Friday, November 2, 2012

Episode #257 – Banksters & Their Attorneys Panicking! $43 Trillion Lawsuit Now Officially In Federal Court & Moving Forward

Visit This Link To See All The New Court Documents of this $43 Trillion Lawsuit..... Source

Thursday November 2, 2012

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Tonight on The Pete Santilli Show Pete takes an in-depth look at the $43 Trillion dollar lawsuit levied against the major banks and their lending partners giving you information you won’t get anywhere else in the Alternative Media.

Listen as Pete takes on the opposing attorney Richard Gotlieb (Chicago), who has petitioned the U.S. District Court in the eastern district of New York to move the case to California and dismiss all the plaintiffs except for the one who is first on the list.

During the interview Mr. Gotlieb looses his composure after Pete schools him with the fact that these banks and lenders have destroyed the lives of millions of people and the global economy.

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We will see you all back tomorrow night on RBN Where Pete will cover: Iran and Israel, Benghazi and the Drug war that DHS now claims has been infiltrated by Hezbollah.

Tonight Pete Santilli goes over the detailed history and status of the $43 Trillion Bankster Lawsuit.

Main lawsuit: $43 trillion Bankster lawsuit.