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Drake Update - November 14, 2013

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Thanks to Anon0669 for reporting.

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Dinar RV First Step – Drake Reporting World Financial ReSet Imminent

Drake Bailey
Thur, November 14, 2013
Subject: Dinar RV Brings Great Thanksgiving 2013

Dinar RV Imminent – RJ Hender

Iraqi Dinar Reality – Officials Admit Dinar RV On It's Way

RJ,   On Drake's radio show last night, for the first time in several months, he provided truly significant information.  I promised to report to you in that event.  Here are my notes:

Drake says he is now authorized to reveal some true intel.
The cabal runs out of money within a week.

Cabal is desperate to steal some money via the Black Book accounts.
Neil Keenan has the Black Book.

The Bush family attempted to catch Neil this week but failed.
The Bush cabal sent around 40 thugs, including super soldier types.
Neil has about 100 professional protectors, including White Hats & Ninjas, plus Indonesians.
Cabal found Neil's hotel but Neil spotted them from his window.
A chase ensued.

Neil had to sport a blond wig as part of a disguise.

The team that met him at the airport had been compromised (blackmailed or bought off).
The chase resumed on land.

Neil had to leap off a vehicle to escape into the jungle and hurt his leg.
Cabal helicopters were in pursuit.

An EMP-like burst knocked them out.  How that was done, Drake would not divulge.
Neil and the book are safe now and well guarded.

The first part of the plan to free the planet from Cabal is to reset the world financially.
This step cuts the Cabal off from their source of power (at their roots: money, to fuel evil).
That may happen within a few weeks (which coincides with recent IQN RV predictions).
When that step is done we'll get a Green Light.

Cabal is failing.  Evidence abounds, like their flop takeover via the Trans Pacific Partnership.
The FBI wants its reputation back.  They will hammer openly at the Benghazi fiasco.
Arrests may begin soon.  We might have a really great Thanksgiving & Christmas!)

Whatever else Drake is, he is certainly a real trooper.  He never gives up, no matter what comes his way, public opinion or illness.  There have been times when he was fed bad intel and his reputation suffered.  Nevertheless, he keeps on delivering his message.  Sometimes he can barely breathe due to disability and colds, but he keeps going.  One senses that Drake believes in his cause completely.  I can't help but admire such dedication to a perceived duty.

After listening to Drake's shows for over a year and a half, it's obvious that he, his hosts, and some frequent guests all suffer similar symptoms that have gradually worsened.  They now constantly interrupt and/or contradict themselves mid-sentence.  Sometimes, they are almost unintelligible.  Of course, this weakens their credibility.  I suspect they may have been targeted with a slow acting and difficult to detect poison or some other method of disrupting brain waves.  If not that, then they all stress out at about the same speed, which is unlikely.  Lack of sleep could also be the culprit, but even those effects wouldn't hit everyone in the same way at the same rate.  Figure the odds of this occurring naturally and predictably over less than two years.  Astronomical!  That leaves outside interference.  It isn't surprising that Cabal would use an untraceable technique of attack.  In fact, if Drake is real, one would expect just such a sneaky approach that almost nobody would notice or know how to stop before it's too late.  If Drake has special protection, it needs retooling and beefing up.

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