Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Meet @AustinSteinbart - The Man Behind The Qanon Operation and Future Commander of The Space Force

Austin Steinbart - aka Qanon

Austin Steinbart has just gone viral on many alternative news streams.   Why?  Austin apparently is claiming some incredible inside knowledge into who and what the Q-anon military operation is all about.  After watching a majority of his videos and disclosures, this is what he is claiming at the moment.

1.  He is responsible for the Qanon military operation that has taken the world by storm.
2.  In a future timeline his older self is sending messages to him via the Quantum internet to post messages as Qanon in order to outsmart the DeepState and Dark Cabal.  His future self is Q+
3.  He made a huge fortune in bitcoin ($millions or $billions) to fund his black ops missions.  Was given inside knowledge by his future self (Q+) to invest in bitcoin before it became popular.
4.  He has infiltrated and hacked many prestigious institutions including AT&T, Hilton Hotels, Embassy Suites, Iron Mountain, and First Data Corp.
5. He claims that he will be the new Commander of Space Force
6.  His childhood memories involved living in CIA drop houses that funneled drugs for the Cartels.

As you can expect with any incredible claims, many have taken to challenge Austin Steinbart's arrival.  Austin promises to silence his critics with proofs in the near future. Time will tell.

In any case, his videos are highly informative, entertaining, and interesting.

Here are some videos that you should take a look at if you haven't seen his work or interested in the Qanon subject matter.




Current State of Affairs - Intel Analysis of Current Events Relating to the #GreatAwakening

Dare to Dream?

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Current Update about Humanities Freedom from The Dark Cabal and Reptilian E.T. Threat - GoldFish Report with Alex Collier

Must listen update about the current situation regarding humanities freedom from the dark cabal and reptilian overlords.  Alex Collier on The GoldFish Report #400




On The GoldFish Report No. 400 Special Edition, Louisa and Steve welcome Andromedan Contactee Alex Collier to discuss the progress humanity is making to free ourselves from the dark and what we need to do in preparation for Ascension.

Support the GoldFish Report: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=10007100

Support Alex Collier: alexcollier.org

Sunday, February 3, 2019

C-Vine News Reports On #MilitaryTribunals at GITMO

February 3, 2019

Image result for military tribunals
Image Credit: https://www.youtube.com/1a84329b-9251-4806-aed3-633102d35f56

Finally we have some in-depth reporting of the military tribunals going on at GITMO from citizen journalists Linda Forsythe and Leonard Bacani.  They have also released PDF transcripts approved by the Department Of Defense (DOD) for release to the public. We The People are bypassing #FAKENEWS main stream media. Hopefully we will see higher echelon political names covered in these military tribunal reports and not low level minions.  This may be a testing ground to see how the public reacts to alternative media reporting on the tribunals.  It could also be a diversion while the big names are tried in secret, kind of like giving us breadcrumbs until GESARA is announced publicly. Interesting on how this plays out.

See below for the video update from C-Vine News.



C-Vine News

Military Tribunal Process for C-VINE News Reporters – The Saga Begins

ANNOUNCEMENT: During the next many months and years, C-VINE News will bring information to the public about the various Military Tribunal trials and pre-trials that are happening in GTMO – Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

The interesting process for reporting on these trials will be covered by Alternative Media. Mainstream Media was not invited. Is this a new trend to come? We shall see.

On 1/28/19 – 2/1/19; C-VINE News citizen journalists will be at Fort George G. Meade Military Base in Maryland to observe the military commission pre-trial proceedings through LIVE Stream cctv scheduled for United States v. Khalid Shaikh Mohammad et al in GTMO.

This will be the first of many proceedings we will attend and is scheduled. Volunteer Citizen Journalists from C-VINE will be doing their very best to make our country proud to know that “We the People” have taken charge of how the News is reported.

This rapidly growing, grass-roots effort is exciting to watch as Patriots join together to MAGA.

All this and future Military Tribunal information will be released to the public after Department of Defense final approval & posted on the C-VINE.com website.

More at .....  https://c-vine.com/blog/2019/01/27/military-tribunal-process-for-c-vine-news-reporters-the-saga-begins/


Surprising information was revealed when Leonard Bacani and Linda Forsythe (who are both Citizen Journalists with the C-VINE International News Network) reported on the Military Tribunals Live Streamed CCTV out of GITMO to Ft. Meade In Maryland. This was Part 1 of 2 covering the first day on 1/28/2019.


Critical To Watch! Part 2 of the GITMO Military Tribunal's Are Revealing Games Are Underway to Take Away Our Constitutional Rights for Public Viewing by Trying to Set a Precedent of Closed Hearings Utilizing the Pre-Trial Hearings of Khalid Shaikh Mohammad et al.

Leonard Bacani and Linda Forsythe as Citizen Journalists of C-VINE News were able to view and report on these proceedings LIVE Streamed at Fort Meade Base via CCTV from GITMO.

Military Tribunal Transcript PDF's of proceedings available at C-VINE.COM and citizens are highly encouraged to download and closely scrutinize.


For more updated info and transcripts of the military tribunals from GITMO



David Wilcock Video Intel Update - #MassArrests #MilitaryTribunal - February 3, 2019

The Deep State Tribunals have now begun in several locations, according to various insider accounts. David and Elizabeth Wilcock had a huge tree fall in their yard as they were both writing about this civilization-defining change in their own way.

David gives mission-critical updates about the in-process defeat of the Deep State and the energetic process that goes along with it -- regarding the Fall of Kings. Right as these articles were being prepared, two huge trees fell into their yard, destroying the fence and nearly breaking the windows. David sees this as a powerful synchronicity and affirmation that we are indeed in "the time of times!"

David's website: http://divinecosmos.com
Elizabeth's site: http://elizabethwilcock.com