Sunday, June 30, 2013

Super Woo Radio - Episode 13 - Victor Besz "Technology and Our Spiritual Nature"


Date: June 29, 2013

By: Super Woo Radio

Description: This is Victor’s first ever interview, and he begins with explaining his passionate desire as a teenager for understanding the meaning and structure of life which resulted in a deep hunger for knowledge and information. His personal interest in electronics was the vehicle for venturing down a path of discovery and a search for the answers to life’s mysteries. Vic shares that as a 14 year old back in the 1970’s he created a simple device out of basic electronic equipment which achieved Kirlian Photography, and how he was able to photograph the energy fields of intention flowing from one person to another. He also created a lie detector and used it to measure the state of human emotion in the room via a plant, a device that enables you to listen to an auric field of people and trees, and was even able to pick up the presence of entities in the room. The discussion then goes into the realms of creating an Anti-gravity device, greys and then our connection cuts out. After we return Vic shares incredibly deep wisdom on understanding our place in the matrix and navigating our way through it intuitively. He also discusses several other devices such as a simple electro-magnetic field sensor, measuring our planet’s frequency with the use of crystals and using a flame as an audio speaker. We talk about the limitations of science in today’s world and the understanding of how some races on other planets use technology and how others go about doing things in an organic manner. We also discuss how we need to change our attitude in our approach towards new technologies, the limitations and even dangers of so called “Free Energy”. Vic then shares a strange experience with “men in black suits”, also tells of using yoghurt as a sensor of people’s energies, and his immense depth of wisdom in a simplistic manner that anyone can understand, and a parting note on the relationship that technology has with organic life. An underlying message in this discussion is to show how you don’t need big corporations, huge laboratories and expensive equipment to achieve amazing results in the use of technology to explore life. It’s a fantastic show about technology and our spiritual nature with incredible information and immense wisdom. Loved it, Enjoy!