Thursday, October 25, 2012

Project Camelot: New Intel about the Secret Space Program


The following was sent to me from a Source who is in touch with the NSA Whistleblower.  This is way above top secret.  The caveat is whether this is an "orchestrated leak" for purposes unknown.

This is the same guy who talked about the Colorado fires being used to camoflage the movement of large equipment.  

I cannot confirm or verify the following other than to say that my Source (*D) is fully trusted.  Whether he is being used and manipulated I do not know.  Regardless this is highly interesting intel that if true (and at least some of the points made have been substantiated by other testimony) then this is real insight into what the Secret Space Program is currently involved in:

* (D)  How are you?
* (Z)  Not to bad, Considering.
* (D) You've been away for some time.
* (Z) Yes. It was a long trip this time. Very hard on my team, and even harder on my family.
* (D) I thought you retired?
* (Z) Yea, right.
* (D) Can I jump right in?
* (Z) You've never been the shy type.
* (D) Was the jump room required for this assignment ?
* (Z) Your not going to stop with that are you?
* (D) You have to admit, it's pretty amazing stuff to us mere mortals.
* (Z) Wish I'd never seen it.
* (D) So you have used it before?
* (Z) No Comment.
* (D) Can we talk about Mars?

* (Z) Some. Not very much.
* (D) I understand they are evacuating a lot of the surface personnel and sending most of the fleet back here. Is that true? Also, from what I understand they are apparently moving a lot of the bigger hardware, (Computers, Lab equipment and such), much deeper underground below the base. Correct?
* (Z) I'm impressed.
* (D) Is it true?
* (Z) Yes it's true and much much more. Mars is going take the real beating. She will be closest during the passing (Nibiru), but trust me, we'll get ours when the time comes.
* (D) Could you be a bit more specific? Ours?
* (Z) We will be on the other side of the Sun when Nibiru Pivots. Mars will be between Her (Nibiru) and the Sun. I think we can all see the massive canyon (Hebes) that was cut into Mars when Nibiru grounded during her last passage.
* (D) Copy that.
* (Z) In 2013, when we (The Earth) enter her debris field, we will also be Phasing at the entry of the "Rift". No matter how good our targeting systems, our Plasma systems, if the polarity shifts (Multi Dimensional Phasing) or changes, we're pretty much dead in the water. Nothing will Function. It would be like walking out into a hail storm without any clothing on. A rather painful experience. All Models & simulations show a  87 to 91 % probability of this occurring.
* (D) Thus, the extremely deep tunneling system, (Earth, Mars)?
* (Z) Yes, and other precautions.
* (D) Can we talk about the U.S. Military and their instructions within our country during the time of change?
* (Z) No.
* (D) Is it that bad?
* (Z) Yes.
* (D) Is Blue Beam Still on the Boards? Still a consideration?
* (Z) Yes. My team feels it will fail and cause more complications, more distrust within the Military. But there are some who feel it will be very convincing and needed for ultimate control and unification. I cannot express how disappointed I am concerning this decision.
* (D) Do we really have any say in this? Is there anything we can do, to oppose this group, their decisions?
* (Z) Not really. At this point, it would take Global Communication and Agreement. Not possible at our current level.
* (D) May I humbly ask how things got to this point?
* (Z) The technical deception was not realized until it was to late (1950s, early 1960s). The effort to correct the situation is being implemented. It's so complex, it's impossible to explain at this point, but extreme efforts are being made to change our alliance. Many of us have died attempting this.
* (D) I took your advise and took pictures during sunset outside the Denver DIA area. You can clearly see the Phasing Energy System in the sky.
* (Z) Try the Ultra Violet Spectrum System filters in 10 mg exposure. You'll be amazed at what you'll capture! I have to go. I'm sorry I can't say more right now, but we're doing what we can.
* (D) What else can I do?
* (Z) At this point, it's what we're all doing. Trying to help.
* (Z) Take care my friend.