Sunday, June 30, 2013

One World Blog: Forward together, One Nation under God, We Can and MUST Work It Out!

Forward together, One Nation under God, We Can and MUST Work It Out!

One World Exclusive
June 30, 2013

Right on the possible verge of the pending PP and Dinar releases, we need all of you to think also of what you can do for all our nations. Help put something back! How do we recover America and Lead Again? It WILL mean major, planned changes to the Political Treachery killing our world today, with ALL of you to help clean out the Rats Nest in Washington and to get OUR COUNTRY BACK WITH PRIDE! Read and help us all. It will assist YOU understand a lot more. Make YOUR VOTE COUNT THIS WAY. We will show you how to change it all. Payback Time! How YOU GET AMERICA BACK! Expand your own consciousness.

Rahm Israel Emanuel
White House Chief of Staff 
This is by its nature, an example also of a cross mix of one Congressmen’s and other reports to both enlighten and challenge your consciousness. We live in an era of cynicism and indifference. One where it’s no longer about what we can put back, but more about what we can TAKE out of life, MY LICK! I WANT, I WANT, I WANT. It’s all become about taking out with no input. The ugliness of our species unfolds. A new age of man has emerged. An ugly society of no values is emerging, one which is now indifferent to suffering. We only get out what we put in. Zionists are emerging not just as the intelligent and courteous high family value Jews many of us value hugely as friends, but an unfortunate part section has become the Kazakh hoards of Genghis Khan looting nations. Ashkenazim spawns sucking the life blood from our Banks and Fed. They have a complete Oligopoly lock on all US Treasury roles, Fed, major Banks and even White House control itself. It has all gone way too far. An absolute takeover has been imposed with blatant arrogance. Are we blind to this treacherous maleficence? 

David Axelrod
Obama's White House Senior Adviser
Our world is self-disintegrating. Society’s family values are lost. A truly ugly species now rules the Political spectrum. They seek to wage war on society, not serve it, or us. Why have we allowed it to go so far? What happened to truth? Have we truly learned nothing from all our conflicts? We want to take you on a brief journey of discovery, truth and values. To help parties understand, to explode the myths and nonsense along the way. Questions and Answers. It needs one President, with Courage, to say the following worldwide:
“All Human Beings on this planet, that means YOU, trace back to just 2 maternal matriarchal Grand Mothers from Africa. Every one of us interrelates back. We are all JUST One Family. Killing each other, means killing our own family! There is no race. We are it! The human race is all. We evolved as one animal species. No, we did NOT just “Miraculously happen- Grow Up!” We are all the family of Man, Brothers and Sisters together. Value each life! Value EACH OTHER!”

Baquba, 50km northeast of Baghdad
We developed over vast Millennia. Just not morally or mentally it seems. Why, apart from Greed, are Despots waging war on each other and Agencies feeding and Arming Conflict Zones for profit? Mercenary Contractors swamp the continents unleashing genocide for profit. Part owned for by the very Political Duplicitous Leadership itself. Where are the hands of reason and goodwill reaching out to each other? Religions are ALL Man Made and created! But don’t confuse what is behind all.

That truly- Is so much greater! All are just paths to creation. Respect them but see the flaws in each. Christian fights Christian, with the Vatican having Millennia of atrocities and sexual deviancy as testimony of its evil being. Muslims fight and kill Brother Muslims. Why? Muslims seek to kill Christians, as the Muslim Brotherhood expands with vicious intent, but we will explain their flawed logic here.

Let us raise a number of key issues
We are going to take you on a short journey. Hopefully, it will give you a lot of room for thought. But also, things you never knew, and really need to know, will be revealed. Let us arm you with real knowledge and you decide. These are a series of articles and issues focusing on our awakening as Man. We use examples ONLY to help you to understand and then challenge the corrupt order we now have.

So, assess each case. How much we take for granted, often unknowing the real truth. Before we help you protect and expand your profits, first understand your own being, your journey ahead and which of the roads ahead you will chose to take.

Muslims are derived from old civilizations developing throughout Asia over 5,000 years. Great cultures and learning centers had developed. Societies had evolved with Sciences, the arts, medicines and philosophy. Despite an equally turbulent past between emerging tribes of nations, they were thousands of years ahead of the European Stone Age ancestors of most of us Caucasians or Afro Americans. The conflict between Radical Muslims and the “Infidel West” is endemic of the breakdown of Cultures and misunderstanding between our societies, no small part due to the ignorance of Western Leaders of Culture or History.

In 615 AD, Muhammad, pursued by the Quraysh tribe, had fled for refuge to Abyssinia, a Christian nation ruled by King Ashama ibn Abjar. The Quraysh, fearing the potential spread of Islam as portrayed by Muhammad, sought to squash it and requested (demanded) the Abyssinian King hand him over to them. After due assessment of Muhammad’s philosophies, and in full understanding of the applied risk, he then declined to return Muhammad, instead granting him safety in the Christian kingdom. He recognized the many similarities of their Abrahamian faiths. Had he taken the safe route and acquiesced, there would be no Islam today. Nor Muslims as such. Islam ONLY exists because of the mercy and humanity shown by a Christian King to Muhammad. Learned Muslims know this. Educated Muslims, Christians and even Jews are able to work well together in many areas. Great cultures came from the Middle East. Muhammad would never wish or condone the wanton killing of Christians who saved his life and right to develop his beliefs. That needs to be taught to Muslims. But how, when our own Western Leaders themselves are so woefully ignorant of truth or culture?

The invading armies of the Crusaders wrecked untold damage and genocide across the Arab world as voracious Vatican unleashed armies sacked, looted and plundered great cities for gain as a Locust hoard. Not so dissimilar to our illegal invasion of Iraq, or our unwarranted, reckless dispersal of Palestine’s lands to a mainly Kazakh Mongol race of little Judaic heritage. Small wonder we feel the anger of misplaced Muslim extremists. They themselves denied the basic knowledge of Muhammad’s own indebtedness to Christianity. Muhammad would never have wished for, or condoned any of this. It is the base ignorance of our own Leaders, who fail to reach out and share common values. A hand of friendship, respect for cultures and to build trust.

Barnaby Rogerson, Telegraph Books

Our world has been built by conflicts of cultures

Look at an example of a few men who reached for more. Just, as men, to be more. For all to belong to something better. But each, who believed so much in Man's future emergence, died so brutally to give you the right to be free of Tyranny and Religious dogma.

They all gave their lives, so give minutes to see how each died, and why. Because, today, it’s all happening again! 

So please, first, before the cases, let us study briefly why 12 so very different men, in different times, died so appallingly for seeking only truth, and your rights to be free and think. Before the dumbed down media, takes even that away from you.

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