Monday, April 17, 2017

"Boys & Toys" - Geopolitical Op-Ed - Monday - April 17, 2017

Received via email from Yosef......

It's Emancipation Day here in the US, the day Abe Lincoln freed Washington D.C. of slavery.  It's a little known national holiday that is lengthening the tax return day.

Kind of fitting now that the RV has officially started as in the midst of a one week roll out starting April 13 and ending April 20th.

All the banks are closed today, but the markets open as the chaos around US foreign policy swishes in the hearts and minds of peoples and nations everywhere.

But do not worry, Donald John Trump is in the White House.  Man, a lot of negatives seem to come along with him being President, it's like the guy always makes the wrong decision... every time.

More interestingly, his Vice President Mike Pence and House Speaker Ryan are both out of the country this week, one in South Korea and the other in Europe.

That's curious as if you'll recall in the GESARA by laws, there is a provision that states acting executive or presidential leadership must be out of the country at the time of the RV.

And because we know with 100% certainty that the global RV release has in fact begun, why is President Trump not overseas?

Maybe for the same reason he was playing golf while the closest thing to the Cuban Missile Crisis was raging out of control and playing havoc everywhere overseas.

Or was it?

Folks, it's time to deeply consider that DJT is not really your President, and rather he's just playing one on TV.

Is it just a coincidence that Trump conducted an illegal and unconstitutional air strike against Syria (Russia) and is now threatening the same against North Korea... with no cause mind you, and no direct attack against US interests overseas let alone on our own soil?

Who does this make any sense too? Even die hard Trump supporters are packing up their Confederate and Nazi flags.

Yet it all just kinda happened... and nobody said too much or did anything about it in Congress.  Why is that?

How can a sitting US President make an unconstitutional act of war using our military--threaten other countries who boarder China and Russia on its heels--and go unchecked by the one legislative branch of government structurally designed to keep executive power in check?

Strike it up to boys and their toys I guess, but which boys are in control of what toys is the deeper question here.  Who is really in charge of United States foreign policy and military assets as of today?

In the media, we are made to feel as if President Trump is trying to start a war.  But why?  Low poll numbers?  Doubtful.  The escalating nature of the Syrian/North Korean military build up and rogue leadership threats?  Nope.

Even if those who remain as Zionist controllers of the Trump's faux presidency behind the scenes attempting to stop the RV with the threat of war--they're doing a horrible job.

None of this drama is remotely believable, making this "Theater of the Absurd" a disappointing at best false flag performance.

School children are not even scared enough to hide under their desks; and adults aren't running back into nuclear bomb bunkers behind the farm house.

The optics of this mission are just plain amateuristic fellas.  So disappointing.

Now enter the still bold yet irrelevant American navy with its nuclear submarine the USS Vinson, in range of both South and North Korean capitals, and Beijing as well and the western most cities of Russia--Vladivostok and Khabarovsk.

Talk about raising the stakes.

Yet the market today is flat.  The media subdued.  Much of the country is enjoying the spring weather and taking the day off post Easter without a care in the world.

We've long been told a destabilized North Korean government could create chaos for China, Russia and South Korea.

Just as a destabilized Damascus could create chaos is the Middle East for a dozen nations.

Just as a destabilized Ukraine government could create chaos for all of Europe due to the gas lines feeding the majority of Europe from Russia.

Now can you see what the cabal does?

Is this why the NPTB are doing all of this--to wake you up the general population to what has been going on for centuries... manufactured truth through lies... aka fake news.

As sworn agents of an insane cabal power structure or shadow government creating order (new world order) through military and political chaos (self induced chaos) in an constant attempt to further enslave humanity--this is latest round of war mongering is just bad form.

Yes, controlled chaos is the only play in their geopolitical playbook, but this round is just sub par.

Even my dog knows the entire world is stack up against the cabal now, and their fate sealed for collapse, so this recent exercise in futility just not a wise a final encounter to display their machinations of a career spent causing calamity then bringing in solutions to said calamity.

The only question now that is which boys are  really in charge of the big toys such as the USS Vinson?

Is the troika of the restored US Republic, Russia and China triune secretly in control of all these dangerous situationist and making the cabal look as if they are dragging the world into war as to expose their one okay and playbook?

It would be a genius psyops that actually both delivers a public death blow to the cabal and usher in 1,000 years of prosperity via the RV while teaching a grand final lesson.

Would the NPTB actually self-manufacture a series of non-threatening chaotic events across all continents so that a more permanent order could be quietly set into position without the general public ever suspecting let alone knowing what is really going on?

Gosh if this is true... I don't know how to react.

Appreciation for the effort guys but I feel abject embarrassment for everyone at  NPTB headquarters because a few of us that are awake are way past this frequency and need more intense truth as stimulus.

We know the opposite of order is chaos, and yes while several potential wars in multiple continents, with an obnoxious reality TV character like Mr. Trump cast as a bombastic and irrational US President, does make for eye popping and mind riveting 24 hour news, it's also highly disruptive to the greater good and universally disingenuous to boot.

But do we really need all this drama here at the BegEnd?

Must humanity be considered so soundly asleep that we need to retrace our historic steps in the footprints of the past in order to awaken?

The NPTB seem to think so.  Inaccurately I might add.

But ok, maybe just in this one exceptional case, bullshit chaos really does serve to bring in harmonious order, so these infinite blessings related to the RV can remain invisible be disbursed without detection as to keep the peace of the masses.


Still the hourly drama is boring guys and downright annoying to those of us in the correct frequency.

Duh, what RV?  Trump and his nuclear bombs are the story... there's no RV to see here.  Yeah, we've heard that like a thousand times.  Turn there page.

Yosef, but the US Treasury even published a long report on Friday that there is absolutely no sovereign currency manipulation anywhere in the world.  Yup.  Amazing timing.  Ho hum.

Well done Original Grandfather, Vladimir the Terrible who is really benevolent and of course our own Fighting Joe, who is really a peacemaker.

Now please f-inch deliver what Christ promised His righteous children and get the hell out of the way, literally, or be removed by His benevolent hand.

Enough of all the global psy-op games insanity ... humanity is well past it already, honestly.   So should you.

There's nothing left to fear, including fear itself.

God is with us.