Friday, June 16, 2017

E.T. Disclosure In Media for the Week #24

June 16, 2017

The following article compilation was compiled by AscensionWithEarth.Com for week #24 of 2017.  I have included the title of the article along with a summary and link to the original source.    These articles in media are seeding consciousness to accept that life exists beyond earth which when you think about it is the same in regards to many types of religions that speak of other realities beyond the earthly plane.    Yet for some reason, E.T. and Aliens are just some "crazy conspiracy".  The Event Chronicle and Truth Earth helped me locate some of these articles.



MARS Stone Circle Confirmed !


'ROSWELL HAPPENED' - alleged US leak confirms 'UFO crash, dead aliens and cover-up'

A FLYING saucer did crash in the desert near Roswell, New Mexico, and four dead aliens were found, before the world's biggest ever cover up began nearly 70 years ago - according to an allegedly leaked US top-secret document.


Life on Mars? NASA finds evidence Red Planet could have been teeming with aliens

The announcement follows studies on the latest samples taken by the Curiosity rover. The space rover is a 4WD droid exploring the planet remotely and taking samples of the surface for any sign of alien life. The rover examined a mudstone outcrop area called "Pahrump Hills" on lower Mount Sharp, in 2014 and 2015.


An Air Force Intelligence Officer Reveals That An Extraterrestrial Was Shot & Killed

A video testimony of Air Force Intelligence Major George A. Filer III featured on Sirius Disclosure revealed details of a high-ranking military ET cover-up. In the interview, Major Filer explained that a military officer shot and killed an extraterrestrial after a UFO landed.


Here's How We Might Talk with Space Aliens

Communication between Earthlings and intelligent aliens should be based on mathematics — exo-arithmetic greetings that form a shared lingo, some researchers say.


NASA Finds Evidence of Diverse Environments in Curiosity Samples

NASA scientists have found a wide diversity of minerals in the initial samples of rocks collected by the Curiosity rover in the lowermost layers of Mount Sharp on Mars, suggesting that conditions changed in the water environments on the planet over time.


We are LESS than two decades away from finding alien life: Astronomer claims microbial life will be found in 10 to 15 years

Alien life could be discovered within the next two decades – but, these lifeforms will be far from intelligent beings, one expert claims. According to astronomer Chris Impey, scientists are likely on the verge of detecting microbes on a planet beyond our own, with nearby candidates such as Jupiter’s moon Europa thought to contain some of the conditions to support life.


Asgardia ‘space nation’ plans to launch tiny data centre into orbit (Found Via The Event Chronicle)

Ever wanted to jack all this Earth nonsense in and live in space instead? You’re not alone. Over the last year or so, about 200,000 people have registered to become citizens of Asgardia, a self-proclaimed ‘space nation’.


Why MATHS is the best way to speak to aliens: Researcher claims ET is more likely to be familiar with equations rather than human language (Found via TruthEarth Twitter Feed)

Making first contact with intelligent alien life could be difficult if humanity has no way of getting its messages across. But one a bizarre theory claims the solution could lie in maths. It suggests our communications with aliens should be based on maths because it is more likely to be familiar and understandable to them.


SHOCK CLAIM: Aliens 'covered up' because of 'free energy' which would RUIN oil industry

A DOCTOR has claimed the existence of aliens is covered up because they have brought new technologies to Earth which would ruin the fossil fuel industries. Corrupt world leaders are sitting on "alien technology" which could provide cost free renewable energy to the world, according to Dr Steven Greer.


NASA to reveal latest in hunt for 'another Earth' beyond our solar system

NASA is ready to reveal the latest discoveries by the powerful Kepler space telescope which scans for planets outside our solar system. The space agency says it will stream its news live on Monday, June 19, at 11am EDT.


Mysterious Signal From Deep Space In 1977 May Have Been Aliens After All

Scientists now say that it’s more likely than not a that an extraterrestrial civilization generated a signal from deep space detected in 1977. Dr. Jerry Ehman first detected the 72-second “WOW!” signal with a radio telescope in August 1977. The signal was so bizarre that Ehman circled the signal on a readout and scribbled “Wow!” next to it, since it matched no known celestial object.


Russian Science Journal: The Moon Was Created by Extraterrestrials

Although people long ago began to wonder whether the "canals" on Mars were the creation of cosmic engineers, for some odd reason it has not occurred to look with the same eyes upon the peculiarities of the lunar landscape much closer at hand.