Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March Recap from 2012BigPicture

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Such a Time of Momentum! A Roundup for March 25th

Well, March may be winding down—but the action is just winding up. Events on our planet are coiled like a tightly wound spring about ready to pop. This year when we say “spring has sprung”, we mean it!

The assault weapon ban has been kicked into the gutter, the Cypriots are letting the EU know they are NOT going to stand idly by and let them steal their money from bank accounts by way of labeling it a “tax” (did they really think they’d fall for that?) and “they” are suggesting Lizzie the Lizard Queen resign due to poor health, poor thing.

Activists effectively shut down the Monsanto Corporate Office in California last week because they think they are above the law and the government of The People, the Galactics are advising the world in no uncertain terms that they are unabashedly HERE in a BIG way, and the OPPT has been recognized by a few outside the “conspiracy theorists’ alternative news network”.

Oklahoma House members voted to ban Agenda 21 and tomorrow—tomorrow or Wednesday we will see if a “shift in time” that is reported to have occurred in outer space a day or so ago will send a wave of… something or other… to bounce off Earth tomorrow. We were advised a number of “celestial events” would be on the calendar for March, and that may be one of them—or not!

Can it get any more exciting? Oh, yah. We ain’t seen nothin’ yet. The shift is about to hit the fan, as they say, and the time for celebration is almost upon us. The ‘shock and awe’ His Poofness spoke of will soon be the order of the day for our sleepy friends.

I saw an article reporting Hillary Clinton is under house arrest (one of the ones His Poofness referenced who are at home with ‘ankle bracelets’, perhaps) and as details about the true situation in Washington spill out and go from hidden to leaked or announced, our heads will be spinning.
I also heard a rumour that China says Obama is about to disclose regarding the ETs. We’ve heard THAT before… but one of these days very soon, official disclosure WILL happen. For now, this will have to suffice.