Thursday, October 24, 2013

Lyndon LaRouche: Stop Genocide Against American Citizens!


The following is an edited transcript of a meeting between Lyndon LaRouche and leading associates on October 15, 2013. Its release is intended as the kickoff of a major escalation in the campaign to stop the Obama/Wall Street campaign for genocide in the United States.
Lyndon LaRouche: Okay, the news of the day, and we're going to have a lot of news of the day here, on this same subject: The news of the day begins with the "Patients Mired in Costly Credit From Doctors," from the New York Times this morning, front page.

Now the question is, why did this appear, featured in this way? Because the story is out, and some of you in this room have various aspects of the story, but you have to put all the pieces together, and realize that you have a death notice hung on your door.

And that's what really is behind this seemingly modest item from the New York Times.

The plan has been to actually put the entire system of our people, into death. Mass killing. Helga has a pickup on the story, from today; there are other pickups on the same story today. There's also background, which goes together with the story. I mean, various people in the room have been exposed to the background. Now comes the essence: The author of the mass death for our citizens in the United States—and the same thing is intended in Europe—the intention is, is to kill the majority of the people of the United States and other nations. That is a policy which was authored under Obama. That is the intention.

Now the intention has various expressions, and I'm sure that some of you have differentiated kinds of reflections on this, but this is the intention. And there's some things I'm not going to quote, because I know the source, which is highly reliable, — very highly reliable — who can validate the thing entirely. So what I'm telling you is based on validated information. The intention is, to quickly put the people of the United States to death. That's the intention, and that's what the whole economic program of Obama is.

Now, this is also correlated with reasons why people hate Obama, now. Because in various ways they're being threatened, and they know they're being threatened. But they didn't know, that the secret government, working under Obama has this plan for mass death of American citizens. That's what's been planned. And the only way it's going to be stopped, because the members of Congress have no guts on this one — they know it! The economic policy under this President, is genocide against the general population of the United States. And it's intended to begin soon. So you're already under death notice.

Now, various people in the room can speak up of what they know of this problem, but we're going to put it out tonight. It's going out nationally in the form we put it out here. It's the intention, to impose mass death on the population of the United States, at a rapid rate, by a tax, etc. program policy, to strip people of access to any means to live, and starting with the older people first. Or the old and sick, first.

But it means mass death. It means that Queen Elizabeth II's intention has been given a realization for the United States, as for Europe, also, obviously. Genocide is what the agenda is, of the President of the United States. That I can say to you, on the basis of my knowledge, what I've received as knowledge, and the sources I refer to, by not identifying them directly, have concluded, that is the case: That is the policy of the Obama Administration. That it lies in separate stages, that we're going through now. What Obama is doing, with his version of this process, is genocide against the people of the United States, mass genocide.

Now, there's only one way to deal with this, and that is, to spread the good news everywhere. And say, explicitly, because it's true, the President of the United States is currently committed, through his secret government, in bringing about mass death of the people of the United States. That's the fact! There is no contradiction to that fact. And the authorities that I could refer to, are of a nature that's unimpeachable.
And it's also reflected in the policies of the Obama Administration and its practice.

So the point is, you either get rid of this President now, or he gets rid of you. And that's the situation. That's the solemn reality, which you face right now. And in proper ways, we will get to you more specific information on this. But I don't want to engage people who are sources, and who have high rank, shall we say, in this business. I don't want to put their names on the list. But since I know it, and since we know it in various ways here, we know this thing in one sense or another. We know that the policies of Obama are to kill the people of the United States. That you can say: That is his intention.
And that's the intention which was broadcast by the Queen, with a proposal to reduce the population of the planet from 7 billion people to 1. That is not simply a far-reaching, future prospect; that's an immediate prospect, now! We don't know what date it's supposed to begin on, because it's an operation by going through another bit of the Obama program, and he's pushing for this. His intention is now. He's not able yet, to do it, now. But he will be, if you wait much longer.

Now, some of you, I'd say, know something about this, different kinds of information which all converge, when you take a totality, converge on this one matter. That's the problem! That's the enemy! It's the only thing worth discussing! Nothing else is worth discussing, until you get that point out.

You're under death notice, not for tomorrow morning, but for the early future. And the trick is, a new role of taxation, and the new role of taxation will crash in — this thing warns you, this New York Times thing, warns you, it's implicit in there: So the Times was going with the story in this sense, and it's that thing, "Patients Mired in Costly Credit from Doctors," hmm! And that's what you have to look at.

Now, other people in the room know something on the background of this thing, because it's been going on all along, in various expressions. What was missing was a more precise statement of the intention. That precise intention, which was received by people, in official positions, who are aware of this, were discussing it quietly among themselves. And then, they decided on the basis of my information, which I'd given some time ago on the intention of the Obama government, I had warned of this: that what the intention was of Obama was this. And the people would say, "You're over the top, You're over the top, You're over the top."

Now, it's not over the top. What's over the top is the foolish people who denied it. But now, they've come out to spring it in the open. They haven't brought it directly into the open, but they're bringing it to the door, to be opened.

And this is the real issue: This is the only significant issue on the table right now. No other issue is that significant: He plans to kill you! He plans to murder you! That's his policy. He makes Hitler look like a piker.

And, see what you have on the same thing, on these economic policies...

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