Sequence of Events

Updated  2013 - Removed Dates as realization that Sources and Whistleblowers and many others don't truly know the timing of events.  All this information comes from research from multiple sources listed at the bottom of page.

Summary and Understanding of Events

Humanity, Mother Earth, and this Universe are raising its frequencies into the higher dimensions. Some are calling it a spiritual transformation or a planetary ascension because the entire human race would be affected by the new energies coming to mother earth and changing within the human DNA.

Humanity is about to jump thousands, if not millions, of years into the future this coming year in terms of spiritual and technological progress. I am truly convinced that the following events to take place this year in 2012, will be the greatest show in the Universe. 

A new financial system is about to go online with over 190 countries signed on. The Illuminati control groups have lost their most powerful weapons and are currently negotiating their options with our Earth Allies. 

There will be a huge worldwide tribunal that will be shown on TV about how secret societies have manipulated humanity for thousands of years through finance, war, education, medicine, media, and religion. 

There are a few rogue groups left fighting like rats in a corner but time has run out on these individuals. 

After the global announcements of our Earth Allies, there will be a time for the re-education of humanity, including our history not told. Atlantis and Lemuria and the negative E.T. influence who gave rise to the Illuminati bloodlines to control humanity. 

These lower frequencies are about to be left behind and be replaced with higher more Light filled energy, lifting most of us out of the 3D realm. The "good" E.T.s that are working with our Earth Allies are calling themselves the Galactic Federation of Light, Andromeda Council, and the Ashtar Command. There is also a spiritual group calling themselves the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood and claim to "talk" to heaven and the spiritual hierarchies. These groups say they have humanities best interests in mind. Do they? I believe some do and some don't, so please use discernment with all information presented whether it be from humans or extraterrestrials.

E.T.s will be formally disclosed to humanity sometime soon after the new financial system and mass arrests. They will present themselves as "liberators and allies of humanity" giving medical technologies, energy technologies, and communication technologies to win the hearts and minds of the people of Earth. Please make note that their are many different E.T. races in this Universe and all of them are Divine beings of Light just like Humans.  Like humans some are "good'' and some are "bad". Some will take advantage of our new state of consciousness and some will want to mentor humanity to become part of the galactic community.  I would recommend for us as Humanity to stay sovereign and free and stay neutral among the star nations political and religious structures.

One of the groups who I am cautious about call themselves the GFL or Galactic Federation of Light. It is my complete understanding that the Galactic Federation of Light are still stuck in the fourth dimensional paradigm/energy frequencies. The ETs that control the 4D realm do in fact know that they are still living in duality (Galactic Wars) but since they have great power in the Universe they will not let it go. They assimilate many star nations into their "group" to grow their power. 

Duality still plays out in the 4D. Deception is involved to convince beings that they are from 5th dimensional frequencies. The red flag for me is that they still use technologies to solve problems they face.  In the true 5th dimension, technology does not exist. Everything in the true 5th dimension is done by ones spiritual powers.True spiritual power is infinitely stronger than any technology created in this Light Universe.

The Galactic Federation of Light & Ascended Masters will come to Mother Earth and tell humanity to evacuate onto their ships to "save us" from the pending environmental destruction that she will unleash leading up to Dec. 21st 2012. 

People will become scared and react from an ego state of mind. Since trust will be somewhat established already with the GFL that they will board ships, or go into inner earth realm called Argartha. Argartha is really a holographic reality and is not the true Shamballah that resides on Mother Earth in the 5th dimension. They will also say that we need "help" to ascend into the higher dimensions.  They will present humanity a technology called "Light Chambers" that will ultimately control what level of ascension they want you to experience.

I don't prescribe to the version of Ascension that requires you to be saved by extraterrestrials whether it be via Ascension Light Chambers, Technological Safe Zones, or Ascended Master Worship. I prescribe to the sovereignty of each individual and would like to remind you that you are more powerful than some ETs or Ascended Masters have led you to believe. Some ETs and Ascended Masters are taking advantage of your "spiritual amnesia" and are not telling you the Truth regarding your spiritual powers. You are an INFINITE BEING OF LIGHT and do not need to be "saved". Your are so Powerful and Spiritually Strong that the only thing that can stop you from ascending is yourself.

I must say that 4D energy frequencies will seem so loving compared to what we are accustomed to here in the 3D. People will flock to it like baby to candy. I say these things without judgment because everyone has a soul contract to fulfill and it is their soul journey to still stay in the lower dimensional realms. 

I keep reminding myself that Mother Earth is Ascending just like Humanity. She is our mother, we drink her water, we eat her food, we breathe her air, she nurtures us and we are directly tied to her energy patterns. 

We should not leave our mother if the GFL claim otherwise. Because we are connected to her on such an intimate energy frequency we will Ascend with her into the TRUE 5D reality. 

On our path of spiritual development, humanity will become an embodiment of the Universal Creator. This is the liberation from our ego and the end of the extremes of duality.

Sequence of Events

#1 Mass Arrests & New Financial System


#1A Mass Arrests -

- Political, religious, financial, corporate, military industrial complex suspected criminals.

- Evidence has been collected for many decades

- International Tribunal shown on Global Media will educate humanity as to the extent of corruption and murder while others will be tried in common law courts.


#1B New Financial System-

- Goal of this system is to replace the current illegal system that has kept the world in poverty and allow for the prosperity of the world.

- Revalue of many currencies worldwide including the United States. 138 - 195 currencies are involved.

- Federal Reserve and IRS which are illegal private organizations will be dismantled and operations will merge with the Treasury of the USA. Treasury will be responsible for printing money.

- Most currencies involved in the revalue will be backed by assets including gold, silver, oil, agriculture and other tangible assets or commodities.

- No longer will the Federal Reserve Note be the "world reserve currency" in which all other currencies are pegged to. There will be a "basket of currencies" in which the world financial system will be tied to. This prevents future abuses by a powerful country from manipulating the entire world's money supply and economic systems.

- National and World Wide Debt forgiveness will provide a clean slate for all countries involved.

- Prosperity Programs, Farm Claims, CMKX and Economic Receipt, Global Prosperity Trusts, Saint Germain World Trust, World Global Settlements will be released to end poverty and hunger worldwide in relative short time.

- Central Banks around the world will have to comply with the Basal III financial system. Basal III basically allows for complete transparencies of all financial transactions.

- USA Stock market to adjust to correct levels

#2 New Interim Government will replace the corrupted government in Washington DC.

- Interim Government will only be instated for 3-4 months. National Elections will commence immediately following.

- Re-education of the people of the USA and the World about our true history. (Elite Cabal, 911 Truth, World Wars, Secret Governments, Atlantis and Lemuria, Extra-Terrestrials.)

#3 Extra Terrestrial Contact


Sequence leading to first contact…….

1. Announcements from the Governments of the World

2. Global telecasts – Global media coverage of E.T. message broadcasts in all different languages.

3. Liaisons begin education – Selected E.T.s will begin personal education on many different types of subjects.

4. Mass landings – E.T.s will touch down on earth soil begin community contact in pre designated areas.


Timeline after Mass Landings 

Interact with Andromeda Council Members, Galactic Federation of Light and Ascended Masters, Blue Avians, Sphere Being Alliance - Open dialog about feelings and experiences on First Contact---this is about us, the planet, and the shifting reality

start of technology transfers and begin education program - Amazing technologies given to the world

begin pollution cleansing and renewal of earth's eco-systems 

#4A Organic 5th Dimensional Ascension -

- You will have an inner knowing of what to do.

- Ascension of Earth & Humanity -  December 21st, 2012 at 11:11GMT

#4B Andromeda Council- -

 Large Biosphere space ships coming to pick you up if you decide to go to another 3D like earth.
More info can be found at 

#4B GFL  -

- People will leave with the GFL via ships and Niburu

- People will enter metamorphosis chambers believing that GFL technology is more powerful than an organic spiritual transformation into full consciousness.

- People will enter into a holographic reality called Argartha also known as inner earth. People believe this to be a fifth dimensional reality and other people believe it is an AI controlled holographic reality that exists on a 4th dimensional reality.

-More info at ....

#4C Parish in Earth Changes -

- Some people will experience death in Mother Earth environmental changes as this type of experience has always been a karmic event

- Soul contracts were agreed before entering this incarnation that death would take place

- Souls will reincarnate onto other 3rd or 4th or 5th dimensional planets/stars and may choose to start another cycle for Ascension

#4D Galactic Family takes you home -

- People who have incarnated onto Earth 3D and who's soul purpose was to obtain the knowledge and wisdom of the energy pattern of this Light Universe, will be taken back to their home planet from many different galaxies. They will teach and share knowledge obtained as a human while on the 3D Earth. 

Side Note: I have been in communication with one such person who absolutely knows without a doubt that they will be part of #4D scenario. This person has full conscious memory recall of his home planet from another galaxy. He told me that he will be leaving sometime in 2012.

#5 Ascension -

-Become a Co-Creator of Light and transverse the Universe teaching those on the path to Ascension

-An aspect of your Being will begin to create your own unique Universe of Light


Side Notes

Drake and David Wilcock will give people a 24 hour pre-notice of mass arrests event.

USA Borders to be locked down during mass arrests campaign to stop criminal escape

Major Arrests of bankers, politicians, and power brokers consisting of more than 10,000 people from around the world. Global trials will be held and many people will be awaken from the truth that these criminals expose.

The Arrests and the New Financial System are the Catalyst for a new reality!

Take a look at this documentary for a good overview and true history of the Elite Financial Power System . (Produced by SUPER SOLDIER , James Rink)

President Lincoln was assassinated for establishing the constitutional right for the USA Treasury to print the Greenbacks. Lincoln went to the Banks in New York to obtain loans to pay for the Union Army Civil War costs. Banks were charging Union interest rates that were astronomical. Lincoln refused to take loans from the elite bankers and established the Greenbacks which threatened the power of the elite. Elite hired John Wilks Booth to assassinate Lincoln. Booth actually escaped and an innocent man was killed in order to cover up the crime.

JFK was also another President assassinated by the Elite to stop him from executing Executive Order 11110 which was to return the US government the power to issue currency without going through the Federal Reserve. JFK was also going to dismantle the CIA and reduce their power structure. You may also want to take a listen to JFK's speech about the influence of secret societies upon the United States of America. Listen to the juicy part of the speech here........

You may want to invest in Iraqi Dinar. The currency is worthless estimated at 1170 dinar = $1 dollar. It has been confirmed by multiple insiders that it will revalue to prewar levels in range from 1 dinar = $3.20 or more dollars! Resulting in much prosperity to many families and communities.  This will jump start the global economy with major cash infusion.  This is also called TRICKLE UP ECONOMICS. Do your research and make your own decision. Prosperity programs and World Trusts will also be used to improve living conditions for millions of people.

The take down of the world financial system has been in the process for more than 30 years in the USA and around the world by a group called the White Knights. White Knights are individuals who are from many different countries, born into some of the secret societies, are in high positions of power, are in contact with the GFL and other ET Groups, and share a common goal of taking out the elite cabal and most importantly to bring back sovereignty and prosperity to the world. 

Secret Societies from China (Dragon Families) have decided to help speed up this process of taking out the elite cabal. The Dragon Families are helping to manage the distributions of the Global Trusts. The Saint Germain Foundation and some of the Dragon families have been in cooperation for the past few years with a common purpose of shifting the wealth of the planet from the Elite to the people. Background information of St. Germain and his role ..... (Produced by SUPER SOLDIER , James Rink)

Free Energy technologies based off discoveries and research from Nikola Tesla will be un-shelved and made into mass production units and distributed around the world. Some of these technologies will allow for the terraforming of deserts into green lush environments.

Many wars will end abruptly as nations will be given prosperity funds to build infrastructure, end poverty, educate the people, food and water distribution. Power will be given to the people and not the dictators of this world. People will be given the right for sovereignty and common law.


People/Sources of Information

The list below is just a fraction of the people I have read about. I do not necessarily agree with all these people’s ideas and information. Each one of them and each one of us has a piece to the overall puzzle. Some of these people listed will provide a 3/4D perspective and others will have a higher understanding of the 5D+ energy frequencies.

George Kavassilas , Greg Braden, David Icke, Christopher Story, Benjamin Fulford, Drake, Fran, David Wilcock, Sorcha Faal, Dinar Informants via Skype, CMKX Message Boards and Informants, Thing 1 and Thing 2, Contact 2, Project Camelot, Al Hodges, Poofness, Casper, Okie the Oil Man, James Rink, John Machaffie, Sheldan Nidle, Michael Quinsey , Greg Giles, Wanderer of the Skies, Gerald Celente , Alcuin Bramerton , Daryl Frech , Bix Weir, Sherman H. Skolnick, Youtube, Google Videos, some of this Intel comes from people via my skype contacts who claim to have direct or indirect access to individuals from the "good guys" of the IMF, BIS, NSA, CIA, FBI, US Treasury, and many many many many more.