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Ken's Blog - Event Watch - Update #30

Event Watch (Update 30): March, the Taper, Yellen, and Ron Paul

On December 18, Ben Bernanke announced that the Federal Reserve would begin tapering its purchase of bonds (which has been propping up the rickety financial system for the last five years). And today, I came across an article on Zero Hedge that offers this graphic...
...In it, a US stock market index is aligned with a comparable Japanese index from when the Bank of Japan did its tapering. As you can see, the Japanese index initially went up after the taper, then suffered a significant correction in the following months.

After zooming in on the most relevant part of the graphic, I drew a line where the Japanese index took its deepest dive. And to what time frame does it point in the US chart?...
...Yep, the first week of March.

On a related note, I've encountered more information on how the debt limit deal relates to the February 7 deadline next year. According to this CNBC article...

"In October, Congress and the administration suspended a $16.7 trillion cap on borrowing until Feb. 7. A new, higher limit will then be set, incorporating borrowing done through that date."

So whatever was borrowed since the October debt deal will be added to the original debt cap, thus becoming the new debt cap (and leaving room for no significant amount of new debt after February 7).

Once February 7 has passed without a new debt limit deal, the scenario mentioned in Update 28 would unfold. As this U.K. Telegraph article notes...

"If the debt ceiling isn't raised by then [Feb 7], Treasury will be able to juggle money between government accounts for a few weeks to keep just under the new limit.

But Mr Lew said the department would exhaust these so-called extraordinary measures sometime between late February and early March. After then, it would no longer be able to borrow to cover its expenses."

[Update 30 - 21 December 2013]

The Taper, Janet Yellen, and Ron Paul

Speaking of Zero Hedge, they have published another excellent article on the taper and the overarching globalist agenda written by Brandon Smith of Alt Market. I highly recommend reading it. In it, Brandon offers a slightly different take on Janet Yellen's role in what will unfold...

"If attention is ever focused on the Fed specifically for a market downturn or bond disaster triggered by the ever present dollar bubble, Yellen can simply blame the QE policies of Bernanke (who will be long gone), while promising that her “new” policies will surely repair the damage. This placates the public and buys the central bankers time to do even MORE damage."

So he sees Bernanke as being the potential fall guy.

My interpretation, on the other hand, has been that she is being put in place as the fall girl, and that the initial downward moves in the market next year will be blamed on standard turbulence that accompanies a transition in the Fed chairmanship. Later, she will be seen as making a mistake that causes the big implosion. In the aftermath, she and the Fed will be taken down and replaced by the Treasury in a "rejuvenated, Constitutionally-recentered Republic of the United States," possibly under Ron Paul.

One must not forget that the central banks themselves, just like the regular banks and corporations, are expendable fronts for those who hold power behind the scenes. And after 100 years of bribing, blackmailing, and killing, the elite families' Fed parasite has thoroughly subsumed the US Government host. They can now discard the Fed and operate directly from the completely captured federal government.

Just put all the pieces together...

1) Just this week, Ron Paul was making noise that "after 100 years of failure, it's time to end the Fed." He and other Tea Party leaders like Senator Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin have been carefully positioned as "patriotic outsiders" to prepare them for their coming roles.

2) The Sheriff Arpaio investigation of Obama's credentials has promised "universe-shattering" revelations and criminal charges as early as March next year (see Update 25).

3) Obama has been firing senior military officers at an unprecedented rate, giving rise to the public perception that there is a rift between him and "constitutionally-minded" military leaders -- a rift that could cause them to unseat him from the Presidency if a constitutional and legal basis for his removal can be found (see point 2).

4) There is a massive disinformation effort underway in the alternative media (just have a look at the Canauzzie site and the Nesaranews site) to spread the narrative that "loyal, patriotic leaders in the Pentagon/Pentagram and the (Cabal-run) intelligence agencies are preparing to arrest the Fed banksters, unseat the pretender Obama, and restore constitutional government." They also speak of backing for the patriotic forces from the "benevolent Chinese Royal Families" (who are actually the Chinese branches of the globalist bloodline families).

All this being said, Brandon could very well be right about his view on Yellen's role, but given the even larger drama I'm expecting to unfold, and the racism and sexism that exists among the men who are running the show behind the scenes, I still anticipate them "blaming the black man and the woman" for the disaster that the new financial system will "save us" from. It will be most interesting to see how it all plays out.

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