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ITCCS - Mid Summer Update

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In this issue:
1. “Whose Side are You on: Children or Rapists?” Catholic clergy are forced to legally choose
2. A New Beginning: First-ever international conference of survivors will converge on Rome on September 22
3. This is Reform? Pope Francis to appoint World Bank insider and a supporter of the Honduran military coup as his new Secretary of State
4. The Vatican likes Genetically Modified Foods
5. New groups affiliate with ITCCS; twenty one nations now represented
6. Undoing the secular power of the Vatican: A recent youtube interview with Kevin Annett
Catholic clergy are issued Order to Comply, requiring they take a public oath to protect children and ignore criminal church statutes

Brussels: Thousands of Catholic clergy and officials are being issued an Order to Comply with child protection laws this week, which requires that they publicly vow to uphold those laws and not collude in or enforce the criminal church statute known as Crimen Sollicitationas.

The Order is being translated and distributed to clergy in twenty one countries, including Italy and the Vatican. Priests and other church officials have ten days, until Sunday, July 7, to comply with the Order or face banishment as public enemies and participants in crimes against children.

The Order is issued by the Central Office of the ITCCS in Brussels and its legal arm, the International Common Law Court of Justice, which last February successfully indicted former Pope Benedict and dozens of other church officials for crimes against humanity.

“We’re handing the Order directly to priests as well as the people in the pews. And we’re filming it when we do it” explained Steemas, a survivor of church torture and an aboriginal Cree elder with the ITCCS in Vancouver, Canada.

“I told one priest he had ten days to swear this oath to report child rapists and tell Rome they had no right to tell him to break the law. The guy seemed pretty shocked. But if he doesn’t take the oath, he’s saying he supports child rape.”

The Order to Comply campaign has the unofficial support of two groups of catholic clergy, in Ireland and America. The campaign will be ongoing, and coordinated with local common law sheriffs and peace officers who are prepared to enforce the Order and assist in banishing known rapists and their protectors from their communities.

A copy of the Order and Oath are attached, and can be seen in their translated versions at the ITCCS

International page:
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Groups will gather in Genoa and Rome this September to open New Front against the Vatican