Saturday, January 4, 2014

Canauzzie Update - Dinar, Dong and the IMF - January 4, 2013

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Urgent News Flash | Dinar, Dong and the IMF

From good Political and IMF sources we have just been advised that the IMF are contesting to stop both Dinar and Dong deals, on the grounds that it will represent a vast distribution of unearned wealth to the undeserving US Public

Simple reality, they feel that no Americans should be allowed to cash in on the deaths of millions and destruction of nations. So, as this is still as yet unclarified, will the IMF now attempt to introduce a new currency bypassing all the Speculators? Clearly, a Political battle will rage now. A ravaging and mercenary Pentagon hoard will be far from happy if now denied their vast, ill gotten war crimes gains. Nothing is decided but clearly its a new spoke in the wheels. Morally of course, the IMF are right. But, Politicians don't do moral values. So what chicanery now?