Thursday, October 17, 2013

IMF Contact Tells Dinar Guru About Security Concerns For RV, I know you waited all day and nothing.  We are still in the window though.  Banks and agencies spent all day running through their procedures and updating instructions.  The activation is still scheduled during the next 48hrs or less (I would go with less).

Iraq has again been given the priveledge to announce the new rate.  This should take place tomorrow and shortly after, all of your dreams come true.  We should see the RV activated between now and sunrise (I thought that was last nights news, but it seems like that have made it tonights news too).

I was asked to pass along an important piece of information, please pay attention to it and pass it to everyone you know that is involved in this exchange.

IMF and UST are extremely concerned about Security! The call centers will be instructed to tell folks to WAIT for their appointments. People can not act up and rush the banks!

The CE of up to 25K IQD will be allowed as a priveledge and that will end if folks freak out at the banks.

No crowds, no groups going in, no parking lot lurkers!

IMF specifically asks that the Dinar Community get this out ASAP to educate folks about this.

The whole domestic CE will be stopped to address any security issues!

UST has authorized any additional security requested and force is authorized!

Please take this seriously, they are.

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All is very good in Bavaria. Hope the dinarian family is just as well in USA? Our familie awaits this blessing about to be given to us. Meine kinder feel like it is Christmas eve and anticipate these great gift from our currency holdings.

Our Business of Today

This email will be short today since I over did my welcome in the my last

Just wanted to tell everyone that I am very optimistic about these next couple days.

I received a call this morning from one of my IMF sources explaining to me the next steps in this process.

As you know I am not very familiar with what is happening in the banks in USA but I am hearing from this source now that they are going to release very soon to your public toll free numbers for call in centers to schedule exchange meetings.

Exchanges should begin once appointments are made.
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I have been listening to many recent conference calls from many “intel providers” from recent days. Seems they still believe that this is in Iraq’s hands and are hopeful for a 90 cent rate. Let them believe what they want. Time will tell.

I also hear that they try to say the IQN symbol now showing on banks screens cannot exist?  I have seen it myself so what is this? It also has a double digit rate for IQN. So unless they push down a new set or rates at the last minutes I can only think this would be our rate.

They continue to bash since they can not substantiate why a new symbol is being used and how the dinar rate can be so high.

We all know since we are closer to this process and know what is happening. I do not bash their information since this is what they believe to be true.

They seem sincere as so are we. We must cordially agree to disagree that is all. Articles from Iraq have been outdated and re-run many times to substantiate what they only want to tell us. I have found I really have to re-look at articles and pay close attention to them. Okay now I have said enough.

Hopes this helps everyone.

Peace and Luv to ya,
mnt goat