Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Follow the pattern…

By D.G.
Follow the pattern…

-First of all, and all the way through to the present time, we know that there have been a few powerful people/families who have been controlling everything from politics to the economy to the food and drug industry, etc…and, it seems, the education system has been under the same control from the same group of people. I just hadn’t thought about that before, hadn’t realized who was behind it. Before now, I felt it was a separate issue.

-The Federal reserve bank and a few large companies/wealthy families began the process of controlling the money, our economy…you know that, won’t go into details. But, as the economy gets worse, we’re being robbed of our time for doing the things we need to do to help form our future. When people are forced to work more, they become more and more like docile slaves, robots, and have less time for doing things with their family, teaching their children values, shopping for and cooking healthy meals so that they stay healthy in body and mind, etc….and ultimately, spirit. Fewer and fewer are able to cope with all this and sustain their healthy lifestyles, hold to their values. They often lose their spirit, their will to fight back, and physical and mental strength to hold to the things they believed were right to do. I believe all this is manipulated to be this way.

-School became compulsory (some of the same families behind part of this—Rockefellers, and their peers)….molding people and stopping them from thinking for themselves and trying to do away with individual creativity as time went on… (Note, I’m not saying public school is bad, just the way it has been manipulated and is being carried out….the ramifications, and other possibilities for the way school is carried out are a subject for a different time. And, thankfully, we do have some teachers who are trying to teach above the brainwashing, dumbing down system!)

-The worse the school systems got, the more people wanted to homeschool….and as homeschooling became more popular, the economy (manipulated) became worse, so that unless willing (or actually able) to sacrifice, both parents were being forced to work just to get by, and work longer hours…doing away with homeschooling in many families….I don’t think this is a coincidence….

These next couple of things we already know about, but I’m seeing how it fits into the entire picture…

-At the same time, the pharmaceutical industry is playing its part with drugging children for not being docile and sitting still and quiet for 6+ hours a day (some of those children are simply not disciplined, but many are just creative…and/or bored)…and when the paradigm for the way we are headed doesn’t resonate with people, deep inside, whether they know why, or not, and they start getting depressed, they are drugged. (Not trying to be paranoid, but I’m not absolutely, positively sure that the side effects of these newer mood-altering medications…the tendencies to violence, etc…aren’t possibly playing into the equation, too, politically….of course that’s a huge stretch, just seeing more and more about how manipulative, unethical, uncaring and inhumane some of these companies are.)

-Also, at the same time, the food industry is dulling our senses, making us sick, harming our healthy food sources that give us energy and feed our brains so we can think for ourselves….won’t go into all that, either…you already know all the different nuances of that argument. But, I also don’t think it’s a coincidence that we are losing our healthy natural food sources at an alarming rate, and more and more processed food with chemicals that dull our senses and harm our health are being put on the shelves and advertised. Of course, it’s about the money, but I think it’s more than that. We’ve all heard the statements about those who control food and water control the people…

-When you get people to the point of being malnourished, brainwashed, over-medicated, dependent, hopeless and despondent…you can easily lead them like cattle to slaughter, evident by our current political atmosphere, and the way people vote the way they do, on anything that they are manipulated to vote a certain way on.

I’m sure none of this is new to you, but I have suddenly realized the thread and the way it fits together in every area that they have control over….though perhaps there is even more I’m unaware of! When you look at our history, you see the pattern…how all of this intertwines, how one of these areas builds on another…I’m beginning to see that they aren’t separate issues at all. I'm still learning about it, but it's all making sense.

I’m also increasingly aware, from researching, that the few who have control over all these areas are so powerful, that while we have been warned, and leaders of our country and institutions have voiced concerns over their control, the warnings have been hushed, and those in power have made it clear that they will get rid of opposition and roll right over anyone who gets in their way. Monsanto, continuing to carry out their plans, even though it’s become public knowledge that those plans are harmful to the world…to the people and the environment…is only one example. Presidents, and others, being assassinated soon after they voiced their concerns about what they saw going on, and made public statements that they would put a stop to it, is another example.

Those of us who wish to see a difference, and regain…or maintain…control of our own lives and health, must be very careful, and very strong, if we hope to gain our freedom from this sort of tyranny. We must educate as many as we can…quickly, but in ways that are not threatening or frightening. Many people tend to shut down if they are overwhelmed. Showing them a healthier lifestyle is one way, re-posting articles about all this is another way, and there is much more that can be done. It will be a little more difficult for those in power to control the majority of the population when more and more wake up to what has been happening, and demand a change. I’m not so naïve that I don’t realize they hold even more dastardly cards up their sleeve, but God is bigger than they are, and He is ultimately in control!