Monday, November 25, 2013

US Government Agency Contact Comes On Radio Show With Dinar Guru To Help Explain The Global Currency Reset & Dinar RV

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TONY - Good morning, TNT. It's Monday, November 25 at 1:04 PM. Guys, this is a really special call. I was just informed my DC handler is on the call.

T - Yes, I am excited! It's still going to be a superfantastic day! I have NO bad news for you today. Everything is still on track and there is still a deadline. And I'm going to give it to you today on the call. I hate when you guys have bad weekends, but I don't like to come on and tell you stuff when I don't have anything new to report.

T - I want to clear up a few things first. Mrs. Renfroe has been coming on the board as "Admin." This happened to her over the weekend. When we do a call, I don't know why but people come on our call and, with 23,000 people on the Friday call, not counting the calls connected to the calls. We also had 7-8K on the radio. We're reaching 20-30K with the info. People were taking comments on our calls, dissecting them, then putting just parts of the info on Recaps.

T - Whether they're using it to credit or discredit, what good is any of it? Mrs. Renfro said some things that were misinterpreted over the weekend, that I was losing faith since I know what's going on. I'm not losing faith in this since I know what's really going on. We are in the moment. There was a lot of controversy on OMC with Ray on other sites. If you do not hear it from me directly then do not believe it.

T - It should be more about the info, the process and help we can bring to the people, and less about Tony. Let's get the info out and help people and get them prepared. Some are just holding calls and creating their own boards to counter what I'm saying, to dispute my info. If they don't have the vision to see where they're going, they just tell you don't listen to Tony. That has to be one boring, ignorant call. This is a fluid situation. a that deals with governments.

T - It takes an adult to understand this. If you can tell me exactly why it's not going to happen, then I'm all in. Not agreeing is not creating a controversy. You don't have to agree. I'm all for that. Sometimes I don't even agree with what they tell me. But then I tell you guys too. We're going through the process together. Every M/W/F we're all learing something. We just need to know HOW to disagree.

PAM - You don't know but you're being blasted worldwide by a listener in Germany who has his own radio station,

T - Okay, now for the information. This is what we know for sure. We do know, regardless of what you're hearing, all my contacts and sources, from DC, CBI, IMF, the marketplace, to military to contractors and citizens, all know for a fact that there are cards in Iraq loaded at 3.44. I don't care what anybody else is saying, they may not have gottent their cards yet. I think it's a case of where the RV/RI has been . But the international RV has not been activated yet. At one time there were 3 different prices in the marketplaces and now they have 1 price based on the 3.44 rate.

T - Iraq has completed everything they needed to do. Their portion has been completed. They are waiting on US now. The UST received everything they needed from the IMF LAST TUESDAY (rates and paperwork). It was supposed to be processed and they were going to do it themselves but there were security issues with people moving money within 5 seconds of them activating it ($5B). Our top level people were informed on Thursday they were going to do it this way in a randomizer and it would go through and pop up.

T - Even tho we heard that, in our little intel group, we wondered why if they said it would randomly pop from Thursday thru Sunday night. So we stressed Sunday night - how random is that? Anyway, we go through Sunday night, MOnday night and it's not done yet. It's done in the sense that the mechanics and signatures are done. All we need now are the numbers to be released to the general public. But that's what we've been waiting on since last Thursday.

T - Right now there is a meeting going on between the 3-letter agencies to decide the final time, which is from RIGHT NOW thru tomorrow morning at 9AM EST. We don't know the exact time but that's what we're getting. We know they are listening to the calls, like they were on Friday and one is with us today.

T - On the boards there is a new chat started that Tony is being controlled by the cabal. Am I giving you the info? Yes. Do you need it? Yes. I still go through it to see if it makes sense. The only thing you don't know is the window. It doesn't matter, because things are being switched around. Why did it get extended another day? I can't tell you but they've said "enough is enough." IT WILL BE DONE BY THANKSGIVING. Even if the UST doesn't the IMF will do it and the rate will go to the 3.44 rate.

T - As of Tuesday, the UST has been the hold-up. If that's the case and they continue to do that we lose the higher rate. As of this moment we have the higher rates. If it drops to the lower rate it's still higher than we ever thought we'd get. 3.44 still works. I'm just hoping it goes at the top rate. It definitely is going. They need it for the holiday season. The banks said they can't make it through the week without the RV.

T - Mr. DC, is there anything else I need to say? Mr. DC - no. T - He's our handler and the one who gets us answers within an hour. Mr. DC - I'm not a handler, but I've just been assigned to you. I'm a normal, everyday guy like everybody else.


Q - How many zeros have been dropped from the ZIM? A - 6

Q - Can we use initial cashout to payoff reserves? "Birdman" came on chat and said if we buy more dinar we'd be blacklisted. He said we'd be blacklisted if we payoff reserves with a $25K note. A - If you even think this is possible you should burn your dinar right now. If the gov't didn't want you buying it why wouldn't they be shut down in an instant. All it takes is one letter like 13303 to stop this. They don't need to put people out there like these conspiracy theorists. If we're going to be blacklisted then who will cash-out?

 T - Mr. DC what do you say? Mr. DC - I think you nailed it. T - Tell them to show you one document, conversation, one agency to say that's right. Whoever puts that out - don't ever believe them going forward. I have HIGH, HIGH intel sources and that's not happening.

Q - Where will we be taxed? A - Your home state.

Q - If the UST does this what about the peopel who already cashed out at the higher rates? A - People have already exchanged at the higher rates. That means if it goes with the UST, it has to come out at that rate. Otherwise, there will be a clawback position. Don't worry about getting in. Because it wasn't done when it was supposed to be done, they're trying to get everyone done in 2 days. They would like to get just the people with the single notes done first. The rest of you can wait until your appointment, they're asking if you could do that.

T - They're trying to get this done before Thanksgiving. The rates should remain high at least the first couple of days.

Q - Is the Iran situation having an impact on this? A - No. Mr. DC - bottom line, not much to know. The Iranian thing has been in the works for some time. The GCR is seen as a stabilizing force in the region so it will help.

Mr. DC - Regarding the Iran situation, knowing this in advance they've been working on this for a while. It's an initial step and not definitive if it will stop them from enriching uranium - it's a step in that direction. The GCR is a stabilizing force in the region. There are very poor people pulled into extreme venues.

T - What can you (MR. DC) say about the cards? MR. DC - Contractors have had them since August. Others had them too. Tests have been done since June. The gov't checks had 3.44. Everybody gets them. Payrolls are now being paid out at 3.44 rate with deductions. The Iraqi people are confused as well. Most of the Iraq people have it on their cards. They are seeing 1166 on the CBI and their friends are seeing this as well. So it's even more confusing and has been for a long time.

Q - Why is the IQN the deciding factor with the other currencies? A - The Iraqi dinar is the foundation for the GCR. No other country is giving up what they're worth and what they did. MR. DC - We don't see this on the news because they don't want you to know some things. There are greater implications. A lot of it is done behind the scenes and has been worked on for 10 years. If you're in Iraq they're very aware of it. It's very public there and in the Arab countries. It's scrolling on their screens.

Q - Is 5/3 Bank still involved? A - Yes.

T - Don't just call all the 800#s to make appointments you won't keep. Someone was trying to open a WF account online and did not complete the process. But he received an email from them. He called WF and they discovered it was a fraud - phishing. If you don't want the bad guys getting your email address, get a new one. Separate yourself from all of this. Don't use the same email address.

C - You said DC was in a meeting. Why if it's set in a computer? T - They said it's in a randomizer, yet they said don't look for it until Sunday night. That means it really wasn't random and we waited for Sunday night. But since it didn't happen we can determine someone is picking the time and it's not random. Someone was given a new job and they have until 9AM tomorrow to make it happen. If it doesn't CL will do it.

C - Why would the USA jeopardize the high rates? T - I don't know. It doesn't make sense. MR. DC - It's clearly within the UST's hands. Nobody knows exactly why it hasn't gone. It has never been explained to anyone. T - What is going on right now is an explanation and final determination. That's what the meeting is about now.

C - What happens if not by Thanksgiving? T - That tells me right now we've been given mis-information supposedly by those who did not want it, but now they want it. I'll now when the meeting is over in a few hours or by 9AM tomorrow. It's all completed. The UST has had it since last Tuesday and the banks have had the 800#s since Thursday.

C - If this goes to CL will the VNN be affected as well? T - Yes, they will scale down all the rates. Nobody wants that to happen.

C - My biggest concern is that the UST has been the holdup yet they've let certain ones exchange early. T - They did do that and let them have those rates. But they signed a clawback agreement which means they have to pay back the difference. We know they want the high rates. We're really looking at 3PM EST or later. Don't even start looking for it before then. That's after all the meetings are done. We hope to get info from this meeting so we can do a blast. But we do know if there's a problem tomorrow morning she will take it over and solve the problem.

C - I'm being called crazy for believing in the GCR, which they say is not found anywhere? Do you have any info that REALLY will be one? T - I got a call from a guy right before this call and he has a billion dinar (1 or 2). He's on this call now. He called me to tell me that he had just spoken with the regional wealth manager and she told me I was absolutely crazy and this was the biggest fraud ever. I happen to know for a fact that HER BANK has 5 call centers all setup. They added more people over the weekend at cashout centers. But she says this morning it's the biggest fraud in the world. What do you think?

C - How do they keep it from their people? T - They put out memos continually saying it's a fraud. They word those memos just right so they don't get sued. What will happen when this happens? Do you think those employees will still be there on Friday? There's a rationalization behind what they're doing. They don't want to lose their employees. Again, just know how fortunate we really are.

T - Regarding double-dipping: The guy who was saying if you use your dinar after today or yesterday that you're going to be blacklisted. Who does that make sense to? NOBODY! If they cash in a 25k note they are going to be blacklisted? That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. The people who already cashed out could not make any additional purchases.

C - Do you really feel like today or tomorrow it will happen? T - I don't know but they have until tomorrow morning before 9AM. If the IMF takes over tomorrow then they want to get it done by Thanksgiving. I'm not looking at it between 1-3 PM EST today but afterwards. We know it is sitting at the banks and they can activate it within 15 minutes. Once they get called in they will start making appointments.

C - Are people still cashing in over the weekend? T - I haven't heard about people cashing in over the weekend. MR. DC - I haven't heard anything but a group did sell to another country. These rates will be in the USA only for a while but we don't know how long. It will go back down. For those who fought in the Iraq war in other countries there is an agreement to cover them. If someone is in another country and wants the US rates they'll have to come to the USA for those rates.

C - Once it RVs how long will the banks be open? T/MR. DC - It is based on the indiviual bank's management. Most major banks will be open 24 hours until Thanksgiving.

C - Once we go in and exchange and sign the NDA, can we give others the 800#? T - The 800#s are public. The NDA is about going out and talking to people who don't know and aren't already involved. MR. DC - The NDA is to protect your self. You don't need to tell everyone you have money. They other thing is to protect the amount of money that was made on this deal. The politicians and gov'ts don't want the rest of the world to know how much money was made. Any currency adjustments will be made in traditional ways. They are dead serious in keeping this quiet. It's not a big deal if you keep your mouth shut. Just don't talk about it. The core of the NDA is to protect you from others.

T - You're not going to believe this. There are actual posts on other sites saying the 800#s and NDAs are so Tony will get all your dinar. Can you believe this?

C - If we do go in at 3.44 rate what will the VNN rate drop to? A - .47, which isn't a bad rate, is it? If that's the bottom and we know what the top is, let's wait until we see what happens by tomorrow. We can't lose either way.

C - I bought a trac phone to use to call the 800#. Can I use Skype or a VPN router service to make the initial 800# call? A - I think you're going overboard. There are over 400 people in the call centers. They have 2 minutes for your call. I don't think you have anything to worry about setting up your appointment. When you go in for your appointment you're going to give them your regular home number. I don't think the bad guys are listening. I would be more concerned with internet access than anything. I am concerned with bank personnel. They know they'll have a problem with them knowing they couldn't participate. Watch your account!

T - MR. DC - how far does the NDA go? MR. DC - They're going to take it very seriously. If your brother or sister can't keep their mouths shut it's best not to mention it to them.

C - This is for you feel like a girl has to come in and handle a typical woman (LOL)? Pam - Like Mr. DC said earlier, she is an amazing lady who just keeps getting stronger.


T - MR. DC, what do we know about the 9.37% tax rate? MR. DC - The tax law isn't written in stone yet. Legislation has been submitted and is being reviewed to have that as our tax rate. That has not been decided yet. We're on the side of a bunch of senators and congressmen who also made a lot of money on this. Count on the 50% but hope for the best. I don't know when it will go up for a vote.

C - You said Iraq was waiting on the USA. Then you said on Friday it was a "system" thing and now today you say the UST is holding us up. I'm confused. T - We're not waiting on Iraq. They are waiting on us and the UST to make it international. All those things will take place in Iraq when it goes live. They said it was in the system, per the UST, and was put in a randomizer to prevent human hands from manipulating it. In the process of doing that, they said just wait until Sunday night. But how can we wait until Sunday night when it's supposed to be random? Then this morning we find out the UST hasn't done it because the banks have the rates and have had them since last Thursday. They've held if up and we don't know why. All we know is that they say it will be done by tomorrow.

T - When you think about what we have been told over the yrs, POTUS held it up so we could get the higher rate, he appointed CL. We need the higher rate for our economy. MR. DC - I am going to answer some politically-oriented questions without being on one side or the other. The POTUS has had quite a few probs to deal with, the execution of Obamacare is being handled very poorly. If those things are handled the economy will grow.

T - How critical is this week? MR. DC - With a record blow-out time in sales, the economy will grow. Folks on this call will quit their jobs and allow others to be hired, who will, in turn, start shopping. They want this done NOW, not in 2-3 weeks when it's too late for everyone else. There is a rumor the banks need this for their balance sheets (not everybody agrees with this).

T - MR. DC please explain the three rates in Iraq. MR. DC - On June 27 they were released from Ch. 7 and they have to have an RV. Then it was handed over the to the IMF & BIS, which had a lot of problems. Then they loaded the cards of the contractors in July. Others were loaded to test. About 3-4 weeks ago they were ready to go and the cards didn't load correctly. They had to spend a weekend fixing that problem. The rest of the country got loaded 3-4 weeks ago. Then the employers were told to use the cards with payroll deductions. That's how that process worked.

C - We had a 72-hour deadline 2 weeks ago and it didn't happen. How confident do you feel that CL will step in and take action? T - Nobody is holding it up this time. The meeting is over in DC and I'm feeling good. (MR. DC: easy, easy!). The Administration needs it to push the economy forward and give people other things to think about.

C - This is John in DC (703). For the first time Tony is completely legitimized and we want to thank you Mr. DC! Are you saying it's a hard, hard deadline at 9AM cut-off tomorrow and we go from high rates to low rates? If so, some have said it will go global at the low rates and the NDA will not apply. T - There is a timeline, but I gave that timeline (9AM deadline). MR. DC - What reason can I give that this is a hard deadline? (1) I cannot. (2) They're taking this very seriously. There are no hangups why this is held-up. When the IMF gave a deadline and it didn't go through, almost it was entirely an Iraq-based problem. If the fundamental foundation isn't ready you can't move forward. When the IMF gave a deadline, the problem was with Syria and then the markets were too unstable.

MR. DC - My understanding is that the NDA applies to all rates, regardless. It is enforceable internationally - they don't care where you are. Don't get in a fight with HS or IRS - you will lose, regardless of what country you are in. They can go back to your bank account in any country and pull it back.

C - If the rate drops, will the dealers match the banks? T - I don't know for a fact but that's what I'm hearing.

C - Any advantage to exchange with different banks instead of all at one? T - If you're not comfortable, you can. I'm comfortable with all of the big 4. I'm not concerned about that for the initial cashout. It's not something you have to be worried about right now.

C - Any advantage to exchange with different banks instead of all at one? T - If you're not comfortable, you can. I'm comfortable with all of the big 4. I'm not concerned about that for the initial cashout. It's not something you have to be worried about right now.

C - If we have minor children can we gift them so they don't have access to it? T - You can check out the various accounts for minors at the banks. I would do that today. Don't try and do that in your 20-minute appointment.

C - If the rate drops will we still have 30 days and have to sign an NDA? T - Yes, you have to sign the NDA regardless of the rate. If the rate begins with 3.44, then go back and read "Who Moved My Cheese".

C - Will the banks be open for 2 days 24/hours a day? T - Most places won't be branches. If you exchange an $25K note you'll most likely go to a bank branch. After hours will be for appointments only. During normal banking hours, they will have security and remember you will have appts. During the day anyone can walk in but after hours, appts only.

C - People say it's a scam and we don't believe that because we have the faith. We have all gone through some crazy and we are standing on the principle of faith. Point is we are the chosen and God is getting it something out of all of us. We will make an impact on the economy and God is directing us. Thank you for all that you do. We appreciate you.

C - People say it's a scam and we don't believe that because we have the faith. We have all gone through some crazy and we are standing on the principle of faith. Point is we are the chosen and God is getting it something out of all of us. We will make an impact on the economy and God is directing us. Thank you for all that you do. We appreciate you.

T - People are asking why is the rate 3.44 and not 3.87? That rate is because of the penalty from Iraq. They should be above Kuwait. If we don't go by 9Am tomorrow we will be penalized from $30+ down to $3.

T - Today we've had one of our agency contacts on the call today. What he was giving came out of the briefing this morning and you can't get any more current than that. We also got a text during the call going on that just completed. We are ahead of the curve and we re-confirm for all of you. You know EXACTLY now where we are. Don't start looking for it before 3-4PM EST today. Spend time getting your new accounts and paperwork ready. Thank-you, MR. DC, for being here today. Enjoy your day. I'm not even looking for anything until after 3PM EST, so enjoy your day!