Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bix Weir: Special Report 10/31/2012

SPECIAL REPORT: The Reality That Most Don't Know
Bix Weir     - 10/31/2012

At times I am amazed how asleep 99.9% of the world is. I am not talking ONLY about the Sheeple but EVERYONE who hasn't been able to understand just HOW manipulated our markets are. Can you say 100%?! Everyday. Every trade. Every up. Every down.

And this "fog of ignorance" doesn't stop at those who don't get it but covers MOST of those who do get it! I'm serious. If you understand that all markets are manipulated and yet you still jump up and down when the prices of gold and silver make big moves YOU STILL DON'T GET IT!

I have laid out certain things on the Road to Roota that are not just fanciful dreams but REALITY as to what has happened, how it happens and what is going to happen. If you don't hold the following information in your mind as TRUE then you should read through the archives on the Road to Roota website until it does sink in.


1) Alan Greenspan instituted the first computer rigging programs in the early 1970's to both control the unbacked monetary system and destroy the banking cabal.

2) Every trade on every market is "controlled" by the Federal Reserve, the US Treasury and the major banks and can "pull the plug" on the rigging game at any moment.

3) The United States has no intention of paying off it's debt but rather the exact opposite - they are trying to destroy the monetary system to default on that debt.

4) The United States has long had a plan and methodology in place to return to a Constitutional Gold Standard and return the power of money to the people.

5) Those who have long controlled us have been mostly removed from power in preparation for the transition back to a system ruled by Liberty and Justice for all.

6) After the global monetary collapse, Ron Paul has been positioned to help us through the transition...he will not fade into the night without a fight.

If you do not see how this is all possible you need to read through the archives again and again.

Is It Finally Time?

It is all true.

It is all happening.