Monday, August 3, 2015

Puerto Rico just went into default for the first time in its history.

The commonwealth paid a mere $628,000 toward a $58 million debt bill due Monday to creditors of its Public Finance Corporation. This will hurt the island's residents, not Wall Street. The debt is mostly owned by ordinary Puerto Ricans through credit unions.

"This was a decision that reflects the serious concerns about the Commonwealth's liquidity in combination with the balance of obligations to our creditors and the equally important obligations to the people of Puerto Rico," Puerto Rico's Government Development Bank president Melba Acosta Febo said in a statement.

OWoN Blog: Trader jailed for 14 years over LIBOR rate-rigging


OWoN: No excuses - Just in, the first UK Banker caught rigging LIBOR rates for Billions has been found guilty. He must now be jailed, no cop-outs or Plea Bargains. Justice is on trail here, he must go to Jail. Former trader Tom Hayes was found guilty on all eight conspiracy charges and jailed for 14 years - Image: Getty Trader jailed for 14 years over Libor rate-rigging BBC 3 August 2015 Former City trader Tom Hayes has been found guilty at a London court of rigging global Libor interest rates. He was sentenced to 14 years in prison for conspiracy to defraud. The 35-year old is the first individual to face a jury trial for manipulating the rate, which is used as a benchmark for trillions of pounds of global borrowing and lending. Many of the world's leading banks have paid heavy financial penalties for tampering with the key benchmark. The jury found Hayes guilty on all eight charges of conspiracy to defraud.

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David Wilcock & White Hat Paladin Debate on Benjamin Fulford Blog - August 3, 2015
Haven’t read this yet but just got out of a very interesting insider conversation, so it will be interesting to see how it matches up.
Our website was hacked so badly that we still can’t post over a week after it started. Someone did this to make it so we could appear to fix it but then they could rewrite our pages at the root level.
That means I will have to announce that anything on my site could have been changed. If attacks come out in the future that appear to be based on what I wrote, it is all open to tampering now. Very messed up. I imagine the Cabal has planned this for others as well.
This was one part of a multi-pronged attack I will be detailing in the next post. We are close to having a new server but this was so bad it has taken the entire staff of our server’s tech support to fix it.
In the meantime, and not surprisingly, Cosmic Disclosure has shattered all existing viewership records at Gaiam TV by a stunning amount.


Oh. Ben didn’t say this but the Iranian scientist contacted me first and his email contained the message Ben put in the opening paragraph. I forwarded his email to Ben and that was obviously what led to the call.

Revisit: Brice Taylor Exposes Mind Control & Her Handlers "The Memoirs of Bob Hope's and Henry Kissinger's Mind-Controlled Slave"

Published on Apr 13, 2012
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Brice Taylor is the highest level survivor of MKULTRA and government mind control ever to go public. In her new book, Thanks For the Memories: The Truth Has Set Me Free, she discloses hidden mechanisms used by the nations' most ruthless oligarchs to control America, and reveals their intent to precipitate a global dictatorship. Taylor also identifies many of the individuals at the top of the power structure that she was personally involved with. Brice Taylor, (pseudonym for Susan Ford), a healed survivor of MKULTRA trauma-based mind control, is dedicated to ending mind control and abuse.

Thanks For The Memories, Brice Taylor

Illuminati Sex Slaves Paint Horrifying Picture

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Alcuin and Flutterby Update August 3, 2015 : Europe's royal élites are fragmenting over their Nazi-continuum connections with the Committee of 300

European bloodlines face end-time vortex of exposure

Europe's royal élites are fragmenting over their Nazi-continuum connections with the Committee of 300

Picture: European bloodlines face end-time vortex of exposure

Picture: Queen Elizabeth II signature on covert Committee of 300 World Bank document.

Picture: Queen Elizabeth II practising Nazi salutes with her family at Balmoral.

Picture: Queen Elizabeth II. Stolen from Isis. A crown.

Picture: Alexander Romanov message to Queen Elizabeth about crown of Isis.