Thursday, March 21, 2013

ET Disclosure by Gordan Duff

Hey all, this is not memorex it is Live... disclosure as far as telling people the general outlines of what's going on.  Gordon Duff, a senior editor of Veteran's Today, with a working relationship with the group that used to be known as MJ12... is telling it like it is...

See my previous post for the background on all of this.  If the mainstream isn't paying attention someone needs to get at least one mainstream journalist to listen up.  That's really all we need.  The rest as they say, will be history.

Fun hearing him give the 411 to NASA.. ala Kennedy.  

"This will help NASA mission directors in their defensive responsibilities."

We are talking prep for Blue Beam or so-called alien invasion.  There is a war going on above your heads.  No matter how they characterize it.  They are already here.  But new visitors are coming. 

NASA is an agency for defense of the Planet.  That is their charter and always has been.  However, their main public face has been concentrated on becoming a dog and pony show for Rule By Secrecy.