Thursday, June 27, 2013

Drake Responds To UN Troop Movements Reported By Roy Potter

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Drake speaks to the videos concerning troop movements, etc. going on at this time. . . hold tight, everything is in ‘order’. . . ~J

  Drake has also shared that he will stay in touch with me, and I thank him for this. More than anything, I want this to go smoothly, and I know his efforts will be helpful, so I say my thanks to him :) Hugs, ~Jean

Jean, good to hear from you.

You stated that many have concerns over several things.

The gist of what is going on is rather simple.

At any given time, there are an average of a quarter million or more foreign troops on the ground in America. These are from all
over the planet, etc.

Most are here for training in military systems of various kinds.

Understand that NATO uses our facilities, the UN and others.
Outside of this, the final adjustments and fine tuning of both
logistics and tactics are also being made by our people, the good guys.
This includes positioning/repositioning of men and material
as needs according to any new developments.

There is Nothing to be concerned about in this, no matter who
offers the new ‘inside’ info of oooeee lookie, lookie what I see…
Everyone who understands, knows that the ‘cabal’ is very
desperate. They have no where to go, no hiding places, and no money.
Effectively, propaganda and false intel is rampant now and on
schedule to get worse the closer we get to the end.

Any time info of this nature needs to be put out, I will be in touch
with Jean in order to offer explanation and even counter intel, etc.
To date, there is nothing to be overly worried about.

IF anything of a Critical nature is offered, all of us in the Freedom
movement will get it before it happens, And It will be outed.

Thank you,