Sunday, August 23, 2020

Earth Alliance Intel Update via Corey Goode - August 23, 2020

Possible China Coup, Rogue CIA Nuclear Submarine, Militias vs Anarchists & Q-Larp Infiltration


@CoreyGoode provides intelligence update from the fractured Earth Alliance.  Effort is underway to reunite leadership but its looking less likely that this will take place as currently there are too many competing agendas. 

 In a sense, (you the reader) have the ultimate responsibility to force the full disclosure narrative.  Full disclosure is an extremely important event so that humanity can be set free from the matrix of control by various selfish agendas being run by non-appointed leaders of humanity. Otherwise if too much of a distraction, you can just focus on your spiritual growth and remove the drama. In the end you WIN! ~enerchi

View Michael Salla's article that occupancies this video at this link here....








Monday, April 13, 2020

MUST WATCH DOCUMENTARY - "OUT OF SHADOWS" - MK ULTRA, PizzaGate, Government Corruption, Media Cover-ups, Hollywood Corruption

Out of Shadows is going viral, over 3 million views in a couple of days.

This should be documentary of the year!  A brilliant documentary that introduces topics such as Mind Control, MK ULTRA, PizzaGate, Pedophile Networks, Satanic Cults, Government Corruption, Media Coverups, Hollywood and Pop culture Corruption, and more.  This documentary does not get divisively political and its a great way to introduce the un-awakened to these topics.

#MassArrests Update - Sealed Indictments Count Updated To 160,705

Sealed Indictments Count Updated To 160,705

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

UPDATED ** Austin Steinbart Arrested

(Will Justice) QAnon LARPer Austin Steinbart (real name: Austin Ryan Steinbart) was arrested and charged with extortion and cyber crimes in late March, according to a complaint filed with District Court of Arizona. He was being investigated by the FBI for refusing to remove a video wherein he doxxed several patients, after having hacked a medical record database.