Monday, June 24, 2013

African Woman Calls Benjamin Fulford A Racist Over Obama Reports

I am a black woman who resents the way the so called peace movement have a very racist attitude towards Obama. I am not from the US. I find the way you report on him to be same old racism that is similar to all the previous racists before you. According to you he is not clever, never mind the fact that he achieved all that he has in his on right (i.e. A law degree at Havard). Another is that he was not born in the Hawai on his birth certificate his father is "African". Let me educate you, we African people always insisted on being called African and not Negro. That is a fact. To people like you his father being black may not have been clever enough to know the difference. To people like you if Obama does anything positive then he is a puppet and he has to listen to his masters and if you judge what he has done as negative then "viola!"  the devil incarnate. In my opinion you have not gotten over the fact that a black man of part African decent is in the white house. You try to sell the idea that the Asian gangs are doing us a favour?  Please enough is enough at this rate I see no difference between you and the Cabal.
African Woman.

Dear African Woman,

First of all let me make it very clear that I hate racism in any form whatsoever. I have been denied credit cards, bank loans, rental apartments and entry into restaurants and bars because of my race (European ancestry living in Japan). Also, my daughter, who is of mixed Japanese and European ancestry was bullied and humiliated at school because of that. 

The problem with Obama has nothing to do with his ancestry. In fact, just as a matter of principle I would have voted for him because he has African ancestry. The problem with Obama is that he represents a cabal that controls the real power instead of him. For example, he never closed Guantanamo bay prison because he did not have the power to do so. Nor has he arrested any of the criminal bankers. 

The other problem is that he is a fraud. His recently released birth certificate says his father was 25 years old when Obama was born in 1961. However, in his biography, Obama says his father was a World War 2 veteran. That is impossible because his father would have been 9 years old when the war ended. There is a lot more, including his CIA mother, that I will not go into here. 

Right now I understand that good forces within the pentagon are allied with Obama against the cabal and that is something I support. Nonetheless, Obama still needs to tell the truth about his past.  If he was born in Kenya, he will, according to the US constitution, have to resign from the job of President. He is still young though and could have many other future roles, such as head of the UN, if he can make the grade.