Sunday, June 23, 2013

Michigan State Gives Notice That It Is A Free & Independant Nation

What are your thoughts about this?  They claim to have publicly put out notice on Detroit Free Press & The Detroit News on June 10, 2013. Any other states who declared sovereignty from the Corporations?

The following was posted at the NESARA site.

If you go to the link you can read a 19 page document that gives notice to the MICHIGAN CORPORATION that Michigan and its people are free and sovereign and are now of the Republic.  Last page has about 33 signatures that are redacted for privacy purposes. 


The document has the words "quo warranto board of inquiry"  I did a google search and a definition was found at ....

A legal proceeding during which an individual's right to hold an office or governmental privilege is challenged.


Confirmation of 50 Governors for the Republic --- IT WAS REAL!

The 50 Governors that were summoned to AZ to re-oath their elected positions into the Dejure Republic, last Tuesday is a fact. It was posted in Nesara at our recommendations for public notice as well as The Wall Street Journal, Detroit Free Press, and selected other papers. This is the link that will show all peoples why this has happened. Quo Warranto..May 11, 2013 was served to all officials including the Provast Marshalls. See the actual Document at this link.. "