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Secret Space Program Conference from 2014 - Full Video Playlist

Secret Space Program Conference 2014

12 videos - Last updated on Mar 27, 2015

Mark McCandlish at the Secret Space Program Conference, 2014 San Mateo 1:29:27

Michael Schratt at the Secret Space Program Conference, 2014 San Mateo 1:28:19

Joseph P Farrell at the Secret Space Program Conference, 2014 San Mateo (presentation 1)  1:22:10

Catherine Austin Fitts at the Secret Space Program Conference, 2014 San Mateo 1:22:35

Richard Dolan at the Secret Space Program Conference, 2014 San Mateo 1:46:07

Joseph P Farrell at the Secret Space Program Conference, 2014 San Mateo (presentation 2)  1:07:36

Robert Morningstar at the Secret Space Program Conference, 2014 San Mateo 1:01:38

Jon Rappoport at the Secret Space Program Conference, 2014 San Mateo 1:31:11

Carol Rosin at the Secret Space Program Conference, 2014 San Mateo 1:08:26

Round Table Discussion Saturday Secret Space Program Conference, 2014 San Mateo 1:50:36

Zero Point The Fluxliner story panel & Military radar UFO footage, Secret Space Program 2014  33:31

Round Table Discussion Sunday Secret Space Program Conference, 2014 San Mateo 1:03:45

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GoodETxSG Update - May 21, 2015

Sphere Being AllianceI wanted to take the time to say thank you for the supportive emails and recent paypal donations (On my website) prior to my Rotator Cuff & Bicep Tendon Reconstruction Surgery tomorrow morning at 7PM Central (5/22). I hope the recent articles from Dr. Michael Salla will give you some new information to digest while we are waiting on David Wilcock to complete his Part 2 Article on the Secret Space Program Disclosure, his presentation live stream this weekend at "Contact In The Desert Conference" as well as the final touches on the LONG AWAITED VIDEO INTERVIEWS that we did a few months ago now (I know from your emails you are doubting those will be published).

Once I am feeling up to it I will begin using the "Dragon Transcription Software" to write some more in depth articles to be released as well as do a "Skype Interview" with Dr. Michael Salla to be released on his web site. I am going to be doing a larger number of Interviews with Trusted Researchers (There are only a few at this point) and Online Web Shows now that I have gotten the bulk of the information out in articles with the help of both David Wilcock and Dr. Salla. When I had my Right Shoulder/Bicep Surgery 6 months ago it took me about 3-4 weeks to where I was able to do very much. During this time I am not active I hope that DW can release the video interviews and the E-Book we have discussed that will be based on the 130+ pages of notes taken while he was "Vetting Me" as well as some hours of recorded conversations that include detailed reports of meetings with the SSP Alliance, The Blue Avians, The Draco Federation (White Royal Reptilian) and the "Human-like ET Federation".

Cobra Update - Free The Colonies


MAY 30TH, 2015

It is time to take action again! It is time to take the destiny of our world and the Solar System in our own hands! Therefore we will meet in groups large and small, as individuals and couples, on May 30th this year. Many of us will gather and assist in the breakthrough of the Multidimensional Operations Solar System (MOSS) to support the Light forces which are now liberating our Solar System from the last vestiges of darkness.

In the past, many human beings were living as hostages in slavery in many of the colonies throughout the Solar System that belonged to various secret space programs. You can read a relatively accurate summary of those programs here:

In 2012, the Light forces have cleared our Solar System of all secret space programs and their colonies that were not directly protected by the Chimera group.

Unfortunately, a relatively small number of colonies and implant stations throughout the Solar System has been protected by Chimera's strangelet bombs and human beings are still living there in slavery and generally the extent of ritual abuse in these colonies surpasses what people have experienced on Earth.

These colonies are now in the process of being cleared by the Light forces in the current phase of the MOSS, and humans who were captured there are being liberated and given healing.


Five Major Banks Plead Guilty to Felony Charges Over Currency Rigging

Euro Dollar
A photo illustration shows U.S. Dollar and euro banknotes in Vienna March 16, 2015. 

REUTERS/Heinz-Peter Bader (AUSTRIA - Tags: BUSINESS) - RTR4TJKT (Reuters)

Five of the world’s largest banks will plead guilty to felony charges and pay fines totaling nearly $5.8 billion following a multi-year investigation into allegations the banks banded together to manipulate global financial markets, the U.S. Justice Department announced Wednesday.

Four of the banks – Citicorp (NYSE: C), JPMorgan Chase (NYSE: JPM), Barclays PLC (NYSE: BCS) and The Royal Bank of Scotland (NYSE: RBS) -- will plead guilty to conspiring to manipulate the price of U.S. dollars and euros in foreign currency markets and the banks will pay fines totaling more than $2.5 billion.

According to federal prosecutors, traders at the four banks charged in the FOREX scheme referred to themselves as “The Cartel” and used online chat rooms to communicate with each other.

The fifth bank, UBS AG (NYSE: UBS), will plead guilty for breaching an earlier non-prosecution agreement in connection with a long-running investigation into manipulation of the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) and other benchmark interest rates. UBS will pay a $203 million fine, the Justice Department said in a statement.

Past, Present and Future Trilogy - Parts #1 #2 #3

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