Thursday, October 3, 2013

Neil Keenan & Jean Haines Update - October 3, 2013

Push Has Come to Shove — A Call For Action — Are We Going to Stand Up or Stand Down — A Serious Time for Serious People To Show Our Support, from ~Jean

I don’t have a ‘real’ choice about standing up or standing down, but it is a question I feel
needs to be asked of those of us who see and understand what is going on.

Keenan-1Let me say by way of introduction that my healing/awakening process, what I’ve learned to call a spiritual emergency, was so traumatic at times and so tough that more than once I faced the possibility of my own death. Once, I came so close that I even spoke to God, thinking it was over for me and told Him how sorry I was to have failed: he gave me lemons, and I wasn’t going to be able to make the lemonade, which is what I so desperately wanted to do. I asked God to forgive me, telling Him I’d done the best I could with what I had. Then, I felt the most incredible peace and joy, because I knew I was going home. I knew I was almost there and that everything was okay with God.

But for some reason, I did not return to God. He chose not to take me from this plane of existence. As I look back now, I know I was meant to have that experience. I lost my fear of death, and I clearly decided that since sooner or later I was going to die, my life henceforth would be all about how I chose to live my life now, today, every single day with the circumstances that were presented to me.
I didn’t want every day of my life to be a living death. Death on this plane is an inevitable experience that is going to come to all of us anyway, an event that for a brief moment in time might be painful, but is also surely followed by the most beautiful peace imaginable. Do you all understand that our angels are waiting to receive each one of us? Many of you may already be aware that those people who are able to see such things, saw the angels retrieving the souls of those who were forced to jump from the World Trade Center; they were actually jumping into the arms of angels. 

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