Wednesday, October 2, 2013

CNN to Drop Piers Morgan


Sources tell FTVLive that CNN Boss Jeff Zucker is "actively looking for a replacement for Piers Morgan."

Morgan signed a one year extension to his contract and as time winds down, Zucker is looking for someone to takeover his time slot.

Word is that Zucker really wants Katie Couric in that slot. Couric should be available soon as many expect this is the last year her talk show "Katie" will be on the air.

But, CNN sources tell FTVLive that Zucker is not putting all his eggs in the Couric basket. "He's looking at other people besides Katie," says our source.

Zucker might have learned a lesson when he planned on putting Erin Burnett on CNN's new morning show. It blew up in his face, when Burnett balked at going to mornings.

Word is that CNN could offer Morgan another role at the network, most likely something outside of prime time and likely in the late night hours.
Morgan, his agent and CNN have been working on his new role or his exit strategy from the network.
One group that will likely be happy that CNN is pulling the plug on Morgan in prime time... the NRA.

Morgan has been very critical of the gun laws in the United States for years and has made it one of his main topics on his show.

Stay tuned...

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