Tuesday, May 23, 2017

(Update #3) David Wilcock Notes from Contact in the Desert (TruthEarth.Org)

A very kind and amazing individual, Joan, has taken and published some notes of David Wilcock’s talks at this year’s Contact in the Desert gathering that I will share in full below:

The solar flash will be very bright, and will cause a transformation for our planet.
Jesus is part of a group of people who agreed to come here to teach us. The group would all be in basic agreement with each other.
There are two types of ET’s; angelic and Christ-like, and the really negative ones from the Draco Reptilian groups.
Jesus represented the Hero archetype.
The solar flash is not a catastrophic event. It’s a benchmark in the evolution of any planet.
We are living in a “laboratory” and the negative and positive beings are both playing a part in that.
Doing dream-recall is better than any other form of therapy.
David had many Solar Flash dreams where his body turned into light. In these dreams, he would roll up, like a ball of energy, and then ‘take off’ (leaving 3D and ascending; my note).
If you are positive, you ascend. If you are negative, you are consumed.
Frasco-Kereti is the name for the solar flash event in Zoroastrianism. In the Vedas it is called the Samvartaka Fire. The Vedic writings speak of rainbow colored ‘clouds’ that will appear, like a rainbow display; the same as someone attaining the rainbow body. (Only now the whole planet is ascending; my note).
“…after enlightenment, you carry water and chop wood…”
Padmasambhava would levitate in the sky with his 25 disciples.
During the Flash, unless you are very evil, you will be taken by a “relocation team” to a safe spot, if you’re not yet ready to ascend along with the Earth…

New Film Suggests Marilyn Monroe Was About To Reveal Aliens


She was one of the most popular actresses of all time. She was the first centerfold in Playboy magazine. Her name was – and still is – synonymous with the phrase “sex symbol.” She was married to one of America’s greatest baseball players and to one of the world’s greatest playwrights but is best remembered for her alleged affairs with a president and his attorney general brother. Her mysterious death at age 36 was ruled a suicide but the cause, the reasons why she may have taken her own life and the possibility of murder remain a topic of discussion today. One possible reason for murder is mentioned in a new documentary: actress Marilyn Monroe was silenced before she could reveal the existence of extraterrestrials – information she was given by President John F. Kennedy.

It’s a rumor that has been discussed before, but its unresolved and scandalous history are the reasons why it gets a mention in Unacknowledged : An Expose of the Greatest Secret in Human History. In it, Dr. Steven Greer – founder of the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) and The Disclosure Project, discusses many UFO cover-ups, including the one linked to Marilyn Monroe.

The document Greer is holding in the film is well-known and has been discussed before. Dated just two days before Monroe’s death, it refers to information obtained in a CIA wiretap – not on Marilyn herself but on the phone of Howard Rothberg, a New York antiques dealer who allegedly obtained things Marilyn had said from her photographers and passed it on (there was no Twitter at the time) to popular TV celebrity and gossip columnist Dorothy Kilgallen, whose own mysterious suicide in 1965 is often linked to her investigation into President Kennedy’s assignation. Kilgallen also wrote about UFOs.

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Crop Circle Update - May 23 2017

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David Wilcock (Additional Notes) Contact in the Desert (Kauilapele's Blog)


Thank you Joan… again. Amazing!!

Two links of relevance:

http://www.tbrnews.org/?p=2235 (this was in DWs talk)
http://www.tbrnews.org/?p=2406 (not in DWs talk)


5/22/17  HIGHLIGHTS from my Notes ~ THREE-HOUR [actually, 4 hr.] INTENSIVE w/ DAVID WILCOCK at ‘Contact in the Desert’ ~ Joshua Tree, CA ~ many beautiful and diverse topics were touched upon during this talk…

…a long segment was devoted to the VERY new and extremely positive news about Pizzagate and the eradiation of pedophila in Washington DC, and another, to science that proves the coming of the Flash. I may do another post about the part of this talk explaining high-vibrational diet, weaponized foods, and how the cancer mechanism works…

…in these notes, I’ll be focusing-in mainly on BIBLICAL PASSAGES THAT DESCRIBE THE SOLAR FLASH AND ASCENSION as mentioned in this talk, w/ David’s commentary added ~ the passages I am using are the King James version and sometimes may be excerpts…

…the solar flash can be compared to the burning of magnesium metal; a brilliant white-hot flame…it transforms you into a meta-human being…it meshes the soul and the physical body…

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