Monday, May 4, 2015

Deep Source Rumor Update - May 3, 2015 SITREP from Deep Source(s) for May 3
SITREP (Situation Report)


9:45 PM EST

Deep Source #1:
"Michael Cottrell has been told by the Chinese Dragon Family that there is a checklist and a schedule. Michael does not know what the contents are in this schedule, but he personally thinks the schedule will be activated before Memorial Day. The Chinese Dragon Family have not told this to him directly, it is his own guess."

Note from Deep Source(s):
"Please note: Intel that is being provided from us to you is indeed accurate but completely raw and does have a tendency to not follow through. There is no denying that we are all in frustration and loss of patience. It is entirely a fact that intel being provided is real, but there are constant on-going activities that change the situation. This is agonizing but you mustn't lose hope. Nothing lasts forever."