My Spiritual and Psychic Experiences

I want to share with you another spiritual awakening process I have been going through over the past years.  I have been guided to learn about the upcoming events that will be presented to humanity within the coming year if not months.  I have written everything I have learned over this time period and would like to share it with you.  It may seem that I am completely nuts when you read it.  I dont blame you cause when I read it I think I'm insane. LOL! But time will prove otherwise.  At least it will provide an entertaining moment of your time.

I must also mention that most of the stuff I talk about is taking place in the lower dimensional frequencies but you will notice that I suggest that LIBERATION for humanity is right around the corner if we choose this path.  This will basically be our last reincarnation on earth if that is our choice.  Much of this information comes from my inner knowing and also connecting with people around the world who all have a little piece of the puzzle.

The recent awakening started when I performed some telekinesis skills.  When I was moving my target object with my mind I had a great understanding that everyone has this power.  Everyone has these "superhuman" gifts, including instant healing, telepathy, clairvoyance, teleportation, instant manifestation of energy constructs. So why is it considered such a taboo subject? Why has religion and society shunned the notion that humans have angelic or God like powers?  I then realized that this world or reality was completely controlled and has been for almost 25,000 years or more.  This led me on an information journey to find out who, what, why, this reality is so controlled to keep people suppressed as slaves.

I also want to let you know I had an amazing experience that opened my eyes a little more about what 3D reality is about.  I was sitting in my room reading a spiritual book when all of a sudden a demonic entity appeared in my room.  It stood over 6 feet tall, had a charcoal metallic leathery skin, and large head.  It started to zap me with some really intense negative energy.  I felt that it was trying to take over my body and mind.  It was like I wanted to curl up into a fetal position but I stood my ground and didn't give what it wanted.  I could sense that it needed fear to grow stronger and take over my mind.  So I ignored the ugly beast and held strong in my mind to not be in fear.  After an intense interaction that lasted about 15- 30 seconds it disappeared. I also had a light bulb spark in the hallway when all lights were turned off.  I had not called any being into my domain and do not talk with any spirits. I don't do meditations that ask for other entities and I do not do rituals that could bring such an entity into my house.  This was a completely spontaneous event that was not called for.  I knew that this Being was threatened by my recent awakening about what is about to take place. It did not want me to spread the message that I am presenting or at least it does not want me to awaken to my Higher Self.  I am happy that this event took place. I feel like I can take on anything these multidimensional entities can throw at me.  The infinite power we each have within us is so strong, fear is basically just an illusion.

Continue reading below if you want to know more about my experiences over the last decade.

I have been knowingly aware of my psychic abilities since my early 20s. I think it all started when I was doing introspection on the meaning of life. I was trying to find the answers and purpose of existence. I was not satisfied at all with the hundreds of different religious sects to choose from. It did not make sense to me, seeing so many divisions among the entire human race. I knew in my heart that we are all connected in some way, a deepness of thought that shined through as a Universal Truth. I guess it is easier to say that we all exist from the same infinite energy source.

So on my inquisitive path to Self Discovery I came in contact with someone who was well versed in psychic phenomenon. This person was also seeking answers but was further along in his "search" than I was. Our discussions were about psychic events like out of body experiences, Chakra work, pendulum divination, auras, past life experiences, karmic laws of the universe and most importantly the path of Enlightenment.

As time passed I started to become really interested in metaphysical things. To me it was keeping an open mind to things that seemed like such science fiction. I guess I had an open mind to start with since I did have some experiences as a child when I was introduced to the Ouija Board Game. I still am amazed that they call this a game. It is anything but a game. The first time I did this was when I was maybe 10 years old with my Dad. I still remember this like it happened yesterday. My Mom was a little concerned though as she told us to be careful. I didn't know what she meant by that at the time. My dad told me to ask a question and repeat it over and over again until the center piece started to move. The first thing that came to mind was if there were going to be flying cars in the future. The center piece started to move while my hands and my Dad's hands were resting on it. It moved to "YES" I couldn't believe that this object was moving on its own. I questioned my Dad, thinking he was playing a trick on me but he kept on saying it was something else "out there". My Mom told me it was possible that spirits were communicating with us and to always respect these invisible forces or problems could arise. I take that warning to heart and never used it with negative intentions. I may have used the Ouija Board a few more times with my younger brother who was probably 6 years old at the time. Most of our questions had to do with scores of future NBA basketball games.
So getting back to my first psychic experience (one of the most profound and amazing events in my 29 years of my life)...

PSI Energy Balls
I was sitting on my bed doing a meditation exercise. I cupped my hands together and started to visualize a red ball of flame. My eyes were closed during this time but my concentration was strong and my focus was purely trained to make a visual representation of a sphere of red flame energy in my mind. I had no goals for this meditation or even a slight thought that I could achieve anything by doing this exercise. It was a spur of the moment idea I had to just sit with my eyes closed and do visualization with my mind while cupping my hands together. As I was seeing this red ball in my mind I moved my hands apart ever so slightly and moved my hands back together. What was that! It startled me to actually feel a magnetic force push my hands away from each other! I was freakishly surprised not knowing what I had actually achieved. I was also afraid that once I open my hands that I wouldn't be able to replicate the same experience. I also thought to myself that I may be delusional and that it was all in my head. But I knew what I felt, it was an actual physical force. Best described as when you place two magnets facing each other with the same polarity. The energy quickly disappeared from my hand once I un-cupped my hands. I wanted to recreate this experience once again, this time being more aware of this "energy" that was seemingly building up between the palms of my hands. I then visualized a blue flaming ball in my mind with a concentration focused on building energy between my hands. It worked again! I was so amazed! I wanted to tell the world what I had discovered. In my own ignorant way, I thought I discovered something new and was one of the only people on earth to create this energy. I rushed to the Internet and searched for energy balls or something to that description. Up pops hundreds of sites with people that have experienced or are trying to experience this type of psychic phenomenon. I was actually relieved to see that there was awareness about these types of events and much of it was listed in great detail. My mind was now completely open to such strange yet true phenomenon.

I also started to notice strange events happening when I approached street lamps. These lights would actually turn off when I was near them. First I thought it was a coincidence but then it became such a familiar pattern and happened on a frequent basis that I knew it to be more than that. I have to say that over a course of 8 years I have affected at least hundreds if not thousands of street lamps. Most of the time the street lamps turn off but sometimes they turn on. I searched for this psychic event online and found that it is quite common. People have termed those who affect electrical equipment to be call SLIders. Street Lamp Interference. I read some people affect much more than just lights. They effect microwaves, digital clocks, watches, tv's...

This is a new psychic skill I just taught myself this year in 2010. I got the inclination to give it a try when I read a book by G. Harry Stine called "Mind Machines You Can Build" It mentioned experiments with PSI Energy Wheels so I purchased a PSI Wheel online to test or train for Telekinesis. Basically a PSI Wheel is simple to make. It is a long sewing needle with aluminum or paper "helicopter blades". Laymans terms... Pin Wheel. I balanced the blades on top of the needle point and set it on my desk. I calmed my mind and started to do my visualization technique as what I do to create energy balls between my hands. This was a warm up exercise to get me in a state of mind to allow myself to believe that I could move an object without touching it. I turned off my fan and turned off my air condition and made sure there were no drafts in my room. I covered my mouth and nose with a handkerchief to prevent my breath from inadvertently moving the blades. I took some deep breaths to relax my body and placed my hands around the blades with out touching them. I let my mind clear and the blades started to move clockwise very slowly within 5 seconds of me putting my hands near the blades. My hands were about 6 inches away from the pin wheel. It was a great feeling to see the pinwheel move with my intention on my first try. I must say I was not as surprised as I was when I made my first PSI Energy Ball in my hand. I guess it is because I am open to new psychic experiences and that I have been aware of energy manipulation for the past 8 years.
There are so many terms to describe energy these day it can get confusing but its all the same thing. Chi, Kundalini, Prana, Huna, Odic Force, Reiki, Quantum Touch, Acupuncture, Kinesiology, but they are all the same things. A life force of energy that flows through everything and is everything with an infinite abundance that can never be destroyed. Science is slowly beginning to comprehend what energy really is about by exploring the relatively new Quantum Theories.

I plan on continuing to develop my skills but mainly with a focus of increasing the power of my energy body. I have read that when you increase the power of your energy body you will most likely improve your health, immune system, increase psychic and spiritual abilities, and be more at peace with yourself. I am starting to read a book called Energy Work by Robert Bruce. I find it to be the best book out there for people that are looking for a simple to understand read with techniques and guidelines to practice energy work without all the eastern terms that originally started in the Orient thousands of years ago.

I hope my experiences help those who are also inquisitive about their abilities. I also believe that anyone can do the things I describe. No doubt about that. Everyone has energy running through them, I guess the hard part is just realizing that you can control your energy with your mind.

All the best to you.

Take a look at this guy doing pyroTK! Quite amazing! Http://


Question #1: 
Hello, I'm VERY new to this, and I'm not sure what to do with any hing, so far this is the best story I have read that explains how you where able to do this, it makes me want to try, but I just don't know anything about anything, I hope someone can help me?

Answer #1:
First you need to understand your body's energy system. Search google for chakras and chi. Learn about this and you will come to understand the importance of this energy and how it relates to everything in your life including telekinesis. Then make a psi wheel as a training tool. Practice every day by focusing your awareness and place an intention to move your targets. You should also spend 30 minutes each day doing some form of meditation. Find a nice quite place in your house. Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Take slow deep breaths and exhale with a ratio of 1:2. For example if you inhale for 3 seconds then exhale for 6 seconds. Become aware of what you see and hear. Let your thoughts drift in but don't let them take control of your mind. Try to quite the mind. It is hard to do at first but once you can achieve a silent mind then your meditation will take on a new form and you will increase your psychic abilities more easily, if that is your intention. All in all, if you know your TRUE SELF, then you know REALITY.

 Question #2:
Your post just inspired me. But I would like to know how much time it requires to master telekinesis?"

 Answer #2:
The answer is quite simple>>> It can take 1 second or it could take many lifetimes. It is ultimately your choice. You already took the first step and that is you want to learn and have some degree of belief. So here are my recommendations for your next steps.

1. Make yourself a training tool. Go to this link and make a simple PSI Wheel. Http://
Practice makes perfect. Train yourself to use your "chi".

2. My post has the technique that I use to feel, and control my chi. Try my technique and see if it works for you. I am really good at visualization techniques so it works best for me. You may want to read a book by Robert Bruce called Energy Work. It is the best book I have read for people that want to control and increase their CHI. He uses a tactile technique instead of a more visual approach but his knowledge on CHI energy is far more advanced than me.

3. Try making a psi ball. I learned to do this first before TK. It took me less than 10 seconds to achieve TK. I should have tried it TK training many years ago at the time I learned PSI Balls but I didn't know that the two were related. I was very ignorant or ill informed at that time. I was about 21 years old if I remember correctly. Try this guide and use this website to learn to do psi>>>

Remember that PSI, CHI, Life force, Prana, Ki, energy, are all the same thing it is just another way of saying it