Wednesday, January 1, 2014

AltMedia reset in 2014

In 2014, I predict that the AltMedia will experience a "reset".

The Zio-nazis will be revealed within the AltMedia.

These Zionists, Nazis of our time, have admittedly infiltrated Wikipedia to re-write it to be sympathetic to the Jewish 1 State policy and to totally dehumanize the Palestinians, they deny their existence.

The Jews blame it all on the Catholics, the poor ole' Jews are being exploited by the Catholics as the "court" Jews, they are not responsible.

Certain Cointelpro agents within the AltMedia will be exposed in 2014, this is part of the "reset".

People will in 2014, achieve a higher level of discernment with respect to AltMedia types who are just fear-profiteers.

My contacts are telling me of documents to come forward in 2014 that will expose once and for all certain AGENTS working for years in the AltMedia, this is another part of the reset.