Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Tom Heneghan Update - March 4, 2015

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Wednesday   March 4, 2015
Black Swan 2 Looms Tonight
by Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert

UNITED States of America  -  It can now be reported that a massive worldwide liquidity crisis looms as cash has disappeared at a rate of velocity unprecedented in the history of world financial markets.
Last night the Bank of India cut their short term interest rates (given the deflationary conditions affecting the Indian economy) and the initial reaction of the India stock market was to rally.  Within three (3) hours the Indian stock market continued its major downturn.
At this hour, there is no liquidity for short term credit left in the world financial markets, further translation: a massive short term credit crunch one hundred times worse than the 2008 BushFRAUD-Lehman Brothers debacle that wrecked the world economy forever and forced U.S. TAXPAYERS to 'bail-out' this criminal worldwide banking mafia cabal collection of filth.

The Three Who Saved Europe

This story of these three brave souls inspired me spiritually to do a painting of them to spread as much awareness of them as possible.

Here's my painting image attached to the email and the blog link about them and many other heroes as well. All these heroes stories are great and sad but the Chernobyl story got to me the most. I call the painting The Three Who Saved Europe.

There are more blogs about them when you google they're names.

~ Marika Segal


 Alexei Ananenko, Valeri Bezpalov, and Boris Baranov

Alexei Ananenko Valeri Bezpalov, and Boris Baranov
2 of the 3 volunteers
These three men likely saved most of Europe from becoming a radioactive wasteland. During the Chernobyl disaster, for nearly 2 days, no one was warned about the radiation, as those at the top were desperate to cover themselves. “panic is worse than radiation” .

All the plant workers and firefighters fought bravely to put the fire out, none of them were told the dangers, but even when it became obvious they went on!

Straight after the explosion thousands of gallons of water was pumped into reactor 4 in a futile attempt to extinguish the fire. this was to potentially lead to a massive thermal explosion which would have made hundreds of square miles uninhabitable for hundreds of years and made the death toll even bigger, world-wide.

once the threat of the second explosion was confirmed they began thousands of runs in helicopters, dumping bags of mostly sand into the exposed core.

The first ever photograph of light as both a particle and wave


A team at EPFL were lead by Fabrizio Carbone photographed for the first time ever – light behaving as a particle and a wave. The findings, were shared to Nature Communications and published recently.

Leader of the research team Fabrizio Carbibe said, “This experiment demonstrates that, for the first time ever, we can film quantum mechanics – and its paradoxical nature – directly,” Fabrizio Carbone continues. “Being able to image and control quantum phenomena at the nanometer scale like this opens up a new route towards quantum computing.”

Video below …

'Money can’t buy all airwaves': RT host launches campaign against US media empire

'Money can’t buy all airwaves': RT host launches campaign against US media empire

Published time: March 04, 2015 00:02
RT screenshot
RT screenshot
RT’s Anissa Naouai has launched a crowdfunding campaign urging viewers to send a symbolic message to the US State Department and Washington’s media empire, donating money to fight autism.

The GoFundMe project was launched by the host of RT’s 'In the Now' program, Anissa Naouai, after the US Secretary of State asked for more money from the government for propaganda and “democracy promotion” programs around the world. Instead, Anissa urges support for Our Sunny World, a partner foundation with Autism Europe.

Iraqi Army Allegedly Downs A US Helicopter For Providing Weapons To ISIS: Report

Iraqi Army Allegedly Downs A US Helicopter For Providing Weapons To ISIS: Report

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

The Iraqi Army has once again claimed that it has downed a NATO aircraft that was providing military assistance directly to ISIS according to Iranian FARS News Agency.

This time, the Iraqis are claiming they shot down a US Helicopter in the Al-Bagdadi region in Anbar Province last week. The reason for shooting the helicopter, according to FARS and, apparently, high-ranking Iraqi officials, was that the helicopter was carrying weapons to ISIS.

Head of the Iraqi Parliament’s National Security and Defense Committee and senior Iraqi legislator, Hakem al-Zameli has stated that the Iraqi government is constantly receiving reports from its security forces that NATO aircraft is dropping weapons to ISIS.

Zameli claims that the reason for the airdrops is that NATO wishes to prolong the situation in Anbar Province for geopolitical purposes.

Zameli stated that “The Iraqi Parliament’s National Security and Defense Committee has access to the photos of both planes that are British and have crashed while they were carrying weapons for the ISIL.”