Wednesday, December 25, 2013

NESARA NEWS BLOG UPDATE - December 25, 2013


--- per Zap and myself

Zap says: It is unconfirmed as of this moment, but word is that the New Republic of the United States of America has been signed off on as of yesterday December 23, 2013

INTEL UPDATE ---- Much is happening in Reno per the RV. Ten or more Fed Corp Treasury Agents were rumored arrested and removed. They were blocking the RV. These plus the top dog have been arrested and put in protective custody. They are all scared for their lives from the Bush Cabal.

Everything for the RV release by the IMF Christine Largarde has been done, all papers have been signed. Awaiting Official Release and the banks phone numbers.

Federal Reserve Bank owned by the Rothschild has been closed down and David Rothschild flew into Reno on his private jet for the final signing.