Thursday, December 19, 2013

Op-Ed - Buck Mccall - Good News - RESTORING OF THE REPUBLIC

Buck Mccall
Good news--I am here and never really left, just needed some time to recoup and find out who is naughty and nice. There are some awesome folks in this group to help keep me grounded too.

Bad news-- There are some really rotten apples in this group too! Why be so pessimistic and choose to split people up whether by taking sides and making small armies or dishing out a bunch of negativity that really hurts people...good people.

Now to the ones who think I am not true to the heart or give NAZI speeches, etc. Ill tell ya this. Do ya'll know what counterinsurgency is? or counterintelligence?? These people who ARE IN CHARGE OF THIS WHOLE OPERATION TO REGAIN OUR REPUBLIC BACK are professionals and know exactly how to set these evil people up so they can tear down their regimes and their illegal governments. ill say again..this plan has been in effect since the 1950s!!! To take down a shadow government and its controllers, these brave white knights had to be secretive and smart. I know many of you are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Just imagine the ones who are physically involved with all this for many many years...they are tired too, but they continue til the day comes when they can announce to the world that we are all free and independent!

SO ILL SAY AGAIN--if you wanna question me on what I say or know then thats ok by me. Im ok with some not beleiving anything or part of what I know. BUT me knowing what I do makes me live each day knowing we are one day closer. In my mind ---I KNOW FOR FACT its wrapped up and done. WE ARE ALL GOD and if you beleive in God then you know that our creator has made sure we all prosper and heal. We would have all been fried skin sticks by now if we were supposed to be woulda happened longgggggg ago. Good guys won..bad guys lost!!!!

HAVE you ever looked at a silver certificate on the front. it says one a dollar bill-"this certifies that there is on deposit in the treasury of the united states of america--one dollar in silver payable to the bearer on demand" now go look at one of your frn's. its an IOU only. a note is an IOU!

I dont hold anything against anyone who wants to hold dinar, zim, etc...when the rv's happen--we will find out what is what and what its all worth. BUT, I know that gold and silver will be the grand slammer immediately. When all these USA money and products for sale are re-indexed and all is on gold will have true buying power. You wont have to wait til the rv to buy nice things. AND the pp's will DWARF the rv's. NO one will be left out of anything..all people of this earth are gonna be healing and prospering quickly. This thing is about getting rid of the evil greedy corruption of all nations and regaining sovereignty.

When you were watching the interpreter at Mandelas stadium gathering with world leaders..did ya notice Obama's tie again. Did ya think that this interpreter can do something very wise andunder the radar--its called an EDICT! Major things are happening right now. Announcement that REV. Illuminati Billy Graham will be dying soon (per his grandson)..BG is a big player in this gathering of money from the people. He is one of the top masons and a leader of only evil!

No one can et anything done with Obamas illegal status..even some of you are wanting and hoping for him to be taken away and arrested by true patriots, maybe Sheriff Joe will do it. We have how many thousands of positive america military/militia and not one has taken O out of office. THATS BECAUSE THEY HAVE THEIR ORDERS BY THE PEOPLE WHO ARE IN CHARGE OF DISMANTLING THE ELITISTS TO NOT MESS UP THIS PLAN. Obama was the man groomed..ill say again...GROOMED for this presidency by our team because of who he is and his bloodline. I wont convince some of you of this..but he will and you had better screw yer heads on so that ya dont crack your skull if you faint! HE IS ONE OF US__DONT EVEN DOUBT ME.

Now heres the good top of the cake-
the news has been spewing crap for two weeks now and are swearing that there will be a fed taper THIS WEEK. Towards the middle of the week when they announce a taper--that will send treasury yields past 3%. This is the needle needed to pop the massive inflation bubble. So with all that is going on( senators fighting each other, dems fighting dems, repubs fighting repubs, stocks are in a frigging mess, corporations are losing numbers, entertainment industry is crumbling, no money anywhere, insurance companies no longer paying doctors, auto owners, etc, etc, etc) we are finally getting ready to see this fed taper/bubble explode. Its not my decision and I cant call it perfect...but the signs are showing that the taper of the fed will start this whole explosion!!

So theres some great positive update for ya.

Did you all think I would let a few crazies on here put me under when you all are the reason I breathe on here...its my job and enjoyment to help and talk to ya. But if you try to deceive or hurt others on here and you get caught, then we will show ya the exit door quickly. We want all to get in and enjoy/appreciate this site here--but Its your job to be adult enough not to get a pink slip. Now --be positive and lets watch the bubble pop---TOGETHER!!!


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