of radiation.  Reverse-Osmosis has shown good ability to remove other types of radiation.  ION Exhange is the final method which has shown good ability to remove radiation.  Yet getting all these types of filters in ONE system is not easy and it is considerably expensive.  As such, we suggest that having a filter of some type is better than having no filter at all.  Of course, once the filters become saturated with pollutants, they're useless, so expect to change-out those filters PRECISELY in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendation or even more frequently.  Yes, this will cost a few bucks, but this is an extraordinary situation calling for extraordinary response.  What good is all the safety you exercise with the steps above, if you then eat, drink and bathe-in contaminated water?

9) Potassium Iodate Pills:  Have them but DO NOT USE THEM --- YET
One of the major concerns in a situation like this is a material called radioactive Iodine (I-131).  Your body needs iodine to function and iodine is stored in your Thyroid gland in your neck. The Fukushima disaster released radioactive Iodine in March, 2011 which has long since dissipated, but could release more if the spent fuel pool goes critical.  Since Iodine is stored in your Thyroid, any radioactive Iodine would get stored there too and likely lead to Thyroid cancer.  For women, Thyroid cancer is about 95% curable; for men, it is about 95% fatal.

In order to prevent your Thyroid from absorbing radioactive Iodine, your body needs a very good supply of non-radioactive iodine.  If your body has the Iodine it needs, it won't try to store more.  You get Iodine from your diet but if Radioactive Iodine is released by Fukushima, you'll need to guarantee your body has a supply that is not radioactive; that's where pills called Potassium Iodate come in to play.

Potassium Iodate provides Iodine to your body/Thyroid and when used during a radiation emergency, will help avoid the need for your body to absorb potentially radioactive iodine.   SERIOUS CAUTIONARY NOTE: DO NOT TAKE POTASSIUM IODATE PILLS UNLESS AND UNTIL RADIATION LEVELS ARE CONFIRMED TO BE HIGH. If you take those pills when radiation levels are normal, your Thyroid will begin to GROW to absorb the extra Iodine and will not return to its normal size once you stop taking the excess Iodine!  If you take Potassium Iodate pills when they are not needed, you could end up with a Thyroid that is so big, it might look like a tumor in your neck; so DO NOT take Potassium Iodate Pills until they are actually needed. You can find Potassium Iodate Pills on Ebay for about $10 a bottle.

The suggestions above are just that SUGGESTIONS.  What you choose to do - or not do - is, of course, up to you. One thing is clear, though: Fukushima radiation is coming to North America. The US government knows this and is already stocking-up on 14 Million Potassium Iodine Pills for itself.

You need to prepare.  Don't expect the government to protect you; they won't. Need proof? Sailors aboard the USS Ronald Reagan thought their government would protect them; it didn't.  Now a whole slew of 20-somethings from that ship have all sorts of cancer and the $4.5 Billion dollar ship . . . . it's been sitting at dock since 2011.  The government CLAIMS it's cleaned up, but no one is using it.  Another case of don't listen to what the government SAYS, watch what it DOES.

Do not "panic" --  Plan.  Do not "react" -- respond.  With a little planning and careful deliberation, we can all get through this just fine.

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