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David Wilcock Special Event Show with Jimmy Church - The Alliance vs. The Cabal - November 20, 2017

Special Thanksgiving Live Event w/ David giving us the full update on The Alliance vs. The Cabal.


#QANON Intel Updates for November 20, 2017

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November 21, 2017

Someone shared with me this 79 page PDF document entitled "BOOK OF Q", published on November 20, 2017. I have uploaded here for you to download.  I believe the download will expire in 10 days so please make sure you download if you are interested.  It is a great compilation of everything QANON related.

The following are the newest posts from QANON which can be seen at http://archive.4plebs.org/pol/search/tripcode/%21ITPb.qbhqo/page/1/#




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Coordinated effort to silence.
It will only get worse.
All for a LARP right?

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Good will always defeat evil.
No rigging / blackmail this time.
Wizards & Warlocks.

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Good will always defeat evil.

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Why am I here during the day?
Why is this relevant?
What does this infer?

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POTUS opened the door of all doors.
Expand your thinking.
What is the keystone?

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(Repost to correct thread).
Expand your thinking.
What are patterns?
How are patterns formed and isolated?
What are data sets?
What is a map?
Re: Twitter (repeat)(important).
What action is Twitter taking effective mid-Dec?
What is the purpose of this action?
Possible test to understand public / gov’t response?
When was this announced?
When did events in SA transpire?
Who controlled a large portion of Twitter stock?
Why is this relevant?
Expand your thinking.
What is the real purpose of this action?
What is the SS?
Who is the primary person protected under the SS?
What action is Twitter taking effective mid-Dec?
Would POTUS be able to use Twitter post action?
Define the ‘known’ action.
Why is the MSM ignoring this action?
What transpired w/ POTUS’ Twitter account a short time ago?
Re-read crumbs on this topic (necessary).
Two scenarios (lose/lose).
POTUS advised by SS to terminate use of Twitter due to new website tracking policy (cookies) amongst other spyware not disclosed (risk) – 1st time they failed (re-read).
POTUS silenced on Twitter due to new policy (re: SS / risk).
Direct message failure.
POTUS refuses to be silenced.
Bad actors gather metadata and targeting.
Small example of the ongoing silent war.
Problem: time to complete.
Patriots, get the word out.
Jason Bourne (Deep Dream).

LAPD Investigating Nearly Two Dozen Sex Crime Cases Tied to Hollywood Figures


The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is currently investigating nearly two dozen sex crime cases linked to Hollywood and the movie industry, a senior department official told NBC.

Some of the individuals under investigation are publicly known, while others have not yet been identified, the official said, adding that allegations range from sexual assault to felony rape, with some people facing multiple allegations.

As part of the investigations, the department has already collected nearly 30 “courtesy reports” of victim statements which will be referred to relevant law enforcement agencies across the country.

The official meanwhile refused to confirm the names of any of the individuals under investigation.

Some of the figures previously revealed to be under investigation by the LAPD include the disgraced movie producer Harvey Weinstein, actor Ed Westwick and top talent agent Adam Venit.

Weinstein, whose alleged years of sexual misconduct opened up the wider scandal across Hollywood, “unequivocally denies” all claims of non-consensual sex. Officials in New York, however, have said they are preparing an indictment against Weinstein on charges of raping actress Paz de la Huerta in 2010.

Last week, the LAPD also announced that they were assembling a task force to investigate claims of widespread sexual abuse and harassment in Hollywood, which will “ensure a uniformed approach to the legal review and possible prosecution of any case that meets both the legal and factual standards for criminal prosecution.”

The department also claimed it would investigate actor Corey Feldman’s claims that he was molested as a child actor and that there are pedophiles preying on young children in the entertainment industry, although police later dropped the case due to the passing of the statute of limitations.

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GoldFish Report Special Schedule Announcement for week of 11/20/2017


-POTUS Report will be published 11/21 w/ D. Jim Fetzer
-Special JFK Docs Report for 11/21 w/ Dr. Jim Fetzer

Also this week, Dates not announced:
-Santos Bonacci : Mr Astrotheology and Flat Earth Evidence Analysis
-Country Roads w/ Winston Shrout
-Alfred Lambremont Webre and How the Belgium Government Kidnapped Melanie Virtschan 's New born baby girl.

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