Pope Francis, also known as the talking Mule.

This Preface is very simple, we have a fake Pope one that is attempting very hard to be sincere and humble, and a President of a Corporation who has destroyed the land many love and consider to be the best nation on the face of the earth.

A ‘leader’ who states the military is the strongest ever when in fact he has destroyed this as well.  The ‘cabal’ plan is to eliminate the world’s population, destroy America and turn it into a slave nation (which most lands are already) and bring to the fore the oligarchs and secret societies that have already been ruling the roost.

Ban Ki Moon, the Secretary General of the UN – the little Moonie who made his way to great heights with the help of those looking to bury us.  You know who they are. There is no reason for me to keep repeating to you that which you already know.

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