Thursday, November 1, 2012

Update from Neil Keenan - November 1, 2012

Neil Keenan has shared with me: A Major Problem is keeping us from shutting down the Cabal!

Neil has shared with me the following story, which I have written as best I could below. At the end, he makes his own, personal statement. ~J

The Cabal although sometimes a stone’s throw away from being financially shut down often receives help from people and places they never counted on. Often people in high places assist the Cabal—without ever knowing they have lifted a finger to do so. On the other hand, we must also ask if they are they really all so unknowing, or are they in reality working to assist the Cabal in keeping their mass destruction dreams alive, their dreams of Global Conquest.  There is a thin line between the two, and this we must be aware of and not point fingers at the wrong people. We do not want to mistakenly make or break a person’s career.

I’m speaking here of a specific situation regarding a person, a young man, and a specific matter affecting his life, and we all know how many young men’s’ lives have been taken by the Cabal with absolutely no concern. The Cabal will play and toy with us as though we are nothing, but the fact is that it is we, the multitudes, are everything—and those who seem to have the Power, are really nothing.

There is a power struggle going on for the first time in our history between the Powers that be (the Mummies) and the people. While the people have been lulled to sleep, the fiefdoms that we thought no longer existed have continued to silently exist—and not only that, they have expanded throughout the world over the past two hundred-plus years. While we are in the process of shutting them down, to their last dying breath they are giving it everything they have to keep alive what has been a nightmare for billions of people. To their very last man they are fighting—creating, for instance, atmospheric catastrophes, so that every person on this planet is aware that this is their show and they decide who does what!

Times have changed, however, and the fear they had implanted within us is now over and done with! The old Men and Women (Queen E, really a German named Battenberg) are on their final legs. No longer can even crutches hold them up. They are falling and they are falling fast.

The young man I’m speaking of is in Indonesia and a valuable ally to Neil Keenan. He is a true Patriot who would rather give his life for his country than to live under the controlled existence of the Cabal. He, like Neil, is aware of what the Cabal has done to his country—and continues to do to his country—and is not afraid to confront them, but, Neil, with his hands now tied, for the moment has lost a valuable ally—and friend.

Let me explain:

You see, while moving forward to establish whether or not some of those Notes issued by the Central Banks were real or not, this young man was stopped by the Indonesian Police and detained. The Notes that he held from his sources were real, but the Notes that he had been given by his father-in-law were not.

As a matter of fact, the bad Notes he was given were promoted by Keith Scott, an Australian who has been illegally residing in Jakarta, Indonesia at the Puri Casiblanca hotel—yes, Keith Scott is at it again. It was Scott who fired up the young man’s father-in-law, advising him that Keenan gave his son-in-law $35,000 USD.

(If you remember from another article, it was Scott who told Wagoner that Alex Le Ling Soon gave Keenan $35,000 USD. This allegedly was fraud according to Wagoner (alias Rockefeller). Why is it that Wagoner/Rockefeller (Jekyll/Hyde) is hiding in Hong Kong now and the Indonesian Government is looking for him, and why is Scott now being investigated by the Hague/International Interpol?)
Back to the story—and what a story it is!! Scott stirred up this young man’s family so much that the father-in-law gave his son-in-law Singaporean and US dollars, claiming they were real and validated. He then sent to Keenan emails advising him that it was he who could help him, not his son-in-law. He also sent photo attachments substantiating the Notes, mentioned above as being real. He showed the Notes under the ultraviolet ray machine that would show the lines and little markings made within that would differentiate the real from the phony. He had the group make a Skype call to Keenan, telling him that they wanted to donate $5 million into his lawsuit. Keenan’s response was that he would accept $1 million, providing it was proven real.

It was at this time that the father-in-law gave his son-in-law the Notes to take to an Indonesian named Tony, but not before he very wisely secured a declaration from the issuers of the Notes, stating that his deposit would be returned to him should the notes be declared illegal or counterfeit. In our world we likely would realize the issuers were attempting to steal, but not in the trusting world of this young man. He believes in people and most especially his country.

The father-in-law accompanied his son-in-law to the meeting point, a meeting point established by two London Cashiers named Terrance Wayne and Keith Benedict. Both men are Indians and both claim to own numerous Money Change shops throughout Asia. Their contact was Toni, and it was Toni who was appointed to deal with Neil’s young patriot friend. Upon arrival at the change destination, Toni jumped into the son-in-law’s car, looked into his bag, agreed everything was in order, and then made a phone call. A few seconds later the young man and his father-in-law were in custody, and Toni was walking away from the car.

This all happened many weeks ago, and to this day Neil’s young helper has remained in custody! Despite having such a clear defense, he has not been released to continue his patriotic efforts to help his country. Keenan has untied many of the problems, but unfortunately, as long as this young son of Indonesia is detained, the path toward financial freedom that Indonesians and so many of us on the planet are also depending upon is being slowed down. There are many witnesses in line for this young man, including major foundation principles, bankers, ex-bankers, and lastly our friend, Neil Keenan.

Neil Keenan states, “I hope he is released immediately. I need him working with me; you need him working for you. What Scott has done was deliberately done in order to stop our path forward. He makes claims he is this or that, but he is one sad sack of a person. He played with the father-in-law, who has acknowledged to me that he was working with Scott behind his own family’s back. Now, the father-in-law is detained—and deservedly so. In the meantime, this young man needs to be released to assist everyone in bettering this planet, and I pray the judicial system can see clearly and without any doubt exactly what has happened here—and just let this young patriot go. If not, then we will line up the witnesses for him and get ready for a Universal Trial, because we will not be held up in our efforts to stop the New World Order from moving forward. They must be stopped, and they must be stopped right now! We need all the help we can get, and this includes the help from the people that are detaining my young friend.

“As you can see this has gone on long enough. This young man, this patriot who loves his country, Indonesia, has all the evidence he needs to walk away, but to this date he has not been permitted to do so. In the meantime, we all suffer because Keith Scott once again (with Wagoner/Rockefeller) has stuck his hands into someone else’s business. Scott worked with Wagoner/Rockefeller on this, and although successful in getting this young man detained, they have now demonstrated to the entire planet that they are tied into the NWO, or at least were tied into the NWO. The NWO  likely will discard them now, because the NWO does not want these sorts of people either. These are the people who need now to be removed from our pathway, so that we can move forward without any more hindrance—not my young friend and helper.”

Neil closes by saying, “It has to end now, so we all may proceed as ONE, and not as a One World Order, but as ONE people of this entire planet.

“There is a minimum of 36 million people on the planet today following just this issue. Hopefully, we do not need to call upon them to resolve it.”