Thursday, December 12, 2013

Mountain Goat Update - December 12, 2013

Hi Everyone, or the very basic ethical principles I always teach and demand of Meine Kinder is to tell the truth no matter what. Sometimes what you think  you are hearing is the truth you find out later that it may vary somewhat and you are mistaken. As a child you are expected to behave as such. But as we grow to become adults you should also take on another relationship with the term “responsibility” and “ethics”. Now you have this responsibility to find out the truth from what you hear and to see if what you hear is just rumor or truth. Do you understand? If you knowingly continue to spread what you only may think is accurate they you spread only gossip. Gossip is more destructive than anything else in society and only hurts people. It confuses people and causes unnecessary stress and anxiety. Do you know what I mean?

Today’s Intel
I have to say that there is not much to be done to get our activation. If you ask me this should have happened weeks ago. You have read my past news letters and know my stand on it. But I do want to address some gossip now on this news letter and by doing so I hope for all of us I can now put this recent hype to bed and sing it a lullaby ………

The hype I am talking about is the World Trade Organization (WTO) ascension for Iraq. Funny how I addressed this in many of my past recent news letters and no one seemed to care or listen. Now all of sudden it’s the latest hype. Why? We must stop all this hype and calm down. Can we please do that? You must think what you are doing with this investment and whom you are listening to. It will be the same afterwards once you have millions in your bank account. You simply must research and use some old fashioned common sense that God gave you.   

The rest of this new letter is addressing a question I got from hundreds of dinarians. Ijust felt compelled to do this news letter today. I state my the answer to the question and clearly as I know how to. This is all I know on this topic. I hope this helps you all.

It is as follows:

Question: If they enter the WTO the 28,29th they have to have a tradable currency 14 days prior right?

Answer: Yes-  if the IMF does conduct the audit (or review) on time as scheduled, one of the qualifications under the UN Charter, Article 8 is that they must have an international tradable currency. Remember too there is an entire list of areas of concern for qualification. For example there are humanitarian rights, Tariffs, banking practices, etc…I can go on and on. You are only concerned about the currency because you want a date and a rate for activation. So it is easy to fool you and spread gossip on this issue since you are all so venerable on this topic.  

But Dec 29th is just an audit to see if they are ready to ascend. If they are not ready they simply will bump the target out to another date. The target has been early January 2014 all along.

I would not base us getting our activation of the rates on this anyhow. To me the two events are disconntected asfar as we are concerned. Some of these  intel "gurus" make me sick. They take an once of fact and snowball it into this story.

Now we are hearng also they need to have the currency 2 weeks prior to  the Dec 29th audit. Why? There is absolutely no proof anywhere that says this. Here is my response to They will say anything to get people hyped up and make a date its going to happen now. You know how relaxed those politicians are in Iraq. What makes you think they are in control of this anyhow? They are not. The UST is in charge of the final step of rolling this out internationally. Iraq has their RV already. The rest if for the world.

I believe Tony. It is on the brink of going any hour now. They (meaning US government) are scared of us having all this money. They are crossing their Ts and dotting their I's to get ready. There are also terrorist issues and those that can use this money in wrong ways. Obama does not need this to fail since if this goes public he is ruined. It has been a mess from day one. If you have been following mnt goat news letters you know exactly what I mean.

They need this money in the market place for xmas sales. They better do it very soon or they will miss this window of opportunity too. Tony's and other intel calls  it sounded like it was taken to yet to another level. I too do believe this. But then again how many times have we heard already its "done...done...done.... You  can only cry wolf so many times and them we simply stop believing. I am not saying it’s not all done already and we should have seen the activation by now in USA and globally. All my sources are saying it is done, done, done so why have we not seen it? If they want to keep this secret they are doing a fine job of

Let's see what happens in the coming days. I do know this as a fact - the longer they wait the worst the situation gets for everyone meaning US public, Iraq and all the countries desperately needing this GCR. 

Peace and luv to ya all,
Mnt Goat