Sunday, March 24, 2013

Intel Update about New Financial System - March 23, 2013

Positive Dinar intel and info from several sources - 3/23/13 - Link Source

Through a friend of a friend, today I (unknown writer) received an unexpected invitation to listen in on a private, dinar update call -- with updates coming from individuals who ARE involved in the financial world and dinar but who do NOT participate in chat rooms.

These several men and women seemed to be knowledgable about many issues related to Iraq, the Federal Reserve, the world currency situation, etc. We will soon see whether their reports and forecasts are accurate.. Among them ...

- Iraq has not been in charge of the timing of the RV for a long time;<
- USTreasury's Jack Lew went to China last week to sign a GOLD treaty;
- Both China and Canada have provided gold to the US to shore up the USD [temporarily];
- Serious devaluation of the US Dollar will happen within 60-90 days;

- Both Germany and Texas have asked the Federal Reserve to have their stored gold returned;
- The Fed Reserve no longer has it; it's been turned over to the US Treasury;
- Europe went Basel III compliant last week [good]
- Christine Lagarde approved the revaluation of the IQDinar last Wednesday;

- All world banks were given a deadline for [Basil III banking standards] compliance by April 5;
- The biggest problem banks are in the USA [regarding compliance];
- Bernanke/the Federal Reserve will be going away;
- Same with Obamacare when the (financial) deliveries are finally made;

- A 3-day bank holiday will likely be required as the transition is made from fiat money to the new US Treasury bills;

- Could have a short period of martial law during this time; don't expect major chaos;
- The trillions in worthless derivatives that even now keep getting sold and resold and manipulated by banksters are the responsibility of the US Corporation, NOT the Constitutional Republic - The Republic will soon be restored;

- Around 170,000 "bad guys" worldwide are going to be dealt with;
- Jack Lew is working for the Republic, not the US Corporation that has been manipulating the country for many, many years;

- All of our Washington politicians are "actors" in the US Corporation;

- NESARA was a Clinton-era maneuver, taken over by the cabal, to be shut down if not already;
- The settlements, Farm Claims, St Germaine Trust and other monies to be given back to the people will provide the necessary funding for the restoration of Constitutional America;

- Re-educating Americans on the Constitution will be done on television, several hours a day to inform citizens of what has been stolen from them for decades.

So ...... now we watch and wait to see how much of all this is GENUINE!




Similar to Poof, Carrol has been 'around' for a very long time. Much longer than most dinarians have been involved. They both originated in the world of the WGS, the Prosperity Packages, Farm Claims, etc.

Over the last couple years, as the Global Settlements and the RI/RV of the IQDinar have come into alignment, both Poof and Carol have come in to the view of the dinar world.

People have risked bringing in bits and pieces of what she had to offer along the way and have been [unfairly] bashed hard for doing so. Just as Carrol is currently being bashed repeatedly by the naysers of Dinarlandville.

If you'll notice, up until the last few months Poof never mentioned in his posts the IQD or the rv's whatsoever, focused mainly on the WGS [packages] but now that the two worlds are cohabiting as it were, one can't avoid speaking of one without the other 'world' being mentioned.

So for all those that think Carrol is a NewRoo, while she might be new to the dinar chat world, she's anything but in terms of the global perspective.


Update Summary from Bill Mee - Source Link

After reading what Carrol A Doyle AKA Carrol Beams had to say, we could have announcements today or Monday. We’ll see. She said Fines and Penalty money is going out now and they have 72 hours to get it delivered. She said we will go under Martial Law for about three days so that the dark hats can't leave the country and so that key government positions can be taken over by the military. If we get an announcement expect a short banking holiday. She was told to have some cash on hand. She said there are about 170,000 arrests that will eventually happen. She is not sure on O. She said either he is going to be forced to resign or they may let him stay. If they let him stay he will be closely watched. She seems to lean more toward the former. This makes Drakes call very important. Since things are imminent he might have some really good intel for us today. –B