Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Phenomenon of Strange Sounds Heard By Entire Communities

By SallyPainter

There is a genuine phenomena that has been sweeping the planet with reports of loud, sometimes glass-shattering booms that sound like explosions in the sky.

It isn’t thunder since the skies are typically clear with no storms in the areas when the booms occur. Others report hearing trumpets like a shofar from ancient Biblical times. Still, others describe the sounds as groaning metal or metal clashing that is never-ending.

The phenomena can last seconds or hours and many communities have been hearing the sounds for months. With instant worldwide communication, news of these unusual sounds set off a wildfire of YouTube videos.

Many videos were clearly hoaxed from the juvenilistic YouTube sector, but many more videos appeared authentic and posted by sincerely baffled YouTubers.

Some of the theories for what these sounds are include:

–> UFO battles being waged far above the planet
–> Opening and closing of stargates or wormholes to allow alien craft entrance and exit of Earth.
–> Fracking, the extracting of natural gas from shale and controversial topic of environmental impact. (1)
–> HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) notes played via technology that creates whistler waves of electromagnetic discharges. (2)
–> The Earth is shifting into another dimension due to an increase in the frequency pattern. The process is often referred to as Gaia giving birth so that the Earth is reborn. (3)
–> Ongoing construction of secret Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs) (4)
–> Vactrain sounds from the vibrations of the Mach1 speeds being reached by the secret massive underground intercontinental transit system some believe exists. (5)
–> Expanding Earth theory that holds the cause of the Earth’s oceans and continental drift is due to the planet growing in mass and size. The sounds are literally growing pains. (6)

While all these theories may capture the imagination, the underlying issue of a major phenomena going on all around the world remains unanswered. And, this big question mark makes the ideal fodder for conspiracy theories that also encompasses the end of the world signs.

Many people believe that the sounds are the angel trumpets signaling the second coming of Christ or the Biblical Apocalypse.

There are several montages of these sounds on YouTube.

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