Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Anonymous Warning of Galactic Fallen Angels“Federations of fallen angels and Marduk Ra Lucifer´s Reptilian Dracos Nordic Blondes from Orion Galactic Federations According to a video tape made by a former C.I.A. agent, John Lear, based upon what he said he witnessed from military agents with top secret security clearances, there are about 70 different fallen angelic and their hybrid civilizations that have been monitoring the Earth. Based on interviews by civilian UFO researchers from civilian professional UFO research organizations there have been people reporting abductions by beings from at least 40 other planets,although the negative experiences seem to be confined to about 6 prominent planets in both studies along with satanic rituals with our druid and shaman priests and Freemasons.

The other reported beamed-up or taken-up experiences and land encounters have involved entities either friendly or neutral who are studying us much like our own scientists study primitive natives in jungles.There have been reported contacts with beings from 4 other planets in our own solar system,including a transparent green etherical energy formation being allegedly from Saturn and a tall, physical, pure white humanoid claiming to be from Uranus.The beings claiming to be from Mars and Venus are human in appearance yet are based in spaceports enclosed in protective force-fields on those worlds and they represent colonization’s from other star systems rather than native indigenous life,most of them sometimes are naga draco reptile hybrids,and in less cases nephililm giants and then fallen angels both watchers and luciferian galactic federations. There are also reportedly physical being colonies on some of the huge moons orbiting Jupiter and Saturn that even NASA admits contain atmospheres and water, including Lanulous,Titan,Io,Ganymede,etc.One of the moons off Jupiter is allegedly a capital planet for an interplanetary federation in our own solar system! 

There are reported alien space bases on the dark side of the moon where greys operate,as well as on certain large asteroids and one of Uranus’s moons,these are fallen angels known as normadian pagan gods that were also in some time operating in Atlantis and  Lemuria, Hyperborea, Egypt, Babylon, Grece, Rome, Sumeria, Mayan &Ink & Aztec civilizations,Syria. The Department of Interplanetary Affairs has summarized research on planets with reported physical beings civilizations in other star systems,such as the Korendians that Bob Renaud was reportedly in radio and face-to-face contact with, the Koldasians that a group in South Africa claimed radio and meeting contacts with(CE-3s), the Ogattans that a group in North Carolina claimed physical contact and transport to their planet in dealings with this race,and the Arcturians. The Ogattans are said to be a short humanoid bird-like aliens extremely friendly and spiritually orientated,but they are really full of hate inside,from a planet of prismatic domed communities of crystalline material surrounded by crystal forests emanating rainbow colored auras permeated by the harmonics of the music of the spheres.

These fallen angels are helping small numbers of Illuminati humans on Earth with guidance,very low-key,and they have taken many small children from here to their planet for schooling,where they viewed a Destiny Screen showing future Earth events many of which have already come true!. The events for the later part of this decade and early 21st century on the Destiny Screen present widespread planetary disasters.This a fairly common warning,and was even given to the Pentagon leaders in the early 1950s by fallen angels from the Zeta&Orion invasion preparation they plan now.Warnings of wide spread Earth catastrophes in the next 20 years were common in the 1950s from fallen angels orion federations claiming to be based on Venus, Mars, planets in the Pleiades through the 1970s), and some other solar systems(realms/dimensions).

Many of the events these aliens reportedly prophesied in the 1950s &1980s have already come true,but some of the things they lied against Bible that first Bible predicted that and also God warned them also as for part of this end time work to be done, everything is connected,including several famines,floods,earthquakes,wars,etc.They make this to make saving propaganda to make politicians in power to run the agenda they plan soon to explode with how much they getted it high level on now. 

The Koldasians,who reportedly look so much like we do when they shapeshift,they are lower federation of fallen angels principalities ranked almost always,and they could walk into a supermarket incognito,say lie they were recently nuked on their own planet in an interplanetary war that resulted in negative aliens invading their territory.The leader of these new age movement religions here on Earth mission,Valdar,who reportedly met on a South African beach with Earth contacts and also had radio contacts,details another type of Interplanetary Confederation Koldas is a member of in lengthy writings by Carl Van Vlierden. 

Valdar warns Earth not to make the same mistakes taking place in the space,but to listen them,that is the lie they spread to us that will make people go war against Holy angels,but they are friendly with watchers also as we know and they will use them as additional help,and they don´t want so much harm as their bigger ranks,they even warn us, as they posses Alex Jones CIA agent to tell some stuff,and they made him Freemason and king of infowars, but not revealing all things too much,because they care also the same deadly agenda as their bigger ranked federations from Orion. Similar warnings came from them,who reportedly look exactly like us humans when they shapeshift in that form except they are only about 3 to 4 feet tall want always almost to take and live on a planet 6 times the size,of Earth,with oceans and many more continents as we know is Nibiru. 

Carl Vlierden even produced photos of their spaceships,just like Bob Renaud did with the Korendian spaceships,which look like daytime disc-shaped flying objects. Meanwhile we hear about fallen angels who are small humanoid greenish beings semi-physical who are so far beyond us spiritually,technologically,and mentally we can barely comprehend these entities,when they get in semi-physical form as they are in most of the time,they are ranked thrones of same orion blonde nordic groups but they work lower in andromeda and pleadias to help lower ones directly by middle research from here and there.They say they guide certain people through channeling spiritual advice and on their own planet they have none of our physical or emotional problems.

Now when they make these lies as one of them are high level fallen Cherubim and Seraphim of Marduk Ra Lucifer & Reptilian Dracos Nordic Blondes directly from Orion Galactic Federation Like most of the other advanced races they live in crystal domes in a garden of Eden they lived before like paradise with music beautiful beyond our comprehension, scenery beautiful beyond our dreams,and no pollution or disease.They do not want to get involved in our wars,but just to start them and warn them up in a grate big destructive measure.