Monday, December 2, 2013

Tom Heneghan Update - December 1, 2013

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Sunday   December 1, 2013

Oh Canada!

by Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert


UNITED States of America -  It can now be reported that as massive bank asset deleveraging continues Bank of England Governor Mark Carney is engaged in a FOREX foreign currency ponzi scheme illegally using worldwide financial settlement funds as a marker.

Bernake, Carney and Draghi

Carney is the former head of Canada's Central Bank and has been conspiring with ECB (European Central Bank) President Mario Draghi to cross-collateralize derivatives tied to the Central Bank of Greece and, accordingly, appreciate the value of the British pound sterling and the euro currency.

Note:  Crooked, illegal high frequency algorithm trading is used to create phony spreads between the euro and the British pound on a nightly basis.
The latest upgrade of Greece's credit rating is complete baloney when you read between the lines Greece is still listed in junk status.
Translation:  The value of JPMorgan-Goldman Sachs' Greece financial derivatives have been marked up by the Bank of England and the ECB using the aforementioned ass backwards foreign currency ponzi scheme.

Note:  Interest on home mortgage rates in the United Kingdom may start moving up thanks to JPMorgan, Mario Draghi and Mark Carney.

A new housing bubble in England may now be on the horizon.  

Carney calls his program "Funding for Lending Scheme", of course, we have defined it for what it is a ponzi scheme.

P.S.  At this hour the Bank of England and the ECB still face massive derivative exposure in the trillions.

It is important to remember, thanks to the treasonous financial policies of Federal Reserve Chairman Bernard Bernanke, any financial crisis (could be trigged by a new housing bubble in Europe) places ALL savings deposits in U.S. banks as counter parties to the Bank of England and the ECB.

Remember, folks, it is just a matter of time before the house of cards collapses once and for all.