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Canauzzie Update - January 9, 2014

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The Lying game! | Truth of the VAST Quad Trillion Dollar Fed / Treasury Conspiracy

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One World of Nations
9 January 2014

Enough money was stolen to rebalance the planet. Thank the Cabals War Machine Wasters and Zionist Racketeers for Global Poverty. But it can refund the world if forced back and this ugly Global Criminal Cabal closed down! Recover the vast Cash by arresting the Trash!

The Cabal has failed America and stolen the future from the world! It’s Criminal, Ugly and needs to be dismantled or War, for sure, will be coming to the shores of America. Each City or Military base, is only 20 to 30 minutes away from any nuclear strike. That means YOU! It’s time to put back what was stolen and rebuild the world. Peace or Parasites?

While a largely semi moronic mass public in most countries nowadays meander through life clueless in our world, the Zionists and dogs of war steal the planet blind. Aided and backed by an even more rapacious Jesuit NWO Knights of Malta manipulated hierarchy, pulling these Puppets strings behind. With Rothschild’s, Bankers to the Vatican Papacy Con, also with their now failing agenda for Global subjugation to these demon spawn and Zionist / Neo Con Nazi cohorts. Only the blind chose not to see. What a God Damned almighty mess they have made. Religious Zealots conspiring with them. Nothing changes, easy money buys all. Greed rules, and the war machine is funded ever enriching the Global Elite but sordid families in power. But now, it’s running aground. Just as Madoff found. Fiat and Ponzi schemes run out of zeroes.

Same type, different names. All criminals, time to arraign them all.

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