Sunday, March 24, 2013

Elvis is Alive: Is this Proof?

Published on Dec 1, 2012
Elvis Is Back !!! ... Hear the Truth From the Man Himself !!! ... This is a Special Presentation of the Film that started 2012 off . The year that " The King Of Rock & Roll " Elvis Presley Returns to set the record straight !!! In a two hour interview Elvis tells all !!! And Yes He Is Back !!! ... In this film see the Truth Elvis Aron Presley Lives and He is in the Federal Witness Protection Program , and they had to fake His death in 1977 , To Save His Life !!! ... THIS FILM IS NOT A JOKE !!! .... Is Elvis Alive ? ... You Decide !!! -------------------- You Can Help Elvis Get The Approval and Protection He Needs For His Comeback !!! Please use this link and Read and Sign this petition . This is not a Joke it is Real and NOW IS THE TIME !!!!