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Canauzzie Update - January 20, 2014 - US Finances and the GS / RV’s | The Simple, Brutal Truth



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US Finances and the GS / RV’s | The Simple, Brutal Truth

One World of Nations
20 January 2014

America faces a reality check of Global Leadership. Empires cost. They hemorrhage money.

So, unless you can wring ever more money from conquered, or deceived territories, maintaining them will lead to insolvency - Yours! 

All Empires End - Badly!

Chinese Dynasty funds were sequestered as false loans and redemption undertakings have been ruthlessly reneged on. Chinese Gold has disappeared into the labyrinths of the bogus Shyster Cabal operation encircling America and the world. A self-interest, inwardly focused Military Industrial hierarchy has developed over half a century accustomed to taking at will, as the pampered Brats they are, and throwing Wobblers at the mere hint of budget constraints.

This ever burgeoning Military Complex and its Contractor Empire, is draining America’s finances, creating needless Global wars, and unleashing hoards of uncontrolled, low IQ Contractors with weapons, effecting genocide, and crippling domestic US industries. A total Lose / Lose for America. That is also deeply impacting on current Global Private Placements, RV dialog and trust. America is a Bust Flush. All spent out. But with its hand out again. No one will play, or pay. Truth is buried under propaganda lies. 

We do understand how sensitive this Dinar issue is for many genuine, well-meaning parties, who mainly invested innocently in good faith for fabulous projected returns. But truth is key to help you plan in reality, not naïve Guru empty promises. Many Dinarians both want to stabilize their families, and contribute towards society as a magnanimous gesture, but funded by who? Grandiose gestures can’t be based on hype. America alone cannot do it from On Balance Sheet funds. The Treasury has no money and they have only just driven through deal for c$1T to save Americas own Budget shortfall.

It’s not Won’t do, it’s Can’t do. No money exists without a major reset. Even then - Who pays?

The sheer scale of deeply flawed wrong reporting by Guru site’s and Bible belt Bloggers, is building many desperate peoples hopes and false feeding cruel delusions, which become more shattered dreams when they keep on failing to materialize. Why repeat read so many false dawns and even worse quote them? It’s dysfunctional thinking.

The key problem deeply affecting this is the sheer scale of colossal Dinar overprinting which took place. $60T plus printed when $5T is sufficient. What a mess. Fools dream and fantasize. How do the Military explain such vast Counterfeit holdings apart from Bribery rewards as War Loot from their disgusting, Illegal War, which destroyed a nation and has murdered over a million + Souls now for their shameless and immoral complicity? A million + dead, more hate! But don’t tell it this way in the brainwashed Disneyland Republic. We are “Special”. Dumbing down created this. The world looks on and in, part amused at the antics of the 21 st century versions of Beverly Hillbillies, and part concerned at the dereliction of duty of joint community citizens of planet earth.

In the sprawling mass of communities, beyond the well-meaning Dinar speculators, are a radical community of Guru or Tribute following groups, delusional Vulture packs who undertook small time or zero research as non-diligent investors, many weaned on Welfare hand-outs, and Ponzi economy money, who are so deluded many think it’s their right to cash in and go on Dinars. The “We are Special” headbanger primate species. Fixated on their fast Buck which for many is now c15 years in the making. And still they don’t get it. We need this money we constantly hear. Well so do 6 Billion other humans on this planet in even greater need. Who pays? What for?

This is in danger of becoming another South Sea Bubble scam. Parties with the mental IQ of a vegetable sit counting on “Their blessings” as their God given right to become Multimillionaires for a few Bucks. There is not enough On Balance Sheet money in the world to cash them out. Nor can Iraq underpin it. Yet somewhere, in the understandable and desperate circumstances of many, is their blinkered belief that they are Special, having been fed this Slave stupefying propaganda for 50 years, and it’s their right. Oh what a tangled web. And ever more Guru or Tribute / Auxiliary sites regurgitate meaningless excreta weekly. All diatribe with no substance. Head bangers.

For all parties understanding, there has been no positive breakthrough yet since this all reached its crescendo of tomorrow for sure, first promised over 4 years ago. Year after year we hear the same mantra. How many tomorrows for God’s sake? It’s Tomorrow, an Attorney said so??? Yes, for the last 4 years!!!!!! Aided by Bible belt head cases or Born Again wannabes.

These false Prophets are causing the needy and desperate to delude themselves into yet more short term bridging actions and decisions. Albeit, many are now compromising themselves and their families, predicated on the bad advice of fools. Blogging Yappers, and Gurus with an angle to work for money - Yours! Each week is yet another false dawn. More excuses. With ever more articles eulogizing a magic release of fantasy fortunes which will overnight turn needy into Billionaires. From where? Who will share? 

Show us the money!

Now, just key into This is the terrible price I, totally innocent, have paid for you all. Dinarians, what about my life and damage now? What about me from your vile wars?

Iraq has a limited and finite small economy and need which will justify only c5T tops in Bank notes. Who vastly overprinted? Iraq does not need these vast volumes of notes, so why should the world redeem a counterfeit swindle on such an unwarranted scale? Who will fund it? What for?

Please, for your own sakes contemplate reality. As of the last 2 weeks the US Treasury has only been able to arrange a further $1T to prop up America. Even that was major battle taking months. So who, bar a deluded fool, can justify an alleged $60T or more for Iraq, redeeming a vast printing Con?

With respect to all, it’s time to limit personal exposures to Dinars and plan a new life philosophy. What IF – It doesn’t happen? Dongs are far more hopeful short term. Vietnam has suffered enough.

Private Placements are happening, and we ARE hands on. That is the first stage. Hope! This IS happening for Real!

It really is time to back burner Dinars now. Lay them away for another day, and get a life. Sensible thinking Americans have now worked this out. We are not killing hope, just killing false dawn disinformation. No one as yet has any clear position on the Dinars. Wells Fargo have said on Public Record they have no resources to handle Dinars, nor funds to cash them. Reno abounds weekly with rumors and false starts. Numpty land. Fantasy fortunes are expended worldwide fed by rumor mills. Families are ruined ambulance chasing desperate dreams. Diligence - Zero!

Finance Minister’s and Senior Bankers are fully focused planning their trips to circulate with the great and connected in the Davos Theater of Dreams next week. Posers and Parasites jockeying for media attention in an orgy of egos. That has priority focus. Unleashing Dinars or RV’s in such an Alpine packed Mountain Top of Vanities would invoke a mad scramble from a herd of 5,000 posturing swine with mass fatalities in an Alps icy mountain road race to get to Zurich faster than a Rothschild bloodhound. You call it.

Only major Asian Fund Owners can logically underpin refunding with their own asset base of capital. What motivation do they have to rescue the nation which has reneged on them and impoverished them?

Selective Private Investment deals with Asia really are starting, but distanced from the US. Relationships and Trust is the key.

Trust is like Virginity and once it’s gone, it’s gone. So many false promises.

The world economy is derailing fast, like erupting tectonic plates. New Geo Political markets are forming and re aligning. The US is neither included nor invited.

It’s time for Americans to think for yourselves and lose the State dependency ideology fast. One hundred years ago, there were no Welfare systems or Welfare brats. No so called Human rights. People, good people, made things happen. They worked not whined!

Great cities emerged. YOU DID IT!!!! Societies thrived. Industries boomed and fortunes were made. In a single century a new civilization was forged, from Zero to Heroes. Hope was alive. The dream emerged.

Then the Federal Superstate took over. Jekyll Island transferred the entire monetary control of America to a Zionist Mafia. They ring-fenced you all out! Power grabs took over. Visions were lost as they just perniciously siphoned out your money.

Washington assumed Global Political power, subjugated further by a vast, Carnal, Military Industrial Cartel of Elite families whose claws encircled all. Between the Zionists, Skull and Bones, Jesuit Orders, and Masonic groups, America was re and miss tracked. Dreams promised were unattainable outside of the Elites or Zionist rat packs. Money, the engine oil to run dreams, had been sequestrated. Hope was diminishing. Wars procreated for power, Oil control and arms sales. Death for profit. Nowhere, in this new evolving system, did the majority of Americans feature. Apart from your children as cannon fodder for the Military or a target market for their highly lucrative Drugs supply business following the 40 fold increase in Heroin supplies from Afghanistan. Your kids died for this?

Yet, despite a current Washington and Texan /Chicago Mafia system which is rotten to the core, aided by manipulative Zionist Bankers and Media controlling liars, America still has real Patriots and hope. All is not lost. The Internet is a Global channel of free thinking for like minds to cross debate and for such dialog to reach across oceans. 

One World of Nations!

This site was set up by such like-minded groups of Internationals seeking simple truth and a debating platform for all, free from Trolls and visible bottom feeders spoiling so many sites. It has thrived from its albeit humble start a year ago and now has a growing Global following. A real voice of the people. Our intent is to educate the reality of positions and remove the blinkers of deceived nations. Stark truth plans live, not false propaganda. We try to call it as it is.

Life is too short to single focus on something as politically compromised as the Dinars. Other opportunities also exist and simply need applied focus to access them. America has many fine and focused Patriots who themselves are currently engaged in Private Placement closings right now with us. Those funds will be utilized to generate High Yield returns from the Bank Trading Programs and this time utilized for Real Projects, fit for purpose. Job creation, Infrastructure, Transport links, Energy Projects and Regional funding. Help for injured Military personnel and their families, and Education.

Funds now WILL go as needed and fit for purpose. None to the Cabal. None to the Military or Agencies. None to the Zionist, Texan or Chicago Mafias. These Profits are going back, hands on, to rebuild regions a step at a time. Self-help. Helping the people. Bypassing Politicians and rebuilding as Allies helping Societies in need. Evolution, not revolution. Just the best of men working in unison with each other to slowly re track our so abused societies. Allies are friends who are with you in times of need. Hands across the oceans as it once was. People matter. Family values matter. Real Men are Manning Up and Real Events are coming good. Change will come from the people for the people. 


The greatest power in our world is that of Driving Vision for Change in the Hearts and Minds and Spirit of Men. All for One World of Nations! You all matter! People are now manning up. Time soon to clean house with DC and Cabal stooges. Time is coming to shred the Zionist Fed and for Real Americans to take care of their own. America is for Americans, and those Dollars were made round to go around. A step at a time you will start to see real changes. The Tide is now changing with the world saying NO to more Political and Banking Chicanery. Men of character and courage are reaching out for those funds to rebuild a society fit for the people as needed. The whole world is looking on. The Internet is exposing the truth and the trash. Nations are working together for all. The Cabal is exposed.