Thursday, March 15, 2018

Reclaim Your Sovereignty: Planetary Ascension and Mother Earth

by Laura Eisenhower, March 10th, 2018

The most benevolent being that is assisting us with planetary Ascension is our Mother Earth and Higher self.
The more we anchor our higher self into the physical, the more we raise the vibration of the planet.
The more we embody all that has been compromised and targeted, the more the weapons and assaults will be dismantled and neutralized.
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In just knowing what has been targeted, we can hold on to these things more strongly and not disconnect or get lost in a distortion. Sacred Union and our Sovereignty has been messed with.

Reclaim Your Sovereignty

All we need to do is reclaim our sovereignty by saying YES, I devote to this. 

We must ask our higher self to be more present in our lives. 

#QANON Updates - Q: We are Not Alone

A great review of the newest QANON updates.....

TANK Update - ATTENTION: Authorities of the world in Government, Military, and Financial Institutions

Received via email.....

ATTENTION: Authorities of the world in Government, Military, and Financial Institutions

We are calling on you to act in the best interests of the planet and all life on Earth. Your response to this request will define your ability to function as a financial entity, Government official, or Martial Leader under the current paradigm.

The statements in this letter are accurate and true. They can be validated through any authorized inter-banking system as well as any intelligence agency or Treasury on the planet.

It has come to our attention that certain institutions we’ve tried to do business with have been given instructions to block transfers from the Manna World Holding Trust with the promise that by taking this risk that the acting individuals would be “taken care of later.” This order has not been given by a direct supervisor at said institutions but an external figure imposing the illusion of authority to do so.

We regret to inform these institutions and individuals that they have been deceived by one of the organized criminal factions commonly referred to as the Order, the Cabal, the Shadow Government, the Deep State or the Illuminati to commit treason against the United States of America.

This act of treason includes crimes against humanity for the misallocation of funds intended for the betterment and support of all humanity. You are in violation of recent Executive Orders imposed by President Donald J. Trump by redirecting assets transferred into the United States that were purposed to fund a network of humanitarian projects. These funds were transferred into the Bank of America, UBS, US Bank, and Sun Trust Bank to be used by the KRE8CHANGE Trust only to be illegally held or misdirected with the intent to use for alternate purposes.

Mr. Ed's Intel Update via Email - "CURRENT SITUATION UPDATE" 3/14/18

Rumor Mill News Agents Forum
INTEL Update (Real News) via email - "CURRENT SITUATION UPDATE" 3/14/18
Posted By: Mr.Ed

Date: Wednesday, 14-Mar-2018 20:13:41

        INTEL Update (Real News) via email - "CURRENT SITUATION UPDATE" 3/14/18

        We are currently in an Intel Blackout...which indicates how close we are to 'The Event' occurring.

        Positive Forces can not disclose details of ongoing operations without compromising their missions.

        Clearing of Deep Underground Illuminati Secret Complexes continue as we speak.

        There have been 6,000 arrests since Saturday. (3/10/2018)

        Another 190 chose suicide.

        4 high value targets were arrested in LA and had to wear Kevlar vests, helmets, and a hoodie.

        All of this is being kept quiet to prevent riots and destruction.

        All past timelines are being placed into the 'Akashic Records' for posterity. (historical records)

        The records are the "Book of Life" or a 'Universal Supercomputer System' for all Thoughts, Words and Actions since time began.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

AscensionWithEarth.Com Updates

Hello Everyone,

My apologies for being absent of lately and not posting as often as I have been over the last 7 years.  For those who have been wondering, I have been putting all my time in raising my new baby girl.  My focus and LOVE have shifted to her as she is now my world.  I am still here for everyone during this amazing time and will post information of interest as I can.  Please be patient with me as I take this much needed period of refocusing my energy. 

2018 is humanities break out year!  We are all in this together and we as a collective can make it happen.  Keep doing your part in awakening those around you and focusing your intention on the best outcome possible for everyone, everything, and every living being.

I will be posting sooner than you think, I think? LOL! 

My Best to All!