Sequence of Events

Updated  2013 - Removed Dates as realization that Sources and Whistleblowers and many others don't truly know the timing of events.  All this information comes from research from multiple sources listed at the bottom of page.

Summary and Understanding of Events

Humanity, Mother Earth, and this Universe are raising its frequencies into the higher dimensions. Some are calling it a spiritual transformation or a planetary ascension because the entire human race would be affected by the new energies coming to mother earth and changing within the human DNA.

Humanity is about to jump thousands, if not millions, of years into the future this coming year in terms of spiritual and technological progress. I am truly convinced that the following events to take place this year in 2012, will be the greatest show in the Universe. 

A new financial system is about to go online with over 190 countries signed on. The Illuminati control groups have lost their most powerful weapons and are currently negotiating their options with our Earth Allies. 

There will be a huge worldwide tribunal that will be shown on TV about how secret societies have manipulated humanity for thousands of years through finance, war, education, medicine, media, and religion. 

There are a few rogue groups left fighting like rats in a corner but time has run out on these individuals. 

After the global announcements of our Earth Allies, there will be a time for the re-education of humanity, including our history not told. Atlantis and Lemuria and the negative E.T. influence who gave rise to the Illuminati bloodlines to control humanity. 

These lower frequencies are about to be left behind and be replaced with higher more Light filled energy, lifting most of us out of the 3D realm. The "good" E.T.s that are working with our Earth Allies are calling themselves the Galactic Federation of Light, Andromeda Council, and the Ashtar Command. There is also a spiritual group calling themselves the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood and claim to "talk" to heaven and the spiritual hierarchies. These groups say they have humanities best interests in mind. Do they? I believe some do and some don't, so please use discernment with all information presented whether it be from humans or extraterrestrials.

E.T.s will be formally disclosed to humanity sometime soon after the new financial system and mass arrests. They will present themselves as "liberators and allies of humanity" giving medical technologies, energy technologies, and communication technologies to win the hearts and minds of the people of Earth. Please make note that their are many different E.T. races in this Universe and all of them are Divine beings of Light just like Humans.  Like humans some are "good'' and some are "bad". Some will take advantage of our new state of consciousness and some will want to mentor humanity to become part of the galactic community.  I would recommend for us as Humanity to stay sovereign and free and stay neutral among the star nations political and religious structures.

One of the groups who I am cautious about call themselves the GFL or Galactic Federation of Light. It is my complete understanding that the Galactic Federation of Light are still stuck in the fourth dimensional paradigm/energy frequencies. The ETs that control the 4D realm do in fact know that they are still living in duality (Galactic Wars) but since they have great power in the Universe they will not let it go. They assimilate many star nations into their "group" to grow their power. 

Duality still plays out in the 4D. Deception is involved to convince beings that they are from 5th dimensional frequencies. The red flag for me is that they still use technologies to solve problems they face.  In the true 5th dimension, technology does not exist. Everything in the true 5th dimension is done by ones spiritual powers.True spiritual power is infinitely stronger than any technology created in this Light Universe.

The Galactic Federation of Light & Ascended Masters will come to Mother Earth and tell humanity to evacuate onto their ships to "save us" from the pending environmental destruction that she will unleash leading up to Dec. 21st 2012. 

People will become scared and react from an ego state of mind. Since trust will be somewhat established already with the GFL that they will board ships, or go into inner earth realm called Argartha. Argartha is really a holographic reality and is not the true Shamballah that resides on Mother Earth in the 5th dimension. They will also say that we need "help" to ascend into the higher dimensions.  They will present humanity a technology called "Light Chambers" that will ultimately control what level of ascension they want you to experience.

I don't prescribe to the version of Ascension that requires you to be saved by extraterrestrials whether it be via Ascension Light Chambers, Technological Safe Zones, or Ascended Master Worship. I prescribe to the sovereignty of each individual and would like to remind you that you are more powerful than some ETs or Ascended Masters have led you to believe. Some ETs and Ascended Masters are taking advantage of your "spiritual amnesia" and are not telling you the Truth regarding your spiritual powers. You are an INFINITE BEING OF LIGHT and do not need to be "saved". Your are so Powerful and Spiritually Strong that the only thing that can stop you from ascending is yourself.

I must say that 4D energy frequencies will seem so loving compared to what we are accustomed to here in the 3D. People will flock to it like baby to candy. I say these things without judgment because everyone has a soul contract to fulfill and it is their soul journey to still stay in the lower dimensional realms. 

I keep reminding myself that Mother Earth is Ascending just like Humanity. She is our mother, we drink her water, we eat her food, we breathe her air, she nurtures us and we are directly tied to her energy patterns. 

We should not leave our mother if the GFL claim otherwise. Because we are connected to her on such an intimate energy frequency we will Ascend with her into the TRUE 5D reality. 

On our path of spiritual development, humanity will become an embodiment of the Universal Creator. This is the liberation from our ego and the end of the extremes of duality.

Sequence of Events

#1 Mass Arrests & New Financial System


#1A Mass Arrests -

- Political, religious, financial, corporate, military industrial complex suspected criminals.

- Evidence has been collected for many decades

- International Tribunal shown on Global Media will educate humanity as to the extent of corruption and murder while others will be tried in common law courts.


#1B New Financial System-

- Goal of this system is to replace the current illegal system that has kept the world in poverty and allow for the prosperity of the world.

- Revalue of many currencies worldwide including the United States. 138 - 195 currencies are involved.

- Federal Reserve and IRS which are illegal private organizations will be dismantled and operations will merge with the Treasury of the USA. Treasury will be responsible for printing money.

- Most currencies involved in the revalue will be backed by assets including gold, silver, oil, agriculture and other tangible assets or commodities.

- No longer will the Federal Reserve Note be the "world reserve currency" in which all other currencies are pegged to. There will be a "basket of currencies" in which the world financial system will be tied to. This prevents future abuses by a powerful country from manipulating the entire world's money supply and economic systems.

- National and World Wide Debt forgiveness will provide a clean slate for all countries involved.

- Prosperity Programs, Farm Claims, CMKX and Economic Receipt, Global Prosperity Trusts, Saint Germain World Trust, World Global Settlements will be released to end poverty and hunger worldwide in relative short time.

- Central Banks around the world will have to comply with the Basal III financial system. Basal III basically allows for complete transparencies of all financial transactions.

- USA Stock market to adjust to correct levels

#2 New Interim Government will replace the corrupted government in Washington DC.

- Interim Government will only be instated for 3-4 months. National Elections will commence immediately following.

- Re-education of the people of the USA and the World about our true history. (Elite Cabal, 911 Truth, World Wars, Secret Governments, Atlantis and Lemuria, Extra-Terrestrials.)

#3 Galactic Federation of Light.


Sequence leading to first contact…….

1. Announcements from the Governments of the World

2. Global telecasts – Global media coverage of E.T. message broadcasts in all different languages.

3. Liaisons begin education – Selected E.T.s will begin personal education on many different types of subjects.

4. Mass landings – E.T.s will touch down on earth soil begin community contact in pre designated areas.


Timeline after Mass Landings 

 ·      1st week---interact with Galactic Federation and Ascended Masters - Open dialog about feelings and experiences on First Contact---this is about us, the planet, and the shifting reality

·        1st month---start of technology transfers and begin education program - Amazing technologies given to the world

·        2nd month--begin pollution cleansing and renewal of earth's eco-systems 

·        3rd month--start full consciousness training (technology chambers that controls a persons level of Ascension) and finish reunion with Inner Earth (Argartha) 

·        4th month--begin evacuation to Inner Earth (Argartha - Holographic Reality) and to GF fleet and/or Niburu (planet x)

#4A Organic 5th Dimensional Ascension -

- You will have an inner knowing of what to do.

- Ascension of Earth & Humanity -  December 21st, 2012 at 11:11GMT

#4B GFL Evacuation Deception - -

- People will leave with the GFL via ships and Niburu

- People will enter metamorphosis chambers believing that GFL technology is more powerful than an organic spiritual transformation into full consciousness.

- People will enter into a holographic reality called Argartha also known as inner earth. People believe this to be a fifth dimensional reality and other people believe it is an AI controlled holographic reality that exists on a 4th dimensional reality.

#4C Parish in Earth Changes -

- Some people will experience death in Mother Earth environmental changes as this type of experience has always been a karmic event

- Soul contracts were agreed before entering this incarnation that death would take place

- Souls will reincarnate onto other 3rd or 4th or 5th dimensional planets/stars and may choose to start another cycle for Ascension

#4D Galactic Family takes you home -

- People who have incarnated onto Earth 3D and who's soul purpose was to obtain the knowledge and wisdom of the energy pattern of this Light Universe, will be taken back to their home planet from many different galaxies. They will teach and share knowledge obtained as a human while on the 3D Earth. 

Side Note: I have been in communication with one such person who absolutely knows without a doubt that they will be part of #4D scenario. This person has full conscious memory recall of his home planet from another galaxy. He told me that he will be leaving sometime in 2012.

#5 Ascension -

-Become a Co-Creator of Light and transverse the Universe teaching those on the path to Ascension

-An aspect of your Being will begin to create your own unique Universe of Light


Side Notes

Drake and David Wilcock will give people a 24 hour pre-notice of mass arrests event.

USA Borders to be locked down during mass arrests campaign to stop criminal escape

Major Arrests of bankers, politicians, and power brokers consisting of more than 10,000 people from around the world. Global trials will be held and many people will be awaken from the truth that these criminals expose.

The Arrests and the New Financial System are the Catalyst for a new reality!

Take a look at this documentary for a good overview and true history of the Elite Financial Power System . (Produced by SUPER SOLDIER , James Rink)

President Lincoln was assassinated for establishing the constitutional right for the USA Treasury to print the Greenbacks. Lincoln went to the Banks in New York to obtain loans to pay for the Union Army Civil War costs. Banks were charging Union interest rates that were astronomical. Lincoln refused to take loans from the elite bankers and established the Greenbacks which threatened the power of the elite. Elite hired John Wilks Booth to assassinate Lincoln. Booth actually escaped and an innocent man was killed in order to cover up the crime.

JFK was also another President assassinated by the Elite to stop him from executing Executive Order 11110 which was to return the US government the power to issue currency without going through the Federal Reserve. JFK was also going to dismantle the CIA and reduce their power structure. You may also want to take a listen to JFK's speech about the influence of secret societies upon the United States of America. Listen to the juicy part of the speech here........

You may want to invest in Iraqi Dinar. The currency is worthless estimated at 1170 dinar = $1 dollar. It has been confirmed by multiple insiders that it will revalue to prewar levels in range from 1 dinar = $3.20 or more dollars! Resulting in much prosperity to many families and communities.  This will jump start the global economy with major cash infusion.  This is also called TRICKLE UP ECONOMICS. Do your research and make your own decision. Prosperity programs and World Trusts will also be used to improve living conditions for millions of people.

The take down of the world financial system has been in the process for more than 30 years in the USA and around the world by a group called the White Knights. White Knights are individuals who are from many different countries, born into some of the secret societies, are in high positions of power, are in contact with the GFL and other ET Groups, and share a common goal of taking out the elite cabal and most importantly to bring back sovereignty and prosperity to the world. Unfortunately many White Knights do not know the true intentions of the GFL.

Secret Societies from China (Dragon Families) have decided to help speed up this process of taking out the elite cabal. The Dragon Families are helping to manage the distributions of the Global Trusts. The Saint Germain Foundation and some of the Dragon families have been in cooperation for the past few years with a common purpose of shifting the wealth of the planet from the Elite to the people. Background information of St. Germain and his role ..... (Produced by SUPER SOLDIER , James Rink)

Free Energy technologies based off discoveries and research from Nikola Tesla will be un-shelved and made into mass production units and distributed around the world. Some of these technologies will allow for the terraforming of deserts into green lush environments.

Many wars will end abruptly as nations will be given prosperity funds to build infrastructure, end poverty, educate the people, food and water distribution. Power will be given to the people and not the dictators of this world. People will be given the right for sovereignty and common law.


People/Sources of Information

The list below is just a fraction of the people I have read about. I do not necessarily agree with all these people’s ideas and information. Each one of them and each one of us has a piece to the overall puzzle. Some of these people listed will provide a 3/4D perspective and others will have a higher understanding of the 5D+ energy frequencies.

George Kavassilas , Greg Braden, David Icke, Christopher Story, Benjamin Fulford, Drake, Fran, David Wilcock, Sorcha Faal, Dinar Informants via Skype, CMKX Message Boards and Informants, Thing 1 and Thing 2, Contact 2, Project Camelot, Al Hodges, Poofness, Casper, Okie the Oil Man, James Rink, John Machaffie, Sheldan Nidle, Michael Quinsey , Greg Giles, Wanderer of the Skies, Gerald Celente , Alcuin Bramerton , Daryl Frech , Bix Weir, Sherman H. Skolnick, Youtube, Google Videos, some of this Intel comes from people via my skype contacts who claim to have direct or indirect access to individuals from the "good guys" of the IMF, BIS, NSA, CIA, FBI, US Treasury, and many many many many more.


  1. I want to be notified. I want more info too.

    1. Iam sorry .. been following this info for a long time ... ITS ALL DISINFO! ... most of those mentioned are proven frauds, especially Greg Giles, who's IP address is from VA, a known CIA location ... People use you logic ... Ashtar Command Website is filled with CIA Disinfo agents its not even funny ... once again keeping us divided so they can conquer .... There is so much disinfo out there its not even funny ... but be sure, changes are on the horizon ... The economic collapse is imminent ... it will happen real soon ... Also think WW3 with Iran will happen also, even though supposedly our Galatic friends are not going to let it happen ... Thats a bunch of BS ... they need these events in order to try to bring World Government ... People be close to the earth .. stay away from all this disinfo ... the truth is we won't need another financial system ... we won't need money ... we will be spiritual beings from the purest sense... Be good to one another .. stay blessed!

    2. What about judges and prosecutors they need to be arrested for their crimes too. cant leave these skin tags out to rome free.

    3. Wow - I see a lot of interesting things in these posts and everyone seems pretty sharp here. But I have to add that there is only one source for knowledge about future events and that is the Holy Bible, God's inerrant Word to man. Jesus Christ is sovereign over the universe, none other. Some people say it's all stories, lies, etc. If so how did the Bible accurately predict the nation stae of Israel in the year 1948, or the reconstruction of Babylon - Sadaam Hussein in Irag, the Bible correctly predicts (Matt 24) an increase in earthquakes, famines, wars and rumors of wars, surely any discerning person can see it right before your eyes, the Bible predicts the financical collapse in Revelation 6 where an entire days wage won't buy a loaf of bread, again it's happening before us and rapidly coming to an end. Look at Greece, look at Spain, it's coming here - soon. The mark of the beast - read "we're going to chip you" and you will neither be able to buy or sell without it. It's part of the health care bill to come about in 2013. It's all in Revelation, one world government, the world divided into 10 regions for ease of rule - read the Eurozone, the coming North American Union, the map is on the net and has been for some time, one world religion, read the whore that rides atop the beast, Mystery Babylon, again, it's right before your eyes. We will all bow before Jesus Christ one day and after that some will enter into His Kingdom of Glory, the others will enter into shame and contempt - read Hell. The choice should be obvious, please make the right one, PLEASE!!! Check out some interviews on YouTube of folks who have had near death experiences, YOU my friend do not want hell. Time is running out, take the time to accept Christ now!

    4. Your timeline for occurence of events doesn't wash, How do you expect one to take any of this seriously?

    5. Starting to look like a bunch of hooey!

    6. Is there a reason for this site to continue... a big NO


    8. yep its the 30th and nothing at all what so ever but crappy obama trying to take our guns

    9. I need to Clarify some things here,

      This 2012 sequence of events should have been right but guess what? There was a Huge delay. by God. and his Teams. And what the guys says about the Galactic Federation of Light being a 4th dimensional is not right. they are all 5th!

      And The Inner earth is Not a holographic reality . it is very real and the EArth is very hollow like a thick egg shell. it's That hollow! it's exactly like the images you in some Youtube photos. with an inner Sun projectile.

      Some things this guy says in this 2012 SEquence of Events paragraph are not right. There Are NO bad guys or deceptions with the Ones he mentioned. They are all Good.
      The Galactic Federation of Light is all good. and they are 5D. not 4D !

      And there is NO spiritual ascension itself on it's own. U Need the Chambers that they offer for us. It is not just a Technological chamber, The Chamber itself is spiritual in nature.
      So the speaker or writer is wrong at this one too by saying the Ascension should be spiritual only. that is wrong.

    10. Fuck the whole because it is a lie from God, Creator to the lightworkers. Nothing will ever change and all we keep hearing are fucking lies about something will never happen. I'm sick of being lied to by these cocksuckers and wish it would stop.

  2. Wow, great interpretation of coming events. I agree with what is presented here. Sharing this with FACEBOOK community. Thanks.

  3. Sorcha Faal???? That guy is a proven fraud.

    1. Yes he is! I wrote this back in 2010 and at the time I didnt know who Sorcha Faal was. I do know now that SF is affiliated with washington dc ;I think SF is a CIA disinformation agent to throw off many people.

  4. Count me in and let's get started with initial contact!

  5. Hi Enerchi,
    When the ships from the GFL arrive, if they ever do...Will we know internally and automatically at that time or is this a decision we need to make then to get on the ships or stay on earth?

    1. they are in vortex points already

  6. Hi Mark,

    For me it seems that all decisions we make come from our internal connection with our Higher Self. So with that said , it is going to be an internal knowing but it may be masked with the ego mind.

    There are many ways to raise one's consciousness. Some people will feel that going on the ships or use Light Chamber technology to increase ones consciousness. Some people will not want to leave the surface of earth or use technology to achieve ascension. The self serving E.T. groups will do everything they can to stop the natural ascension process from occurring and to do this they will use a level of fear to trigger the emotional 3D ego of humans in order to control us. We have seen this through channelings of Sheldan Nidle, Greg Giles, and Bill Woodard , as all of them at one point have said that evacuations of the earth surface will be offered by them.

    I always say that what ever choice you make is the most perfect decision. No one can fail!

    1. BTW...your website continues to get better and better. I love all the interaction and how quickly you reply.....Again thanks for all your work I truly appreciate it... :)


      ~enerchi~ Its not nice to hear this coming from you :(

      (Do onto yourself as you would like others to do unto you)

    3. I mean do onto other as you would like done onto you...
      Have a nice day!

    4. (Do onto yourself as you would like others to do unto you)................ exactly. This is what some of these deceptive light beings are doing to us. What goes around comes around! I am not falling for their agenda which is of control and deception of human consciousness. I hope we can at least agree to disagree.

    5. enerchi - so what's in it for GFL for their help and offerings? What do they want from us in return?

    6. I recently went to a site called that offers a whole different perspective on channeled messages.They claim 96% of channeled messages are artifical or machine intelliegences.He and another one called Tolec ( )are contacees who don't channel and let possibly negative beings enter their body hey said the Andromeda Council and Galactic Federation are the main groups running the show.These groups are not connected to Galactic Federation Of Light.I asked if the channeler is experienced and if the messages are of love and not negative how is it hurting us? The response was they give us false hope and to keep our guard down,always saying soon. According to them, the best way for mind control is to have a loving message.It makes sense when you really think about it. Don't know to believe anymore.

    7. Sheldan Nidle is a freind of mine and he does NOT channel! He is honest and true! He is not wealthy. Listen to his life story of contact all his life. The Galactic Federation of LIGHT is NOT stuck in the 4th dimension. That is just silly. Light- hello!! I know I am a member of this Federation. They have come from many worlds and places far away to SERVE and have been serving earth and all upon her face for thousands of years. I left my home world of Sirius A and have incarnated here hundreds of life times in service. I love Gaia and mankind and am only assisting. Yes humans are divine powerful beings and are to do their own cleansing internally etc but we are assisting. Many things unknown we have helped Gaia overcome. See Dr. Steven Greer - disclosure. He has been threatened with death, called all manor of aweful things, his family threatened etc - he is truthful and right on! So is David Wilcock! They aren't rich! they are doing good work from their heart! The Supreme Commander over the federation is JESUS CHRIST!!! hello! He gave his life for mankind and to set the example of how we will become (without dieing) ascended 5th dimensional, multi-dimension Christed fully conscious beings! We do our part by being loveing and opening our hearts. Raise our frequencies and assist all we can. I know he is who he says because I was there at the crucifixtion and have full memories of it. I talk to him all the time and feel his presence. Yes there are some that are self serving but they are now only a few as the fifith dimensional frequencies have started arriving as of the sun eclipse this summer. And NO I am not associated with the CIA, FBI, ABC's, cabal, illuminati, etc. I am incarnated imperfect mortal working on ascending. Sending Aloha love and light to all

    8. So please clarify why Sheldan Nidle and his GFL messages are telling humanity that the earth surface is going to completely destruct and that they are here to save us from the impending disaster?

      I have read most of Sheldan's books and watched his DVDs. GFL are saying that in order for humanity to survive we must go into their Light Chambers and then live in inner earth for a couple of years while Mother Earth cleanses her surface. This is their message!

      I don't understand how you can say we are going to ascend like Christ but than agree with the GFL agenda and must follow their spiritual hierarchies, ascend with their technology, and live inside of earth. Christ did not do any of this! Christ did not ascend by using Light Chambers.

      I also think Sheldan is a good hearted person who is being manipulated by the Ascended Masters and the GFL.

      "I am incarnated imperfect mortal"........I also think that you are a perfect being and not imperfect like you portray yourself, this type of mentality has been ingrained into the human consciousness to make you feel unworthy and born with sin. The total opposite is true. You are perfect and nothing less.

  7. who is cobra??????

  8. Hey, just wonderng you opinion on this, I have read that the gfl are not actually 5d beings logic behind this being 5d beings would not use technology because the abilities that are available to a 5d being surpass any tech possible. Partly due to the fact in 5d thought is creation. According to what i read the gfl are beings stuck in 4D in their own spiritual path. Possibly needing to help us to help them? Idk just a thought.

    1. Nice explanation. That is also what I have come to understand.

  9. when will this timeline be updated?

  10. Tony,

    Be patient will come

  11. so much info - thank for consolidating all of this- truly enjoyed reading . Please also include some very insightful information released on YouTube by Bill Wood Brockbrader so we can consider ALL possibilities covered by ALL the different folks - listing one here

  12. Replies
    1. Tony u are the man u really have me over dying laughing

  13. This rings true with me. Esp about GFL.

  14. Sounds like GFL are taking their script from Twilight Zone episode "To Serve Man".

    1. YIKES! That was a recipe book. Right. I saw that one.

  15. enerchi - so what's in it for GFL for their help and offerings? What do they want from us in return?

    1. Great question and your type of thought process is very appreciated.

      Q: What's in it for GFL for their help and offerings?
      A: Humanity is the DIVINE blueprint of the Universal Creator. Humanity contains the entire energetic codes and frequencies of all dimensional realms of this Universe as we have experienced the 3rd dimensional realm of extreme duality and all higher dimensional realms. We have been working our way "down" the spiritual ladder so we can learn everything this Universal Creation of Light has to offer. Many beings from the higher dimensions do not want to experience the 3rd dimensional way of life because of the harshness of duality. We are brave souls who took on the challenge and now most of us who are aware, know about the coming spiritual transition in which we merge back with our 'Higher Selves'. This is what makes the human race unique and many extraterrestrials and spiritual entities understand how valuable our genetic codes are. They want these Universal Life codes which are contained in our DNA, and these DNA codes will help advance their control throughout the 4th dimensional realm. 4th dimensional realm is where external light constructs (technology) are used to reduce the spiritual power and awareness of many different beings throughout the 4th & 3rd dimensional universe. Deception is involved with some ET groups and other light beings so that they can limit the amount of humans that will ascend to the higher dimensions. They are doing this by implementing technological Light Chambers which control the level of consciousness of humans, they will also try to convince humans to go off world to live on space ships with holographic environments, some people will also be transported to other planets, some people will be persuaded to go into inner earth, some people will be led to technological "safe zones" which is a controlled environment to block the natural energies coming from the Mother Earth, our Sun, Milky Way Galaxy, and our internal light frequency that is changing our DNA structure. It is my opinion that the Human race must maintain absolute sovereignty among all E.T. races and spiritual groups who claim to talk with heaven and their creators. We must not join any Federation or Spiritual organization to maintain a free way of life. I do not mind to be part of the Universal community but I do not wish to see us join the first ET groups that show up during our transition into 5th dimensional beings of light. Their version of 5th dimension is quite different than my thinking because their 5th dimension still uses Space Ships and technology to solve problems. I am all about humanity realizing the infinite power they have as Co-Creators of Light and that they do not need other beings and technology to manifest a certain reality based on other beings agendas. This is how powerful we are and other beings are jealous and selfish and do not want to see us obtain a complete unification of our Higher Selves. Humanity is about to become a new race of Light Beings with DNA Light Codes that have God like powers. This is how special and unique we are and our souls have earned this Divine grace because we choose via free will to expereince the harshest reality this Universe could co-create with us.

      Q: What do they want from us in return?
      A: The GFL and the ascended masters want to control the ascension of humanity. They want humanity under their system of control. They want humanity to be assimilated into their Organizational Structure and Spiritual Structure.

    2. Do you have names of any channeled info that you do feel a connection with? I know using discernment is the answer - but it seems like every day there is more and more info to discern! You also sense that Inner Earth is not what it appears to be. Have you ever visited the website


    4. You can believe in anything you want! You are no fool either way. The reality in which you live is your Truth and nothing less. It is your reality! Live it, own it! The world is yours!

    5. Do you have names of any channeled info that you do feel a connection with? I know using discernment is the answer - but it seems like every day there is more and more info to discern! You also sense that Inner Earth is not what it appears to be. Have you ever visited the website

      I do not have a strong connection with any channelings. Yes, I have visited this site which the agenda is mostly to usher humans into the inner earth. Living inside a planet is not natural for me, so I do not follow their messages. As I understand it, Agatha is a technological holographic environment that vibrates on a 4D energy frequency.

  16. Enerchi - thank you for that wonderful explanation. This gives new meaning to "just be calm" through this transition. In other words, don't react to the stimuli and hold your ground.

    Changing the subject, regarding the cabal, I have found that I need more patience for those that find their mission to end humanity. So excuse me for this rant, but I would rather rehabilitate those who wish it. My first thought at your announcement was "since when do we negotiate with criminals?" We have the goods on them, the warrants for arrest, and we put the handcuffs on them, that's our system for everybody. Since when do I tell a police officer you can't arrest me? Too big to fail! In all seriousness, can we offer the cabal rehabilitation into the light before they are released into the community again? Because even making them penniless - they would find a way to "con" somebody for sympathy and money to begin their ways again. I realize that we are getting many good things from this arrangement, but could you explain how our new 5D, or us in the 5D, will be able to keep the dark forces at bay/away?

  17. I definitely see your points of view and are things that I ask as well. When I try to see how the future plays out I see complete loss of control by the banking families and the dark cabal minions. From the big picture I see that these individuals are just puppets in the whole scheme of things. I see that new technologies and/or spiritual development of humanity will dissolve the power base of the dark cabal minions aka "middle management". Technologies and our spiritual power will eliminate the use for money, transportation, energy, medicine, food, educational systems, governments, etc. Corporations will be gone. So these banking families will not be able to gain power over the people anytime soon.

    Now the question remains who are the beings that hold power, what is power in the higher dimensions? To me I see that the new power elite are the spiritual entities that claim they speak with heaven and the spiritual hierarchies on behalf of humanity.

    They call themselves the ascended masters and will try to teach and persuade humanity to follow their spiritual teachings. These are the new cabal humanity needs to be aware of. They rule the 4th dimensional realms of this Universe and I compare them to "priests" who claim to talk to God for humanity. People need to realize that we have the power of the Creator within us, an infinite immortal soul, limitless in power, basically a reflection of the Divine essence. If people realized this reality they would not be following other beings. In true 5D reality I do not see spiritual beings trying to hold dominance or control over others so I don't think we will have a problem at that level. In the 4D, I see galactic wars and spiritual warfare taking place so if humanity remains of this level of reality for sometime than we need to hold our sovereignty and individual powers as best we can. We need to see and be aware of other 4D beings/groups agendas even if they claim to be from the 5th and higher dimensions.

    1. Thank you Enerchi. Out with the old and in with the new - a changing of the guardians. Some things never change.... Who will be the new enemies in a 4D galactic war?

  18. I understand what you are saying - we do have the power within us - but when you consider where we need to get from where we are - I would like to imagine a grand awakening for everyone - full throttle -and that could very well occur - however - there is more than likely to be some chaos involved when people wake up and find out what has been going on. I can understand where others - who have been thru this before - would come in very handy to help us assimilate this new found awareness. i,too, feel like some of these beings talking to us now are trying to sell us a story - but I also sense there has to be some higher frequency beings out there who are the Truth - the Light - that really are here only to assist us until we get our bearings. Do you think the 5D beings are aware of what is taking place with the 4D beings?

    1. Do you think the 5D beings are aware of what is taking place with the 4D beings?

      Yes, I do believe 5D beings are aware of what is happening. In fact I will go as far as saying this whole Universe is watching this creation transition to a new state of being. 5D for me is a realm of true unconditional love in which duality is more unified, in which both negative and positive energy frequencies are expressed in harmony. "down" here in the lower dimensions we see things as Good vs Evil. In the higher realms the Big Picture shows that Good and Evil play on the same team. This 5D perspective allows all type of creations to exist no matter how extreme it gets, and us humans are the ones to test this type of extremes in duality. We are the way-showers and path finders of this Universe.

  19. could you please explain what you mean by 'In the higher Realms the Big Picture shows that Good and Evil play on the same team. This 5D perspective allows all type of creations to exist no matter how extreme it gets' What do you mean by good and evil in the Big Picture. What would 'evil' look like in 5D and what is it's purpose in a 5D that is unconditional love. And to what extreme are you talking about in 5D? Thanks!

    1. Easiest way to explain: If you look at a yin/yang symbol you will see two "opposing forces" but the big picture you see that the are United and equal to each other.

      This Universe or the Divine consciousness has created all light constructs meaning that every potentiality in this Universe no matter if positive/negative has a piece of the Divine Creator. Free will and unconditional love allows each individual to express Light as they choose without judgement from the Divine creator. Some people don't believe their God has unconditional love and is the ultimate gatekeeper and judgement authority. I don't resonate with that type of understanding but each person has the right to believe what they want to believe.

      In the higher dimensions no being can hold dominion, power, or control over another, unless the individual allows it to happen. Each Being is powerful enough to stop an attack. Basically there is not point in trying to control another soul as it cannot be done.

  20. Response from GFL about my claims of Evacuation Deception or Light Chambers


    #4B GFL Evacuation Deception Time frame to first appear in public awareness - Now 2012 - December 2012

    "Why we say that the organic Light metamorphosis chambers are required is that there are over 7 billion people all at different "levels" (for lack of a better word) of awareness. As everyone who studies kundalini knows, if you go too fast your circuits get overloaded and this is not good.

    Planets that experience an "organic" ascension have evolved spiritually, morally, physically, etc. more than we have. A planet ready to enjoy an organic ascension is not still having wars. They have already gotten to the stage where they realize that we are all ONE. Anyway, this is my short answer. I hope it helps. We are not here to convince anyone of anything.....if you resonate, in your heart, with our message then great! If not, we wish you well on your spiritual path."

    What is your take on kundalini?

    1. Counter Response from GFL my claims of Evacuation Deception........................



      The light chambers are not organic. They are technology machines run by artificial intelligence and these technologies including replicators, communication devices, and transportation vehicles like spaceships are all 4th dimensional energy frequencies. The person that responded is either lying to you, doesn't know what they are talking about, or have been deceived by the GFL/Ascended Masters and is just passing information of what they learned from his/her group. True 5th dimensional energies are all things relating to one’s own spiritual power. In true 5th dimensional realm you will not need replicator technology because your spiritual power can manifest anything you want, in true 5th dimensional realm you do not need a space ship for transportation as you can instantly travel just by thinking the location you want to be, in true 5th dimensional realm you do not need a communicator technology device because you will be able to understand someone by connecting on a higher frequency. Technology is used by the GFL and Ascended Masters to control or limit the spiritual power of the human race. Humans who rely on technology or worship beings of light tend to lose their spiritual powers until they stand up and claim it back. This group is highly deceptive and uses brainwashing Love and Light techniques whether it be in writings or psychic manipulation to induce passive behavior and compliance with their target audience. Humans need to understand that they have Divine power within and do not need help from external sources. Infinite potentiality is the power of each human soul and nothing less.

      Another thing that people tend to forget is that the GFL and Ascended Masters are involved in Galactic Wars. This has been confirmed by many GFL followers and researchers. Wars are still fought in the 4th dimension arena. True 5th dimension is war-less as nothing holds dominion over another being. All are equal. Dominance and control are impossible and no being of light can force themselves upon you.

      Kundalini is a 4th dimensional energy construct. If you dig deeper into the understanding of what the person says is he/she is inducing fear. Read the sentence again: "As everyone who studies kundalini knows, if you go too fast your circuits get overloaded and this is not good. " This is a lower dimensional way of thinking. Nothing in the higher dimensions can hurt you especially divine spiritual power. This fear is to get people to use the technology and spiritual methods of those who come to control the human awareness and spiritual progression. Kundalini has served its intended functions on this 3D earth very well and has helped many people but it is now time to advance human consciousness well beyond Kundalini serpent energy patterns.

      In the big picture I see the Ascended Masters and The GFL as providing people with a new set of experience and way of life. Some people are not ready to reclaim their true divine powers and so they need another avenue to experience a life journey. This is basically, in a nut shell, what the masters and GFL are doing. So in a certain light or way of seeing things is that it is beneficial for certain souls but for others it is not. Responsibility and choice is left for the individual soul.

      Every single person has their own spiritual journey and navigating our life path is absolutely magical and adventurous. It is different for each being and no matter how far you take your journey you will never get lost or be abandoned. This is one thing I can assure you. Every has their own personal responsibility so even if they show you all these wonderful things it is up to you to decided how you want to proceed. They cannot force you to do anything you do not want to do as neither can I. Continue to question everything and no matter what happens is the right path for you; you will never make a mistake.

  21. As I move toward the fifth dimension and beyond............I will be the overseer of my own universe. Yes thats right - my own universe. We are the creators of our own world. Mine will be a universe.

    I will oversee and ensure that it is a happy universe with little or no wars. If some one wants to war they can go to some other universe.

    I will also ensure that the adjoining universes are compatible with the overall theme of my universe which is love and happiness.

    Hey, why not. We are God and we are divine beings. Who says we can't have our own universe. I think and feel BIG. lol

  22. I have to agree on what is being said. I am estatic about seeing the 5th D.

  23. Enerchi, I want to let you know I appreciate your information with the wonderful efforts and the passion in which you do it. I resonate with it and have remembered more of who I am through this site, so I thank you very much!

    I have a question about the beings from the Pleiadian system. What is their relation to us and to our Ascension?

    Sasha Xofia

    1. Hi Sasha, I am glad some of the information has helped you remember.

      My understanding is that the Pleiadian's are very much connected to the human race. We have DNA light patterns that are very closely related to this particular race of beings. There are quite a few people on the planet earth that are incarnated Pleiadian beings who will be going back with their family's before the Earth makes a complete change to 5th dimensional planet.

      Some side information I learned........
      Our moon was an original Pleiadian ship that help seed life throughout the Universe. Reptilians had than captured the ship and re-engineered it to be an AI controlled frequency fence which induced a quarantine and energy compression around earth. The moon helped keep humanity plunged into the 3D realm for quite sometime.

      I wish I knew more but I don't have any recall of past lives as a Pleiadian being.

    2. Thank you very much for your reply Enerchi!

      Yes, you should be thrilled that the work you do has allowed many of us to awaken even further. A week before I directed to your website, I started to feel "discomfort" with the information by all of the GFL messages. A few of my friends began to contradict the information and I would defend the GLF. Yet, it began to create an uneasiness. Your information came at the perfect moment I needed it and thrusted me into into more of who I really am. What an amazing experience, every step of the way. So, once again, thank you : )

      So, now my understanding of the Pleiadian's is that they are here to TRULY serve our ascension while existing in the higher 4th dimension. Meaning they know full well we are moving into the 5th dimension and they are not trying to "control" us in anyway for their own purpose? Then, knowing this, they sent in "helpers of humanity" for this time, then returning home just before the shift? Is this correct?


    3. Correction! In the 2nd paragraph, second sentance, I mean to write:

      A week before I WAS directed to your website, I started to feel "discomfort" with the information by SOME of the GFL messages.

      There, much better... : )

    4. I wish I had a definitive answer for you but I do not. The reason why I say this is that you cannot judge an entire race of beings under one label (Good or Bad). Just like the human race, we have a mixture of people who all have different perspectives, agendas, and understandings about life. To say the Pleiadians know exactly about the ascension of the human race or they are here to help, to me is a false statement. I would rather say Pleiadians share a similar DNA structure (humanoid) and are very interested in the spiritual evolution of humanity.

      From my understanding there are many E.T. races that have reincarnated into the human body during this time to help with the shift of planet earth and humanity. I think that everyone on this planet has incarnated as a human just for this purpose. Some of us have had hundreds if not thousands of different life experiences on earth. Each time we do this we help usher in a change in consciousness for the better.

    5. I have been reading the Pleiadian materials and listening to them for months. They have always said they are here to assist us, NOT do it for us. They have said how to prepare to ascend by raising our own frequencies and teach us how to do that. They always say we are going to the 5th dimension. George Kavasillas says the GFL and the GF are not the same and he says the GFL is the one he subscribes to as well, I believe. In their books they said they DO need us to correct somethings in their own past so they can ascend higher. But they do say we are going to 5D. I have not seen anywhere they said anything about getting on their ships but told us about the merkaba which is natural. I am upset that I have shared information and now Im being told its all wrong. WHY do these publications not know who they are supporting by publishing their materials. LIKE the messages from the GFL and The Pleiadians. WTH? Sounds like the Christians may be right. AND they are all about FEARING all aliens and saying they are all demonic and I have been defending them.. NOT all but the P's and Arcturians etc. How have they, Publications let this go on and now we are wrong?

  24. Thank you once again Enerchi!

    I ask these questions out of curiosity. I enjoy getting other people's point of view because it allows me to perceive a given theme from so many view points. I remember more of who I am through this process. It is quite awesome!

    At no point do I judge any of the ET's as far as being "good" or "bad", since those two are truly on in the same. I LOVE all beings no matter what their "agenda" because I know we are all ONE and we all play a special part in this most amazing "time" of our existence in which I specifically planned for knowing full well all that would be involved. It is thrilling and exciting to see everything unfold and I appreciate every single being involved, awakened and unawakened, seen and unseen.

    So thank you once again for you passion, your honesty and your sharing of information. I am having the time of my life and I believe you are as well.

    Keep on rockin" amigo!!! : ) I am sure we will talk again!


    1. Hi Sasha,

      I want to thank you too because dialog that we just had will help people who are thinking the same thing. Feel free stop by anytime and leave a comment. Your courtesy and respect is very much welcomed and was a pleasure. Talk soon.


    2. Hello E!

      I have been swimming with a thought for awhile and have come to my own conclusions. I have not shared it with anyone as of yet and you popped into my mind regarding this so I will ask you your thoughts. I know you will offer a different perspective which I have not thought of, and so, I will learn something. I will share my thoughts after hearing yours as not to introduce any other thoughts to your viewpoint.

      Here is my question:
      Why is the Cabal being "taken" out of power if at the time of "The Great Shift", those of higher vibration will Ascend with Gaia to the 5th dimension where the "Cabal minded" beings will be unable to exist and they will simply continue to exist in another "Earth" where duality and the ego continue to reign?

      I look forward to hearing from you!

      Sasha : )

    3. Hi Sasha!

      Below is my understanding and in no way I am saying this is absolutely true or that this is what is actually happening. It is my opinion, interpretation, and understanding of events. To each his/her own, and personal responsibility to find their own path. <<<<< This disclaimer is not really for you but for those who need to be reminded that enerchi is not claiming to be a "know it all" or "prophet". LOL!!!

      It looks like I have a little different thinking than you when it comes to what will happen with Mother Earth. To me Mother Earth will not split into dual realities of earth with one in the lower and another in the higher dimensions. I see earth as ascending and those who are going to ascend will do so in synergy with mother earth. Those who do no want to experience a higher dimensional existence will need to leave mother earth whether it be in a holographic environment in so called inner earth(Agartha), leaving on a space ship, or going to another 3D planet to live.

      As for why the Cabal is being taken out , has a few meanings that I can interpret from this action.

      First and foremost it is going to Wake humanity up to the corruption that has taken place on earth for thousands of years. Many people are asleep so this is going to get peoples attention and awareness.

      Secondly this is the CROSS ROADS OF THE SPIRIT, a transition point for each soul. Each individual needs to decide on a spiritual level, what they want to experience in a new reality. Each soul needs to come to a decision as to what dimensional level or AWARENESS they want to live in. Some souls will want to remain on a 3D level of reality and if so will have to leave mother earth. Some souls want to take a baby step up to the 4th dimensional realm and live in a reality in which AI and technology solves all problems including health, food, transportation, education, entertainment, ect. The 4th dimension still has drama of Galactic Wars and deity worship of Ascended Masters. Their are others like me who want to GO BACK to the 5th dimension and higher in which the power of the spirit reigns supreme. These higher realms do not have technology but only the power of unconditional love and the instant potential of an infinite reality in which the light and dark are in harmony with each other.

      Another interpretation from an ego perspective is that some of the Galactics are here to remove "middle management" aka the dark cabal for the purpose of capturing the human awareness to lead them into a direction of a cosmic reality (4D) under a new Federation or government structure of rules and regulations. The Dark Cabal want to retain its power but the leaders that are above the dark cabal minions are not allowing this to happen. I recently heard an interview with Alex Collier in which his E.T. contacts where warning humanity that even thought the coming changes would seem highly favorable in our eyes that their was actually an agenda from other galactic beings for removing the dark cabal aka middle management. It is my opinion that this interference from the E.T.s at this time is not necessary and that humanity and mother earth would ascend without the aid of Galactic Interference. Mother Earth and our Sun along with humanity are very powerful beings of light, we do not need help from outside sources.

      Ascension is inevitable and would happen no matter what is "tossed" into the gears of ascension.

      I look forward to your interpretation of these events!


    4. Hello my friend Enerchi!

      Thank you for your beautiful response!

      So, regarding the two "Earths", I see Gaia ascending to the 5th dimension at that special time where we who choose to do so Ascend with her, while the "Lost Ones" who choose not to go will then vibrate unto another planet just like "Earth", loaded with all of the duality attributes as the former "Earth". Yet, they will notice no difference and are unable to perceive us and basically forget about us at some level while we can perceive them and be fully aware of our "Earth" and theirs. That is my view of how it is, but then again, the whole scenario could be quite different but I'll find out soon enough!

      As far as the second part of the question, I have basically the same belief except for the last part of removing the "middle man". That one is new to me. I'll have to let it simmer for awhile. Are you saying then, that all beings on the fourth dimension that are being channeled are the higher density Cabal?

      Anyway, in my heart, I know I will go to the 5th dimension because it is what I feel and what my heart desires. I have found that it takes true love and non-attachment to everything to fully Ascend - complete surrender.

      It is an interesting experience to hear people's belief on what will be occurring, what is occurring and how they go about it all. It's actually quite beautiful.

      Thank you so much for you time once again, I enjoy our "conversations".

      Sasha : )

    5. I had another question that I forgot to "toss" you.

      The GLF state that when they land their ships and we get to meet them, that we will remember them as family and as long time friends. So, if we do remember them as we remember our physical family and friends here on Earth, is it because they are telling the truth about that or is it some "holographic" memory they have created to make us believe that scenario?

  25. I followed the videos from James Rink that you have linked here and taken it a bit further to investigate Rink and his claims and overall purpose. I have found three people who believe "super soldiers" to be detestable and there may be reason to believe Rink is not on our side. If nothing else, his website does not mention our true selves or anything spiritual. It is all about government secrets and I think it may be designed to take advantage of our openness and to convince people they have no control over their lives. There is a lot of mention of control on the site and the latest post claims that we are all wired with nanofibers so that the government can control us. Much of his information is backed up by movie clips..... I haven't found a single other person who uses sources the way he does and I think he is either misleading himself or lying to us.

    Here are two MK Ultra survivors who led me to believe this:

    Follow the comments and you will find others who agree.

    1. Cool thanks for sharing and keeping us posted on the Super Soldier arena. In my view Super Soldiers are highly controlled beings so it is advisable to proceed with caution when looking for spiritual advise but otherwise they are a good source of information as to what is taking place in black ops projects of the dark cabal. thanks again

  26. There will be no currencies or any operating financial systems whatsoever involved in the revalue of the natural resources and services. Everything for and in exchange is been already accounted.
    There will be no war any more. Wars are obsolete events of the 20th century.
    There will be no NWO - New World Order!?, there shall be New Ordered World - NOW.

    The Book of Revelation 18
    Babylon is Destroyed

    18:1 After these things I saw another angel, who possessed great authority, coming down out of heaven, and the earth was lit up by his radiance. 18:2 He shouted with a powerful voice:

    “Fallen, fallen, is Babylon the great!
    She has become a lair for demons,
    a haunt for every unclean spirit,
    a haunt for every unclean bird,
    a haunt for every unclean and detested beast.

    18:3 For all the nations have fallen from
    the wine of her immoral passion,
    and the kings of the earth have committed sexual immorality with her,
    and the merchants of the earth have gotten rich from the power of her sensual behavior.”

    18:4 Then I heard another voice from heaven saying, “Come out of her, my people, so you will not take part in her sins and so you will not receive her plagues,
    18:5 because her sins have piled up all the way to heaven and God has remembered her crimes.
    18:6 Repay her the same way she repaid others; pay her back double corresponding to her deeds. In the cup she mixed, mix double the amount for her.
    18:7 As much as she exalted herself and lived in sensual luxury, to this extent give her torment and grief because she said to herself, ‘I rule as queen and am no widow; I will never experience grief!’
    18:8 For this reason, she will experience her plagues in a single day: disease, mourning, and famine, and she will be burned down with fire, because the Lord God who judges her is powerful!”

    18:9 Then the kings of the earth who committed immoral acts with her and lived in sensual luxury with her will weep and wail for her when they see the smoke from the fire that burns her up.
    18:10 They will stand a long way off because they are afraid of her torment, and will say,

    “Woe, woe, O great city,
    Babylon the powerful city!
    For in a single hour your doom has come!”

    18:11 Then the merchants of the earth will weep and mourn for her because no one buys their cargo any longer –
    18:12 cargo such as gold, silver, precious stones, pearls, fine linen, purple cloth, silk, scarlet cloth, all sorts of things made of citron wood, all sorts of objects made of ivory, all sorts of things made of expensive wood, bronze, iron and marble,
    18:13 cinnamon, spice, incense, perfumed ointment, frankincense, wine, olive oil and costly flour, wheat, cattle and sheep, horses and four-wheeled carriages, slaves and human lives.

    18:14 (The ripe fruit you greatly desired
    has gone from you,
    and all your luxury and splendor
    have gone from you –
    they will never ever be found again!)

    18:15 The merchants who sold these things, who got rich from her, will stand a long way off because they are afraid of her torment. They will weep and mourn, 18:16 saying,

    “Woe, woe, O great city –
    dressed in fine linen, purple and scarlet clothing,
    and adorned with gold, precious stones, and pearls –

    18:17 because in a single hour such great wealth has been destroyed!”

    And every ship’s captain, and all who sail along the coast – seamen, and all who make their living from the sea, stood a long way off
    18:18 and began to shout when they saw the smoke from the fire that burned her up, “Who is like the great city?”
    18:19 And they threw dust on their heads and were shouting with weeping and mourning,

    “Woe, Woe, O great city –
    in which all those who had ships on the sea got rich from her wealth –
    because in a single hour she has been destroyed!”

    18:20 (Rejoice over her, O heaven,
    and you saints and apostles and prophets,
    for God has pronounced judgment against her on your behalf!)

    2 Be Continued...

  27. Continued...

    18:21 Then one powerful angel picked up a stone like a huge millstone, threw it into the sea, and said,

    “With this kind of sudden violent force
    Babylon the great city will be thrown down
    and it will never be found again!

    18:22 And the sound of the harpists, musicians,
    flute players, and trumpeters
    will never be heard in you again.
    No craftsman who practices any trade
    will ever be found in you again;
    the noise of a mill will never be heard in you again.

    18:23 Even the light from a lamp
    will never shine in you again!
    The voices of the bridegroom and his bride
    will never be heard in you again.

    For your merchants were the tycoons of the world,
    because all the nations were deceived by your magic spells!

    18:24 The blood of the saints and prophets was found in her,
    along with the blood of all those who had been killed on the earth.”

    Isaiah 2:4
    2:4 He will judge disputes between nations;
    he will settle cases for many peoples.
    They will beat their swords into plowshares,
    and their spears into pruning hooks.
    Nations will not take up the sword against other nations,
    and they will no longer train for war.

    The Book of Revelation 21:5-8
    A New Heaven and a New Earth

    21:5 And the one seated on the throne said: “Look! I am making all things new!” Then he said to me, “Write it down, because these words are reliable and true.”
    21:6 He also said to me, “It is done! I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. To the one who is thirsty I will give water free of charge from the spring of the water of life.
    21:7 The one who conquers will inherit these things, and I will be his God and he will be my son.

    21:8 But to the cowards, unbelievers, detestable persons, murderers, the sexually immoral, and those who practice magic spells, idol worshipers, and all those who lie, their place will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur. That is the second death.”

    In Global Peace Forever
    Initiator of

  28. Hi Enerchi

    We are already in July 2012 nothing has happened so far. Do you need to readdress the Sequence of events dates?

    1. Yes, I do need to change the dates but I will wait till the end of this month plus I want to reformat everything to include multiple perspectives on events.

      Just a reminder to everyone that all these events is based on research and is not an oracle report by a so called prophet. I am just someone who is trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together by listening to others while at the same time relating information to what I have experienced in my life.

      Either way if things happen or don't, it is all with good intent and want the best for the planet and all beings who reside on Mother Earth.

  29. Hello E,

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for your page & the info you have shared. It has been truly refreshing to read info from a like minded person.

    I have researched the same people/sites as you and have the pieces together, see the big picture and have formed the same opinions.

    I have a question, I was wondering if you have any advice for me...
    I would say that I usually research info, then share it with a few friends that seem to be interested in what I find and can keep up with digesting the info & ready for whatever comes next. I also have a few friends (some new) and I have just never really known how to, or if i should, bring up anything that would (from their curiosity) eventually lead them to a page like this. I have no idea where I would even start!

    I would really appreciate any help you can give with that :)

    Thank you for your wonderful page :)

    Best Wishes,

    1. Hi Elicia,

      Good question. I think the best way to bring up topics that are discussed in the alternative media community is maybe finding the right moment for an in depth discussion. I think it also depends on who you are talking to and how the discussion is started. It is probably best not to force it on people but wait till a general topic appears in the news or main stream media and then you can present a question to see how your friends think about alternative theories.

      Also if some major event like the arrests of some politicians show up on main stream media, you can tell them that you already knew it was going to happen many months before. They will ask you how did you know and you can say I was at a website that talks about what is happening behind the scenes or the "real" current events.

      You can also play it off as just entertainment and saying that many people all over the world think this stuff is true. By this I mean you can tell your friends you found news information that is entertaining and creative in its writing. Tell them that Aliens are communicating with humanity and saying their is going to be mass arrests, prosperity programs, new energy technologies and that they are saying they are coming to earth shortly. Send them some relevant sites or articles and see what they have to say.

      Maybe have a friends night out for movie night and watch something with similar themes that are discussed on alternative news sites (E.T.s, Government Corruption). You can then bring up topics and gauge which of your friends are interested in these types of themes in the movie.

      My experience is to tell them straight up to their face what is happening. I was actually amazed at their response because they actually listened with respect and intrigue. I was more surprised that they passed no judgement on me but everyone is different and I think if you find out what they can relate to you can then determine what can be discussed. Slowly lead them to alternative view points and maybe ask them questions to answers you already know about or topics you researched already. Make them talk about the subjects while you listen. A lot of people like to be heard instead of listening so turn the tables and just hear them out and ask them questions.

      This is all I can think of at this moment and I am sure there are better approaches. If I think of anything else I will post but for now this is the best I can come up with. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello.

  30. hi enerchi,

    I was wondering about our personal/financial situations. Should I continue to focus on pursuing my academic/career goals? There are millions of people on Earth going to college, applying to medical school, law school, stressing over their jobs, stressing about saving up money, constantly arguing/spreading a negative vibe in the household due to money problems, etc. For example, my dad works everyday and he is 62 years old. He is struggling to support me and my sister, who are going to/applying to graduate school.

    Can I find comfort in knowing that ascending to the 5th dimension can solve our problems? Or no? Basically, how do we know that Ascension 2012 is not a hoax? I mean, to the average human being, this event would be insane if it does really happen. I am just worried about falling for another hoax. I want to believe SO BAD, but I am also stressing over my everyday life, and expecting something that won't happen would be so devastating for me.

    Thank you so much for your help,


    1. Hi AP,

      I understand you completely because I am going through similar situations regarding my ego future. Basically 99.9% of the world population are going through these personal, emotional, financial, health related struggles. This is the challenge for us in this 3D reality.

      Ascending to the 5th dimension or even the 4th dimensional existence will dissolve almost all problems we have come to know as a common place here in the 3rd. Technologies or ones own Spiritual power will allow a person more control over their life and experiences. This is one thing I know to be TRUE, at least in my reality.

      As for the timing of such event? I wish I knew but honestly I do not know when Mother Earth or humanity will ascend. I do believe it will happen in our lifetime but I don't know if it will be this year 2012 of even a few decades down the road.

      If you take a look back on the human consciousness maybe going back just a little over 120 years ago. People would call traveling by flying in airplanes "insane". This is just one of many examples of how we as humans can change our reality in such a short amount of time. Yes, these things presented on this blog and many others are "insane" to the unaware person but time will allow the opportunity to change the path of consciousness. I feel for the better.

      You don't necessarily have to believe in Ascension, just be aware that something is changing in this Universe and our reality. We can see how it is being played out by watching our world's reactions whether it be in the political or natural environment. Then turn to yourself and see how your life has unfolded to this point. Do you recall any events that made you wonder that there is something bigger to this Life in 3D? Do you remember anything that just made you realize that there must be a grander purpose or calling in this life than just waking up, going to school, working, struggling, etc....?

      If you believe that anything is possible, than you have a knowing inside of you that allows you the potential to achieve anything you want. It is that simple. The hardest part is the journey but it is also the journey that allows you to obtain Wisdom. Because what you experience on this path of life is how you learn and achieve this most prestigious Wisdom.

      Stay strong and in the end you will look back to these challenging times and realize that it made you into the person you are to become. I also want to say that everything that takes place in your life is supposed to happen, it is perfect, their are no wrong or right choices/experiences. Try to enjoy the experiences and know that each moment is making more wiser and stronger as a spiritual being. You are infinitely powerful in my eyes, so take the time to realize your potential and nothing can stop you.

    2. Thank you so much for that powerful message.

      I hope we both overcome our challenges in the 3D dimension, and I hope we all ascend to the 5th dimension!!!

      THANK YOU!!

  31. so much for the June timeline since it almost the end of July

  32. This makes a great deal of sense to me. In following many, many postings for numbers of years while what is promised sounds like such a leap forward, I always felt a deep sense of sadness that I could not explain. In my younger years I seemed to have memories of thinking and arriving ~ thinking and something being there ~ a sense of flying when I chose ~ a gentle communication with the animal kingdom ~ communication with those far away by thought so I had felt that this was going home back to what I remembered. As I had gotten older and read about the salvation being brought to us by friendly aliens who were our ancestors and the technology that they would have to offer I dismissed my early years and feelings as a type of fantasy world I must have lived in as a youth. But could not shake off the feeling that much of what was being said was still not as evolved as it should be ... while more mature...still juvenile in its execution. Now I know why. Thank-you. Its been painful being in this dimension, even as I know I chose to be..I feel I have done much through my many years and long to go home. Thank-you for extending a hand, I am trying to wait patiently ~ now with a bit more clarity of intent. It is imperative we follow no one but our own higher self. It has to be soon... so much coming to a boiling point and many of us are so very tired.

    1. wow you have taken the words right out of my mouth

    2. I also feel very much as you describe here. As a toddler to bout 8 yrs. old, I remember waking up often with tears running down my face,not knowing why I was crying in my sleep. I get the sadness now, realizing we are not near what our potential as a species would allow, however with the "boiling point" being here, I feel renewed energy and excitement for having the opportunity to be here to witness the positive changes and hopefully find a way to assist. I appreciate you confidence in understanding It is imperative we follow no one but our own higher self. I tend to trust others more than is necessary and needed to hear those words. Thank You!

  33. May I ask.. of all the links you have on this site to sites of interest. Are there any that you are aware that have a like outlook regarding 5th. and 4th dimension differences and the possible agenda of the GFL?

    1. Yes, the best I came across is George Kavassilas. His website is You can find many audio interviews and speaking presentations for free.

  34. wath if nothing happen ...

    1. If nothing happens...... we continue to live our lives to the fullest. We do are best to help those in need. Let us make the world a better place for the next generations after us. Be the best person you can be.

  35. What beautiful sense you make enerchi... of course we continue to be who we are and keep the light burning bright in the darkness. When I start to get frustrated and have doubts I play the .. what do I know for sure it is comforting and after that is all said and done I know that I will have no choice but to continue on my journey and will continue to stand for all the things I believe in and try to bring about the new world we know is possible. That being said, I've lived quite a while and there are too many signs of change for it to be a non event. We just need to stop needing to know exactly how and when it will take place and just have faith that it will.

  36. this stuff scares me...i dont understand that much of what you said, what exactly are we supposed to do if all these things start happening? ignore the space ships who want to 'save us' and just stay here until the planet iss destroyed so we can die and ascend naturally? or will the planet not be destroyed?

    and also, who is not going to be able to ascend?? thinking about that almost makes me have a panic atttack...what will happen to those who wont ascend? will they be trapped on this physical plane forever and create their own hell? or will they too ascend but not for another thousands of years?

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Mother Earth will not commit suicide and be destroyed. She along with humanity will reunite with our Higher Selves also known as Ascension. Many ET groups like the GFL say that the Earth will not be safe for living, they are the ones who say that we need to be saved by them. They are the ones who put fear into the hearts of men in order to control us. They say these things to push fear into our minds so that we react and ask them for help. This is a deception being played out on humanity so they can lead us into their control structures. You do not need to be saved by any external source during the time of Earth and Humanity transformation. Your DNA will change during this special time which will carry you and your loved ones into a higher state of awareness and higher consciousness. Ascension is a special event and this means many people will not die physically, in fact most people will have an opportunity to ascend with their bodies, as I said before our DNA changes so it is an internal transformation that is in synergy with earth, sun, solar system, and the milky way galaxy.

      Those people who choose not to ascend will have a choice to do it again sometime in the future. Some will die in the earth changes, some will go on spaceships, some will go to other planets, some will go into inner earth, but many will not react in fear and will ascend along side mother earth.

      Again, no need for a panic attack as this event is a Divine Decree in which we all co-created together at a higher level of awareness, before we were born into our 3D bodies. This is a very special event and is one of the reasons why many ET and Multi Dimensional beings are here to witness or take part in this ascension process. This is how important this is to the Universe.

      To ease your worries, is to arm yourself with knowledge. Once you know and understand about the coming changes, less fear and more love will flood your heart. Again this is an event that should be celebrated as it is a liberation from the pain and suffering imposed onto our current 3D reality.

      Hope this clarifies some of your questions.

  37. I have a question about a part of this site, so who do I address or contact ?

  38. Hi I'm very happy to have found this site..:) It has reconfirmed my knowingness that some times I question, and made me aware of some things that I did not know. I am excited to research further the areas of grey.
    I have a question if someone can help I found a site called THRIVE what on earth will it take and was wondering if any one knows of this movement and the validity of it.
    Thanks again for all the great postings as this is by far the best site I have found yet.


    1. Hi HW!,

      Sorry it took so long for me to respond. I missed your comment. I have heard of THRIVE, I have seen the documentary, and the movement is beneficial to humanities awakening process. Mr Gamble has a family line that has played a role in the New World Order movement but it seems like he is focusing his time and energy to bring awareness and help raise the consciousness for humanity. He seems to be bringing back some balance from what his families corporation has caused. The information THRIVE presents seems very helpful.

  39. Hi there, great debates going on...I thought that we in the 3D presently connect with our 5D Higher self in our sleep, and after Ascension, we will be consciously in 5D and conscious, i.e. not asleep and we won't need to sleep. There are many people who are in the 5D living whilst in the 3D. That just means that they have found a higher purpose, are not selfish, but selfless, do not preoccuoy themselves with bodily functions and subservience to the body, but find challenging situations to help others which inadvertently leads to their own rapid spiritual advancement. We can play with words such as GF or GFL but at the end of the day who knows whether GF is GFL or vice-versa, all we need to know is we have helpers without whom we would not be here today, they deactivated nukes in the 70's, they clean out seas and skies and are making sure there are no false flag events at the Olympics.

    The main galactic principles are a) out of chaos comes perfection - which means no cloning; b) creation comes with Love not fear so Freewill is essential for Master creators such as us humans; c)Truth is light and cannot be extinguished by darkness d) hoo'oponopono - love compassion forgiveness gratitude are essential to focus on solutions and not the problems (ego) e) the universe is connected through electromagnetic frequencies of love which we transmit and receive through our pineal gland - f) there is no judgement since so called evil makes good and itself even better which good can't do g)like attracts like so we will end up at the place which is right for us. A reliable source for me for the last 2 years has been I would highly recommend their one to one teleconferences with Ashtar (which may not be available after the disclosure announcement). I also recommend the meditations by Mother Sekhmet in her crystalline Mothership. I live close to the Olympics and have seen many amber balls of light floating across the sky either singly or in triangles. One of them de-cloaked into a round silver saucer which turned end on and floated away.

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

    Sky News: UFO at the firework display opening ceremony of Olympics London 28 July 2012

  42. Have you given up on Drake?

    1. I haven't given up on Drake but his intel updates need to be validated with some visible action. I see his message is of hope and bringing awareness to people which has gotten people off the couch. He has awakened quite a few people to the future of humanity and the current state of affairs. This in itself was a huge accomplishment. As for his messages from Military Contacts, I don't give that much weight to it as much as I used to. It seems that his contacts are not organized and he needs to prove himself to the people that his sources are the real deal. His chance for redemption regarding his intel is coming up next week. If the game changing reporting happens than he will earn is intel stripes but if nothing happens again it will put him out on the curb. Hopefully next week will be fulfilling.

  43. Hello enerchi, wow , thanks for all your understand. Totally. Been reading messages channeled through Greg Giles and the GFL. Just didn't hit me right either. Its like they dangle a carrot in front of you and it's all about control. Thanks again,
    Todd Leonard

    1. Hi Todd,

      Yes, many people are awakening to the GFL propaganda. People forget the most important truth of all. That is that our eternal spirit can provide everything we need or want. People forget this truth and turn for salvation whether it be from a Messiah, Angel, Ascended Master, technologies, or Extraterrestrials. The Truth has always been to turn to oneself to find the truth but many peoples attention is diverted away. GFL technology, healing, and protecting us from mother earth, is their way of getting humanity to walk in their "light". Hopefully more people will awaken to their Own Light and shine forth.

  44. enerchi,

    If you have not done so before now, you need to read The Ascension Papers on the the Zingdad website.

    I have read many of your comments and you seem to be one of the co-creators of those papers.
    If you are one of those, this will blow your mind.

    Much Love

    1. Interesting! Thank you for sharing!

  45. Here are a few of the core "truths" (truth is always relative to the seeker and everything is true and false at the same time).
    If this works for you, then it is right. If it does not work for you, then it is right.

    “There is only one being experiencing the illusion of being many.”
    “The One is engaged in an experience of Itself as being many."
    “Your truth is the tool you use to create yourself.”
    “If you cannot see the perfection, then you are standing too close to the picture.”
    “You always get EXACTLY what you create.”
    “At the level of Oneness, all things always conspire to the greatest good.”
    “Everything is always perfect.”
    “I am an infinitely powerful, eternal, immortal creator being”
    “The One is”
    “You are eternal and immortal”
    “Change is the only constant”
    “What you put out is what you get back”
    “That which you resist persists.”
    "The mind UNDERSTANDS but the heart KNOWS.”
    “If there is such a thing as evil, then it is an opportunity to learn about love.”
    “Evil is any action, which seems to take away a being’s right to choose.”
    “There is not a single thing that is either good or evil but that you feel that way about it.”
    “You are who YOU say you are.”

    “Love cannot be understood, as it is much greater than the mind that would seek to understand it. Love can only be experienced. And once you have had even a small taste of true limitless, unconditional Love, then you will be forever altered. Your life’s quest will be to return to that state of Love. In that moment, you will know that there can be nothing even remotely as important to you as existing in that state of union with the divine that IS Love.”

    May the Divine Creator Bless your efforts.


    1. Very TRUE! I agree that everyone lives out their own TRUTH!

  46. Namaste Enerchi and thank you for putting this information out there. This really resonates with me in many aspects..keep shining! OneLove

    1. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts, Lee Lee! Namaste!

  47. Hello enerchi,

    how are you doing today?

    I have two questions, if you can please answer them.

    1) Will the use of ADD medication, such as Adderall, or certain cognitive/relaxation supplements, such as Piracetam, or even natural supplements such as L-theanine, St John's Wort, Passionflower, etc. affect one's ability to meditate, raise his/her vibrations, become enlightened, and eventually ascend?

    Basically, will medications, whether they be antidepressants or stimulants, or certain cognitive-enchancing supplements affect one's path to ascension? If so, negatively or positively? Does it just depend on how the person uses them?

    What about marijuana?

    2) What do you think of Sirius of the Galactic Federation (channeled by Mike Quinsey I believe)? Is he credible? I really want to believe him.

    What about Dr. Steven Greer and Bob Dean?

    Thank you so much for everything that you do!



    1. Hi AP,

      1.I don't think any type of medication including marijuana will affect ascension. If you believe the DNA transformation theory, than DNA will be activated via our connection with the Divine Universal Source Field and Mother Earth. These energies coming from the Universe and Spirit are infinitely more powerful than any type of 3D/4D "matrix constructs".

      2. I don't know if Salusa can be trusted. Some say Salusa is a AI intelligence, some say he is part of the deception put on by the Ascended Masters, some say he is a real extraterrestrial. From my perspective is that I do not trust any type of GFL channeling. I say that you have all the power you need to ascend as you are connected with your Higher Self and the Divine Source. Looking for help outside oneself limits your power, you ultimately control your reality so no external help is actually needed. This is only my opinion so please accept it as just that.

      Bob Dean. He is a good man with a big heart. His messages help many and has awakened thousands of people. He may have been compromised by the Ascended Masters who work with the GFL. One of his recent interviews with Project Camelot has Bob talking about how he died and left his body. Waiting for him were Ascended Masters who told him to go back to his body because his "work" was not done on earth. He said he didnt want to go back and wanted to die. The Ascended Masters told him that he needed to pass on their messages before he could "pass over". This tells me that they are controlling him against his will.

      Steve Greer. A good man with a big heart. Helping greatly with disclosure and awareness to the government coverup. Has a belief that all ETs interacting with earth right now are benevolent. I disagree with this assumption as I know that some ET groups use "feel good" messages to mind control humans into joining thier federations, groups, and spiritual beliefs. This is the deception being played out on humanity at this moment. Everyone needs to use discernment during this spiritual transition.

      Thank you for sharing your questions!

    2. Thank you so much!!!!

      You are awesome....

  48. enerchi, I wish you would go to Greg Giles website and read his channel from Aug. 30th. OMG Bro, he's telling people their Lab Rats and so much more. To much to list. Is there anything you could do or put a reply on his board to help these people. Just go read what he is saying. The Galatic Free Press kicked him off their website. I tried switching them your way. I just wish there would be something I could do to help these folks.
    Love ya Buddy,

    1. Hi Todd,

      I know what you mean. I have read many GFL messages from Greg and it truly is amazing how they speak down to us humans. Just as amazing is that people are getting brain washed by Greg Giles' GFL group. Even GFL followers of Sheldan Nidle and Mike Quinsey are turned off by what Greg puts out into the public.

      This is the reasoning for me posting GFL stuff on my site. It will bring people who may be following the GFL messages and at least I can present another suggestion for the ascension process. When people realize that all they have to do is stay with Mother Earth than it may click that one does not need to go into Light Chambers, Space Ships, or Inner Earth to be saved or ascend. One does not need to follow the GFL or Ascended Masters in order to integrate with ones own Higher Self. The deception is so blatantly clear for many of us and others are so accepting of anyone that claims they are from the "love and light" that even if you expose the false teachings they will not want to step outside of their belief system or box.

      I am currently putting together a research page that will show the EARTH EVACUATION DECEPTION scenarios that are put out by all GFL channelers and ascended masters. Most of them have said that humanity needs to at some point leave earth's surface or use technology in order to ascend. This is false and I will expose it when the time is right.

    2. Awesome, thank you for your reply. After his message the other day i don't look at them anymore. My wife and I love your site. Keep up the great work and thank you again for all your insight.

  49. There will be a retaliation for those who choose to follow the "natural order of things" ... that is, ignore the instructions?

    1. No, I don't believe there will be retaliation from the GFL or Ascended Masters or any other E.T./spiritual group. This should be a time were you get to exercise your free will and choose your own path. But it doesn't hurt to stay vigilant and prepared for any type of scenario.

  50. Hello again Enerchi,

    Will we need money after Ascension, in the Golden Age?

    If so, won't it create conflicts and power struggles?

    1. Hi AP,

      I don't think any money or currency will be used after Ascension. Technology and Spiritual Powers of people will replace the need for any type of currency/ economic system.

  51. Thank you for your response Enerchi.

    Now this is interesting.

    I follow a starseed lightworker, Christoper Solimine (age4forage), who seems to be the real deal for now. He gives a message of love and light, and I respect that. He is publishing a book soon, and he offers some services for money. He does offer a lot of free material as well, however. A lot of what he says makes sense to me, and after watching his videos, his story seems real. You might want to check them out yourself.

    So is he writing a book and saving up money because ascension is not coming as soon as some may think, or do we actually need money in the next dimension? Or do you think something else is going on here?

    On this youtube comment page, he does seem to say that we will need money or some form of exchange in the next dimension, in response to a commenter who challenges his credibility. Please look at this page:

    So do you disagree with Chris? And are you skeptical of his credibility?

    Please help me sort this out, as I'm sure that is of interest to you as well. Unless I'm the only one that is confused here, haha. If you want to watch his videos first and look at his website to check him out before answering me, feel free to do so.

    Thank you so much,


  52. Sorry, about that "X" above. I wasn't if I need to log in somewhere, or create an account to post here, so I entered X to see if it would take.

    For the moment, perhaps common sense still rules. If money is needed NOW,in this PRESENT MOMENT, then save money NOW. When the "FUTURE" becomes the "PRESENT MOMENT," and in it, money is not required, then in that MOMENT it is not needed.

    I am thirsty NOW. I will drink water NOW. Even though, in the distant future, I may not required water for sustenance. Deal with what is in the NOW.

    1. Thank you sir.

      I appreciate all your help and patience!


  53. Enerchi,

    Do you have a youtube video of you performing TK? Is you TK effective on a PSI wheel enclosed inside a lidded glass jar?

    1. Hi TK Fan,

      I do not have a video of me performing TK. I may post one in the future and when I do I will make a blog post with information on how to make a psi wheel as well as how I perform TK.

      Yes, I have done tk on an enclosed PSI wheel before. It was a plastic bowl not a glass jar, maybe this could be a reason for it taking so long. It took me 15 - 20 minutes to get the PSI wheel to spin. Needs a lot of patience and focus when the PSI Wheel is enclosed.

      I showed my brother and parents the TK skills, and they weren't even surprised! I thought they would be asking me tons of questions about this but for some reason they brushed it off like it was no big deal. LOL! Ha ha.... yes my ego was inflated at that time because I was doing something that I thought no one else could do. Now I understand that everyone can do this! Ego is deflated! LOL!

    2. Enerchi, thank you for the reply. 'Looking forward to your youtube video of your TK spinning a PSI Wheel inside an enclosed casing.

      This video demonstrating that warm air is responsible for the movement of the PSI Wheel is the reason I am curious to see a demonstration of TK influencing movement of it in an enclosed container.

      Demo starts at 3:52 seconds.

  54. Greetings Enerchi,

    I wonder if you have ever had any feed back from anyone attempting to submit the form on your site for prosperity funds allocation?

    1. Hi Phoenix,

      No, I haven't had any feedback yet from anyone regarding the prosperity funds gifting but I have first hand experience. I have spoken to one of the volunteers who manages this distribution list for my region. Basically, funds will be released once the new financial system goes online. Everyone is waiting for the Dark Cabal to lose their grip.


  55. Dear enerchi,

    I love your website!:) Still don't know what to make of ETs...I've never met one.

    Here is a clip about Obama vs. Gallup Poll Company. I wonder if this true…If it is…it’s inexcusable! I still don’t know who I’m going to vote for…To be quite honest.
    You could post this link if you want to.

    Thank you for everything!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello! I know what you mean about all this corruption so blatantly in our face. So sad, yet so true. I look forward to the day in which we are truly free. Thanks!

  56. Any initial contact yet?

    And, where is the video of TK performed on a glass enclosed PSI wheel, as proof it is not simply warm air at work? Such a video could add some credibility.

    I and several family members tried open air PSI wheels, with success on the first try. It was simply warm air from our hands.

  57. Greetings to you again enerchi,
    What is going on with all the troops being deployed to DC ? I've read it's being called Operation Nobel Eagle and family members are being told that they will not be able to visit there Loved Ones while being stationed there.
    Thanks for your time

    1. Hi Todd,

      Hope you are doing well and thanks for stopping by. To be honest I do not know the real reason for troop movements but if I was to take a guess it would be to tactical operations against the dark cabal and to keep the peace when the "event" occurs. Many are saying October will be the month for action. I hope it is true but time will tell. The latest updates on troop movements came in today via Val. Here is her report from today.

      I will make sure to report anything I hear in the coming days or weeks regarding this issue. I am very interested in this as well.


  58. Hi Enerchi,

    I'm sure you are aware of Tila's recent surge in The Truth movement. This ties almost EVERYTHING together. Do you believe she is credible?

    Here is a link to her blog radio site:

    and her youtube channel

    CIA drone bots are attacking her, and they are desperately trying to discredit her anyway they can, including breaking up her radio shows.

    Anyway, I just wanted you to post her stuff and update your website if you believe that she is credible.

    Thank you,


  59. still no initial contact huh...well,we'll keep listening,and 'processing' or whatever,right?

  60. yep....still waiting....Nov. 8th.....
    still waiting for your excuses as to why everything has been moved back to 2013....or maybe 2014.....
    world can't end yet, you still haven't padded all your bank accounts.

  61. He's quietly building his Ark in secret.

  62. Ok. I think we need to set some things straight. There will be no ET mass landings. No one is going to come and save us. We're going to have to save ourselves. The ETs are just here for guidance and advice. They are not allowed to interfere with the evolution of our planet and its people because if they did it wouldn't be the natural order of things.
    They have to let us be on our own because thats how we grow. We have to make our own mistakes; no one is going to make them for us because one cannot learn without mistakes.

  63. Holy Crap!!!! Just when I thought I was on the right path to gaining knowledge and understanding about our ascension and mother earths ascension.....I ran across this site.... Now i am more confused than ever!!!!! I had read all of Greg Giles channeling msgs on spiritual from GF of Light and the Ashtar command. And everything was resonating with me perfectly, but then the msg from gfl he channeled on 9/22/12 was completely wrong about who would win the presidential election. And he has only had 1 other channeled msg since then and has basically disappeared from the spiritual network site......WTH???? I am confused!!! I understand what you were saying about the 5th dimensional et's having no need to fly around in spaceships and such, but perhaps they are just wanting us to see them in the way we have taught in the past. Hell idk anymore!!! Are there any of the ET's that we can truely believe in and trust to learn from??? What about the Pleiadians??? Or The Ascended masters???? Personally I want to ascend to the 5th dimension by the power of "I AM"

  64. Ashtar command is desinfo. Listen to David Icke, David Willcock and the top secret insider Daniel.

  65. I would like to make a personal request of the community, that is to say my family. I have been on this planet for far too long and I want to go home, or move on whatever the case may be. There is something that seems to be missed here and elsewhere and it is that because we are all so closely interconnected that to a degree the ascention will only occur when enough of us except and will it to. It may be enough for us to each be willing and ready as individuals as it will happen with time, natural order and all that. But the fastest and cleanest way is to be aligned in the goal, so I ask that we all step up meditate on the transition often, reach out to others often and just generaly adopt a here and now attitude. I dont want to rush things, not that it is in my power anyway I'm just so damn tired, so beaten. It was my job to enlighten and guide but now it's time for humanity far and wide to pick up the baton a little more and more everyday. Let's do this thing right shall we?

    Love with intent. -nick

    1. are spot starting today to do the most logical mental-heart program moment to moment-day to day to sincerely create the transition we all most want through organic spiritual development to Full Consciousness in 5D...THROUGH ALIGNMENT WITH OUR GOAL via INTENT--, staying within a column of diamond white loving light within and without.

      Whenever this goal does appear .. it is fine...the Journey within this moment to moment--day to day program will have been a true JOY.
      Thanks eternally...this creates Peace:)


    Focus: Humanity as a Whole-Mind Truth Awakening.
    (Part of a universal World Freedom occurrence.)

    Hello One and All,

    My name is John A. Lennon. I am an ex-prisoner of ill health and corporate mind-control programs, one of many victims who have escaped and now able to help widen the escape route for other prisoners of corporate deceptions and consumer mind control technology.

    Forty years ago, who would have thought that we could all be parts of Human Resource Management organizations.

    With ‘expert’ forecasts of worse to come and developing circumstances already changing our lives, the general meaning of sacrifice has already been upgraded to greater levels of corporate controlled life destroying agendas.

    If our prime interests as highly dependent existence stakeholders are ever to be based on a solid foundation of life-enhancing knowledge and healthy self-managed intentions, we would need to use a practical catalyst-of-change which is simple, comprehensive and universal to all people.

    Rather than wars and irreversible toxic waste as reasons for change, it could be that the most appropriate catalyst to stop the rot is none other than a Global Census of Ego- Intent, being a simple universal means of determining how majorities want to exist.

    A Census of Ego-Intent is a very simple and practical way for every one of Earth’s citizens to declare what sustainable values they truly support, whether it be more destruction or a new World without war, corruption and fear. A truly universally way of arousing and implementing appropriate new action for World peace.

    If you have already escaped or have a desire to escape from corporate harm, then this System-accountable life-security information may be useful to you and the people you care for.

    John A. Lennon World Freedom Activist SAVE YOURSELF FIRST!.

  67. Just turned to:
    An awesome astrology site channeled by Stephanie Azaria from Ascended Master Kuthumi.
    Stephanie was writing about yesterday's Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and she wrote what imo applies so well to this website and the wonderful posters:

    " How is it for you? Is it fun? Is it pleasant? Is it rough? The point is, it’s all your construct… it’s the way you’re writing the script.

    "At this point, we can, technically, look at the world we’re living in and recognize that everything in it is a thought we have. It’s time to take full responsibility for that. Whatever is in your world that you don’t want to find there, go all the way back to its origin, YOUR THOUGHT, and change it. Look at that person place or thing you dislike finding in your world long enough to realize your original thought, otherwise you won’t be able to change it. Have to go to the root, and it’s always your thinking.

    "We will be riding this eclipse for a couple more weeks, Mercury will retrace his own shadow and Jupiter will retrograde back to the eclipse point at the end of January. Inside this point in space that contains everything, we have the illusion of time. And while we know time is more a 3D construct than anything else, we can still make use of it to bring our SELVES to the zero point… the place where our thought is in perfect alignment with our heart. From that place we create a new world. Are you ready?
    ” When the deepest part of you becomes engaged in what you are doing, you are doing what you are meant to be doing.”
    Gary Zukav

  68. Onions...onions everywhere.

  69. Matthews messages is the only site i trust entirely. He feels genuine and never seems to be manipulating information to spread fear. The whole thing about using love to control people doesn't even make any sense, and this is why. wanting to take a souls free will and control them is a dark quality. Love is light. darkness can't survive in light, so it they're using 'love' to control then it can't actually be love, but glamor. It's impossible to use christed light to control people. it sets them free. fear prevents people from absorbing the light, and that is how people are kept down, ignorant controlled and manipulated. you some of u guys are feeling a need for solid proof and are feeling down and impatient. truly discern ALL information, including this site, bc picking at that insecurity and manipulating ur opinions to make u feel confused frustrated and conflicted, is the very negativity that keeps people from absorbing light. Don't be manipulated... anything that makes u feel like that is probably not truthful information. I came to this site b4 and thought that it was hitting all of my insecurities about certain sites, but it only made me feel anxious and pissed off when the date never came. I realized that u have to discern information yourself based on what feels right. I myself prefer mathews messages for when i want channeled information bc it settles with me the right way, doesn't try to scare u or manipulate imo... even predicted obamas reelection. no offense but this site seems to not be on point with all the facts. plus anyone giving a set date is illegitimate. it drives people crazy waiting for disclorsure day when theyre given phony dates and when it doesn't happen the negativity released isn't worth getting people all anxious in the first place. The only set date is ascension, and thats in like 20 something days. don't expect some big extravagant explosion of fanciness, be discernful of information, and just live your lives. people really shouldn't be so anxious of things they don't consciously have control over. protect your psyches by surrounding yourself with christed light, go with the flow and be patient, its ascension is happening,set in stone, and disclosure day is coming. theres no need to be impatient about it at this point, so close to the solstice, b/c all those darkness will be destroyed one light has reached full intensity and we'll be free. budda maitreya is a good site also for healing and strengthening your spirit, their stuff can block out negativity like a forcefeild.

    1. July 4, 2012

      Matthew's messages

      "Because a particular issue is in the forefront of so many minds around the world, we shall speak of it. President Obama will be reelected, and this is no more a matter of politics now than it ever was. Often we have told you that the Golden Age master planners requested this soul from a highly evolved civilization to come to the planet specifically to fill one of the most strategic positions during this phase of Earths’ ascension out of third density and entry into fourth. And all of you agreed with this when you enthusiastically chose your own roles in this lifetime. "

  70. mathews messages also said absolutely NOTHING about light boxes or taking people off of the planet or 'saving' us. he even specifically said in his recent message channeled through suzan ward that they are here to assist us and the only reason they are involved is bc gaia requested it. it doesn't involve sepatation from or planet or any weird light box cocoons at all... seriously people. read matthews messages.

    1. I agree. M/M seems very trustworthy to me; you get that feeling when you read it.
      Matthew --> Suzan actually put up a new channeling yesterday...

      Seasonal emotions; benevolent resolutions to current unrest; Dec 12 and 21 effects; Earth's ascension process; souls "partnering" with descendents; accomplishments toward Golden Age
      With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Always this season of various religious observances and celebrations in your world comes with intensified and mixed emotions. Those who are thriving feel grateful for the blessings in their lives and they enjoy merriment with family and friends; those who are alone or grieving or are hungry and penniless more keenly feel their lot in life. It is joyous for us to see that in this season of “good tidings to all,” so many caring, warmhearted souls reach out to help those who are needful.
      This year is no different in that uplifting respect; however, the energies are stunningly different from this season in prior years. The highest vibrations your world has known for eons are affecting everyone, and while many are benefitting, masses are not in favorable positions. As the days of 2012 are winding down, the negative extreme of duality is making a strong last gasp before meeting its imminent end.
      Of chief concern is unrest in the Middle East with the threat of chemical warfare in Syria, plutonium development in Iran, rebelliousness in Egypt, continuing Israeli-Palestinian enmity. There’s action toward a missile launch in North Korea, dire state of several national economies, mounting numbers of refugees and their plight, warring and oppression in some African nations, random acts of violence around the world, corruption in governments and multinational corporations.
      Certainly it is not to dampen your holiday spirits that we mention those situations of world interest, but to assure you that in ALL cases, benevolent resolutions are coming! In the area of greatest concern, if chemical-laden weaponry were put into play, our universal family’s technology would prevent its functioning.
      December 12th and 21st have long been considered as pivotal dates for the planet. To be sure, major energy surges due to planetary alignment are important thrusts forward, but Earth has been on an ascension course through successively higher vibratory levels and surges for over 70 years. This will continue throughout her travels in fourth density on to her destination in fifth, where the planet and Gaia, the soul who embodied as the planet, originated.
      That is why we do not see a momentous event occurring on the 21st that will be equally profound for all worldwide. Each individual is a unique being and will experience a uniquely personal response to that day just as each has been doing all along Earth’s ascension progress. Some individuals may have a powerful energetic reaction while others may not sense anything at all unusual.
      Beloved souls, please do not feel discouraged if you don’t experience something dramatic! As the light intensity has been increasing on Earth, so has your conscious and spiritual awareness been increasing, and your bodies have been adjusting to cellular changes from carbon to crystalline. You don’t need a startling event or sensation to feel elated about approaching the doorstep of Earth Golden Age!

    2. Rejoice with us about a recent development in your linear time regarding the greater numbers of souls who may physically accompany Earth into that Age! God is granting the soul level petitions of ancestor souls to “partner” with their descendents who are struggling valiantly to divest themselves of emotions that are curtailing the amount of light they are absorbing.
      Their emotions, which are not rooted in darkness and hurt no one except the souls themselves, are intense or prolonged grieving, remorse, guilt, judgment, hopelessness and difficulty shedding belief in falsehoods they have been taught. All of those can be transmuted into light with the focused energy of the more spiritually evolved partnering souls. Some are living among you and others are inspiring their descendents who are there to direct love-light to those who simply need that extra boost to surmount their hurtful feelings.
      As wondrous as this effect of unconditional love is, we know that you are eager to see long-promised changes come to fruition. At soul level you know that the transformation of your world is happening with astounding scope and speed, but consciously you are impatient, even at times doubtful. Please understand that while the low vibrations emitted by darkness cannot enter the Golden Age, the results of millennia of dark ones’ activities cannot be healed until Earth is journeying within fourth density’s light-filled vibrations.
      Much ground work toward restoration and reformation has been accomplished. Mainstream media have exposed corruption in many quarters and efforts undertaken behind the scenes soon will become public knowledge. Situations vital to peace are being negotiated between some of your leaders and representatives of our extraterrestrial family. Environmental projects will be initiated as soon as the priority measures that we enumerated in a recent message have been managed [September 24, 2012]. And yes, the highest universal council still is awaiting God’s “GO!” for our family members’ official introduction.
      Dear ones, we know that you would like linear timeframes and if we could give those to you, with gladdened hearts we would do so, but we don’t know. All we can do is repeat our oft-given assurance that in the continuum, your co-creation of a loving, peaceful, pristine Eden world where everyone lives in harmony with Nature and knows the Oneness of All is a “done deal.”
      Beloved family, you are SO close to third density’s finish line—a triumph unprecedented in this universe! You are loved and held in highest honor by all light beings everywhere.
      LOVE and PEACE
      Suzanne Ward

  71. 9/24/12 Matthew msgs

    "It would not be realistic to think that traveling through fourth density and well into fifth will happen in that same blink of an eye, universally speaking. Once the planet is firmly within fourth density and all profound reforms have been completed worldwide, the highly evolved beings who came to help in those achievements will want to return to their homelands. Throughout the rest of Earth’s journey to her destination in fifth density, she’ll be on her own and her ascension pace will be in accordance with her peoples’ collective consciousness, which no longer will include those advanced beings."

  72. Look, the Bible such an unreliable text to base beliefs on with such exclusiveness.
    Half the books in it were not penned to parchment until hunderds of years after the event. And lets not forget that the current guise of the bible was assembled by Constantine over 600 years ago and i bet my left testicale that those guys dropped all the gosples and stories that advocated gnostic directness with the God source and re-factored the rest of it to keep the 'company' in the loop as the only access to 'salvation'. Anyone who opposed or was a threat to power was eliminated. Period.

  73. I just stumbled on this. I'm elated, cannot wait to go home! Is it just me, some days I get frustrated trapped in this body. Sometimes claustrophobic. This has been extremely enlightening read.

  74. "Question: Is the Galactic Federation protecting us?
    Answer: If there was a way they could help us, they would, but so far nothing has happed.Unless they are bribed or “bought off”, they should be here to protect us and this planet 100% from the dark side.From what the Creation Lightship can tell though, it appears that they have been bought off.In the New Age Movement, people talk about how the extraterrestrials are coming sometime in the future to help us, but remember that the light only works in the now.So the extraterrestrials are actually giving us lip service to make us feel good, but they are just lying to us.They might give a reason for not being able to help us (example: karma), however, they are not helping because they are gaining something from not helping us.They have not been here to help us for thousands of years because people have been trapped here on the planet Earth in the reincarnation cycle for thousands of years!Had they been protecting us, they would have removed the people here from the dark side reincarnation process (bondage)."

    its cray-cray how much the channelers have given dis-info about gfl here to "save" us. and its sad bc the channelers themselves think theyre helping. the only thing you can trust for truth is within your heart.

  75. My soul does not resonate with your information here. I sence you are spreading FEAR. Have you even listen to GFL nessages? To the best of my knowledge even the Lord Jesus is part of the GFL? So you are telling others to fear him too? I think not. I personally trust their message. I will follow my own soul and guides. I will send you light and love in hope you will find with in you what is truth!

    1. Everyone is on their own path. If you resonate with the GFL than that is good for your journey. Not good for my journey. I see them as deceptive beings of light and I do not believe Jesus is part of this group. The true Christ would never tell people to ascend using technology in Light Chambers, Jesus would never say these things. If you believe, than that is your free choice but it is not mine. Your truth is not my truth so thank you for respecting my path and I will respect yours. Take care

  76. "There is also no such thing as a Higher Self that people talk about. You have a Spirit and your Spirit was created from Light, and there is no hierarchy in the Light. Therefore there is nothing outside of you that is more powerful. Anything that suggests otherwise is just the dark side teachings. In true Light there is only one Light energy, not a lower light or a higher light. The aliens have even managed to clone the light to bring forth disinformation as they don't want you to ascend. This Light of the Darkness info may sound all good and positive and even have some elements of truth in it (remember, they can't be too obvious about it), but it will be skewed enough to send you off on a parallel lifetime when ascension time comes and you won't be prepared. "

  77. just own your own power remember who you were when you were young , when you knew the truth before the powerful blinders of frequency control cut you of from the awarness of your hhigher=self (its only higher when from the perspective of the cuttoff self under frequency control)

  78. Imagination is fun, but don't mistake someone else's imagination for truth.. it sure sounds like a fun game yol playing but :)

  79. what a bunch of bullshit this was. so where are the ships????????????? fucking idiots

  80. not good or bad exists, this seems to be just a psychitzophrenic /messianic mental disorder.

  81. its 22nd december and nothing happened.... alll yu faagots get a life....

  82. Here we are, 2013 and still in the 3th density...

    1. That's because all this "density" talk is total bull shit.

  83. youve been had people

    1. Yup, they've been played for FOOLS!

  84. WiseAsASerpantandHarmlessasadoveJanuary 15, 2013 at 9:30 PM

    Only defense and research should be funded by any government and we need to get rid of all these gazillion departments and have *Boards* represented by the people except like I said in cases of defense and research.

    This even includes the weather service which would be a *Weather Board* ran by the local regions that know their weather the best which annually or semi-annually these different groups will get together and discuss important issues and what needs to be done.

    For example instead of a National Weather Service there would be a *Weather Board Of California* that has extensive knowledge of their climate funded by California and a *Weather Board Of New York* that focuses weather on New York and often they will communicate with each other and help each other out funded by the states.

    That's just one of many examples of state ran programs.

    In England (The UK) the weather would be ran by regions like The Southeast Bureau focusing on all points SE England or The Northwest Bureau).

    Or it could be (The Northern Weather Bureau) and (The Southern Weather Bureau) funded by money from the cities and towns they serve and even thru tax if necessary to make it free but not controlled by the government.

    There also should be Anti Trust laws in place that prevent monopolies forming so there will be a true *Free Market* that encourages businesses to do their best which discourages cheating customers or customers will spend their money elsewhere.

    Social Welfare needs to be toned down to a State or Regional Level AND also use gold and Silver so there will be a set standard for money that always has the same value instead of this paper stuff or electronic cash that you cannot count.

    This Welfare should be done in ways that encourages people to seek real employment regardless if it's a paying job or volunteer just for work experience so people can be doing something useful for the community and there will be real industry growing instead of shrinking like it is now.

    (Actually in the USA it's already gone)

    World Countries that have social welfare also have high unemployment (unless it's a service job) and high alcohol abuse. They may not have gun deaths but knives and alcohol are just as deadly. I wonder why....................

    Be careful of people who claim to give you all a free ride.

    Now according to the bible the AntiChrist will start off with good intentions much like this so called Brotherhood then betray people by forcing everyone to wear a mark on either his forehead or forearm and you will not be able to buy or sell without it.

    Many places you will be put to death for speaking out against him like I will.

    They will give us free technology in exchange for our freedom where we will be under global rule by a world police thru *soft* dictatorship but dictatorship all the same

  85. Its 2013 and happening if u do intuition and see how now USA and we the people r going to fight for change its been happening since 2009 all sides r working the ground game for change. Your higherselves know that's why so much 999 percenters. Tea party. Arab springs. Seems its leaning towards a more 99 percent concoiusness type thinking. Here we go lets see how far we can take this economy but people will need to fight for change.that's why Mr change won and watch him fight and win with the help of we the people. Its happening right here right now . 3d is mirroring inner reality do intuition. Have eyes to see and here. Or fall back asleep free will your. Choice

  86. Trust your heart .....everyone will ascend ..... theres no et or ascended masters that are better. Have uncondtional love for all.....we are but one race thats the human race.....whatever you choose in life just smile...

  87. Let the GFL come. I won't be among the first one to greet them. Before I go into any "treatment chamber", many others will. And I'll keep a sharp eye to see any weirdness in their behavior.

  88. Talk about a total FAIL! LOL

  89. hi, wake up it is 2013 and it did not happen you can remove this part, thanks for this site anyway.

  90. March 21st, 2013 ! Puttin it on my Calendar!

  91. All I know is the world is not the same as how it was before. And I do think these changes are not for the best. We try to build things that would give us convenience. But in the end, we are just making everything complicated. Whether what the bible says is true or not, there is always good vs evil. And it is in our hands to make a choice. So sad that some people would actually choose to do wrong things.

  92. You know, I used to believe all this crap.

    I'm holding you guys responsible now for decieving me the same way mainstream media decieved me. Where is that fucking ascension? Nothing happened you fucking assholes.

    1. Wow. That is just one rude/angry/wounded comment.

      Please try to understand how large this change is for humanity.
      It is not all about our little egos being hurt and holding people liable
      for certain dates and events. Try to see past that.
      The fact is that there is an amazing age ahead of us.

      People are trying to bring us the best news they can and they go
      to a lot of risk to do it.

      Think about it. What if you never knew that anything like this was ever going to happen?
      At least you will be more prepared than the average person with his/her nose glued to the

      Some folks really do need ascending.

    2. That was a really nice reply, Anonymous.


  93. The real truth , I'm sorry but this is not it I think the people out their channeling and spreading this information for the most part are good people with good loving hearts, but they have been preyed upon. I think the more likely scenario is distraction , acceptance of death and , creating a want to leave this earth. After reading and listening to just about EVERY single channeling etc , a polar shift disaster and widespread "ascension" / passing over scenario is the likely one to me , the pieces all seem to fit together . If you listen to many of the channelings the wording used clearly sends us a message of turning back to spirit and removing the 3d body . Take off your happy ending glasses for a minute and think about what that could mean.

    It makes total sense , the governments funneling trillions out of the economies , underground bases , increases in earthquakes , freak weather , volcanoes and meteorites. There is safe passage through this disaster , but not for the poor , not for the average wage slave . The wars and ufo scenarios are there to distract you and make you see things that will consume your attention. Meanwhile your money is being used to save a rich mans family and friends .

    I believe in the spirit , I believe in channeling , I believe in god and also UFO's ..... but there is no help coming from the sky , no friends from the stars , so savior coming to enlighten us and give us technology , just the twisted games of psychopathic killers . Sorry . Peace

    Get to high ground (600ft+) , be more than 100km from the coast , do not hide under trees or in tall buildings . have plenty of food and water , water filer etc ... When you see the sun not setting or red dust everwhere forget everything else and start your escape .

  94. Complete truth....anxiously awaiting the great shift in reality. Non-believers should look around at what's happening...Thank you for your site.

  95. Too bad 2012 has come and gone and nothing has changed...or at too slow a pace that no one has yet to realize what's going on.

  96. Enerchi -

    Indeed, has anything REALLY changed? If so, shouldn't it be apparent to all?

    What is your explanation for why essentially Nothing on this list has actually happened.

    Do you still respond to comments?

    1. Indeed, has anything REALLY changed? The changes in the public eye have been small. People are waking up to the corruption as each day passes. The corporate government is doing its best to keep the people under strict control. So on one side we have movement for the better but the other side is tightening its grip. There will probably be a breaking point. When? I have no idea? Are there changes taking place behind the scenes by "good guys". I hope so. I would like to believe their are people who are fighting for humanities freedom. The changes are only apparent to how one percieves reality. It is subjective right now but once things tip over than it should be apparent to all.

      My explanation is that after thousands of years of mind control, slavery, corruption in almost every sector of society has made it very difficult to change the system in a short amount of time. One would think that it should take another thousand years to undue the damage. I have hope that the turn around will be quicker.

      What is your explanation and understanding about all of this stuff?

    2. Nice, enerchi!

      Thanks for your input.

  97. My explanation would be that everything is going to happen at once...within a short period of time.

    "We interrupt this regularly scheduled program to bring you a very important announcement..."

    And then the rest is history.

  98. I would like to make a comment; I consider myself having a common sense point of view: and that is all this is just my point of view. I try to look at everything I know and try to put it together like I would a puzzle. These are things that seem to fit together I know that there has been a major shake up in our banking system, there has been a major shakeup in the governments around the world, but i look at our own government and since O took office our government has been like a fart in a whirlwind, chaos, confusion, and conflict. Now even the msm is being drawn into the mess, and I have to laugh because they really don't like being spied on do they (too bad), next look at the meetings in the white house those people are out for each others blood, and they are throwing each other under the bus daily so that tells me something is going on in a big way. Do I know if it is a good thing, nope I don't! We are told that NWO is out to get us, well many people have known these facts for sometime, then we are being told that the good guys are going to save us, so then you have to determine which is the truth. So lets organize the puzzle piece that we have, bad guys in a major panic, well that tells me that something is happening that is scaring the crap out of them, and they are fighting to stop it, but their plans don't seem to be working, so therefore if the things the good guys are doing are what is creating the panic then I would have to say that maybe the good are gaining a major foothold. But facts are we are just gonna have to wait til the end to see who wins, my bet is with the good. Well just my opinion and observation. Stay safe til we get to the other side!

  99. Here we are half way through 2013.....and nothing. Speaks volumes about this "story".

    1. I agree, and same will be TRUE half way thru 2014 .....NOTHING.

  100. According to the Andromedan Council, the Ascension will happen Late 2013 to Early 2014, Contact will be made and People will start to be shipped off to a world similar to ours before we became Industrialized. We are expecting a Disclosure, although the Disclosure Project, Sirian, Orion and Esceti Projects are funded by the Rothschild family to decept people by making them focus on the Technology, which will try and stop people Ascending. If you search the Ascension or 4th Dimension on the Sirian Project website, there are no Keywords of Ascension or 4th Dimension, meaning if they were true and trying to Disclose the full truth, the Ascension would be involved, but it's not. In fact these groups are controlled by the Reptilians who are the only real enemies in the Galaxy according to the Galactic Federation who are trying to wipe them out.
    The Earth has awakened and all of these Disastrous events are the Earth's changes for the coming Ascension, people will die in the process, but it's their choice too in Higher Consciousness.
    The Changes/Transition started in 2011, where it peaked at 2012 and will finish by 2013/2014.
    This transition has been changing our DNA for the transition ahead.
    Please, visit and,

    One of the reasons I think the Mayan Calendar ended on December 21st 2012 was because it was the coming of a New age, the Age of Aquareus. Considering the Ascension is 'supposed' to happen a year later from that point makes it sound as if there's a year where we are in no age whatsoever and are in fact passing over into the next. Because the coming of an Age can't switch just like that, right. It takes a bit of time before we can state its a New age.
    Yours Sincerely, Caspian

    1. Bashar said numerous times that the years 2010 - 2015 would be intense, accelerating things. He said that the mass landings would not occur before 2025, at the time he was speaking. He also would reply to audience questions about all of these events happening on earth, and his reply was always "WHICH earth?!"

      Bashar taught us about parallel realities, and that each individual is constantly jumping parallel realities -- 90 billion per second. He agreed to someone's asking if people would experience all of these things according to what reality they were creating.

      Which means to me, stay positive, be kind to one another, focus on the world as we want it to be.

  101. hahahahahahahahahaha this is all so funny Love your Ego's Love yourself Laughter is the recipe for health Humility is the letting go of the ego ..............then there is only silence .......Freedom ....... Blessed be the ones who walk in the ways of Christ Consciousness..... Be Happy Be your true Self!!!!!!!

  102. Where are the Mass Arrests ? ? ? Where is truth and Justice, Freedom etc..... Today is just like any other day and so will be tomorrow ! ! ! Nothing changes, lots of talk etc but actions are more important than words. You can have all the hope and positive attitude and so forth, hope all You want BUT who will take any of this seriously ? I used to think little or nothing about those who criticize BUT as time keeps going and I myself see that the critics were right I realize that THERE WILL BE NO SIGNIFICANT CHANGE ! The Math simply proves that there are not enough people to make a difference !

  103. Well, the Earth used to be flat - for centuries. Then the Light revealed the truth. For centuries, a gashing wound in the flesh and draining of blood was a "cure" for many things. Then there was Light. When enough people were enlightened and believed in a better way or a more scientific possibility, it happened. Time and events flow in and out of the crystalline cup of truth, rarely stopping to consider it's contents. But time and again, it happens. The collective consciousness builds on the truth and it becomes reality. One truth upon another. And change happens because "we" want it that way.

    1998, 1999, 2000..... 2010.... 2012..... 2013....... it is happening. Light upon dark, more upon less, knowing upon doubt.... yet darkness and emptiness and doubt are still with us, even in the presence of light, abundance and knowing. Each of us has a choice. Not one soul is forced to believe or change. Doubt is a choice. But be sure, in the absence of doubt comes knowing and believing and abundance and peace.

    Like most everything else in this existence, we really don't know when "it" will happen. The prognosticators, in their fervent desire for goodness to overtake this planet and relieve the suffering of humanity, have perhaps jumped the gun. Or maybe not. Who can measure the earth and say that good energizing change has not started or that it is not finally reaching the tipping point when darkness and fear and hatred are slowly sinking into the dust and vanishing? For me, I wait patiently for it to happen in my lifetime (soon), yet still comforted to know that while it might not happen for me, it is happening for many of you.

    The choice is entirely yours, as well as the outcome. It is your life that you purposed long ago. It is never too late to "see the Light" and draw a blanket of energetic truth over your fears and mockery of what is to be. You are reading this site because you want to know the truth. You are searching. It is here. Read it and know it and be thankful that change IS happening.

  104. As of this day, the cabal has the upper hand in US. August 27, 2013, my brother's birthday. I see very little progress of anything. How do you live in two world's at the same time. This is one massive cluster fuck. Live in a country whose government is controlled by the cabal..Seek ascension and become this love nutcase when I'm so pissed how all of us have been slaves. It's very difficult to forgive. 99% however just stay in their little box and don't want to think about anything. Do you think that honestly, that many people can't handle the truth?

  105. It's September 2013 and all this bullshit is nothing more than vomiting material.

  106. This site confirms its author either needs urgent professional help or has made a good start on a career in comedy.

  107. ascention isent a one day occurance like a national holiday... it is a period of cleansing of one self,id say {time} but i know that time does not exist just like money it is man made which is.another concept of everything else we see around us.wheels wit in wheels, cogs within cogs.we have got to take our hats of to the elites and thank them and love them for all there hard work of control murder deception and destruction, because with out them trying there best all the while to control us we wouldn't know the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, when u do find that out then you have grown learned and expanded from the lessons and have a choice to continue with that lesson in duality or choose to move forward to the next which in turn is ascending higher on a true natural form,qoute would you learn more from reading a book or from experiencing what the book has on offer first hand? there is no right or wrong light or dark its merley a freedom of choice on all scales,this realm is to experience as much as possible for the soul to grow,that is why all is allowed and why we came and many did not we heard the call and excepted the challenge. all have freedom of choice etc which in 3d world is part of duality,im 26 years old....i grew up with no parents and life was shit and i kept asking myself is this what life is about house car morgage etc,but the bigggest question i had growing up was why be born just to die?whats the point i had a very negative spin on life,until 1 day,my way of thinking just changed like that,how i dont know?instead of asking and answering my own questions i began to question people around me,they couldent answer what i asked and i was deamed an idiot a fool and and a looser.that dident stop me,i was determind then as i am 15 years down the line,ive had no et contact conciousley or sub conciousley as im aware,i dont believe everything i hear,i question just like you.but there is something inside me pulling me to the answers,i was seeking naturaly,its like waking up with amnesia and regaining conciousness slowley,we all ready know the answers to all of our questions,its just a case they are dormant with in us,we have forgot how magnificent we all are,even greater than u could possibly amagine,and when i think like this i believe everything will be ok on a mass scale for every one,nature knows no failure,well thats a little of my story to all this and i hope it will help in anyway it can,there are many people around the world who have woken up but still remain silent,waitin for the right time naturlly to rise up and be soverigne,be patient and allways speak your truth,
    peace and love to all always Martin x

  108. You're a nut case who should be put in a straight jacket and a paded cell. Throw away the key and let you rot until eternity.