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Dennis's Experience with 432 hz Tuning

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My Journey: Returning Back to the 432 hz Tuning

Before diving into this article, lets do a quick experiment! I suggest that just by doing this, many of you will instantly understand and feel what I'm talking about.

 (Source: The track used here for the 432 hz and 440 hz sample is Setakamuy (Blanju Remix) by Tomoyuki Sakakida )

While listening to this, I suggest to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do you feel a difference between one and the other?
  2. How do you feel overall when listening to one versus the other?
  3. Where do you feel the music or in what part of your body when listening to 440 hz and then to 432 hz?
I suggest listening to these tracks back and forth to get the feel of it.

Ok, if you got a feel for what I'm talking about, then you're maybe interested in learning more. So what is this A=432 hz tuning frequency and what is so magical about it? Here's a brief summary about it.

To put it simply, A=432 hz tuned music is the natural earth tuning frequency that is in sync with the human bio-energetic system. The reason why I state this so boldly is because I've come upon this through my own experience, self-realization, and through various sources which will be mentioned later in this post.

My journey started sometime in the early fall of 2012 when I got a feeling that there has to be something about the way music is used to manipulate us besides the words, the genres, the cultural divides, and other more easily noticeable aspects. Exactly during that time I was already heavily reading on the history of mind control programs that were and are still operating in the U.S. and other countries. So, it was this intuitive feeling that got me to read something about the change of the tuning in some article that I read. I remember that the article didn't have anything to do with this but was generally mentioning various aspects that the control system uses for manipulation and changing the tuning of music was one of them. I don't remember which article it was at that time that I was reading, but that small sentence gave me the feeling of energy that I'm on to something. You may know the feeling I'm talking about. It's quite eclectic and energetic.

This feeling motivates you and then you become focused on whatever it is that you're pursuing. So following me reading this article, I went on the internet and started searching for this information, and I came upon an article that was loaded with an amazing amount of information about the change of the standard tuning back in the early 20th century. This article mentioned that the 432 hz tuning was the standard tuning before the mid 1930s when the standard tuning was changed to A=440 hz, a frequency that I have since came to call as "synthetic frequency" in conflict with the human bioenergetic construct. The article said that it was introduced by the Nazi regime and the Rockefeller foundation as a mind control/dissociation tool and became the standard tuning ever since used all over the world. In other words, music that you're listening to is almost certainly tuned to the A=440 hz tuning, as only a small percent of musicians intentionally do not use the standard tuning for their instruments. Based on my experiments with listening to about 500+ musical tracks and checking them with my tuner, 99% of these tracks were in the A=440 hz tuning. The article I was reading was by Leonard G. Horowitz called MUSICAL CULT CONTROL: THE ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION’S WAR ON CONSCIOUSNESS THROUGH THE IMPOSITION OF A=440HZ STANDARD TUNING. After reading this article, I felt the need to feel the difference between these tunings, so I found some examples online of music played in 440 hz vs. 432 hz and I was blown away! I instantaneously felt the difference of how my body and consciousness reacted to 432 hz tuned music. It was as if I took a cleansing cold shower. Then when I would listen to 440 hz, my mind would get foggy and dissociated. I never realized this difference until listening this music side-by-side; and I'm an avid music listener who also produced tracks and did lots of work with sound editing. I've never noticed this until now. This was an amazing revelation to me because it made me realize how many human beings don't know about this and how it's still being used as a mind control tool.

Back to the story. From then on, my next move was to convert my music to A=432 hz tuning. I knew that I couldn't listen to the A=440 hz tuned music anymore because of what I was feeling every time when listening to it. I searched the internet on how to do this conversion and found a forum where someone explained that Audacity can be used for this conversion and wrote how to do it. After downloading Audacity and trying to do the conversation, I was noticing that the sound quality of the output file was very bad; so this prompted me to start exploring other audio editing programs in search of the one that does a great job; and after all the searching, I found Adobe Audition, which is a program that does a great job at converting music from 440 hz to 432 hz. I could not notice a difference between the input file and output file anymore and also what was noticeable was that it takes much longer to convert a track in Audition vs. Audacity, so this tells me that much more processing is involved with Audition and its algorithms for conversion is much more complicated and of higher quality. Then I also watched a video by (name the guy) who explained that you first need to get a tuner to find out in which frequency the original track is in. He suggested the Korg tuner that he had, so I quickly went on and ordered it. The tuner is a Korg CA-40 tuner. I've been converting music from A=440 hz (and other frequencies) to A=432 hz for over a year now, and about 95%+ of tracks that I've tested and converted since were in 440 hz -- which confirmed to me what Leonard G. Horowitz was writing when he said that A=440 hz is now the standard tuning. The other frequencies I've come upon so far were in 444 hz tuning. So this is why it's important to have a tuner because if you're using the same exact ratio to convert all other tuning frequencies as you use to convert ftom 440 hz to 432 hz, then the resulting tuning of the output file will not be A=432 hz if the input was not A=440 hz. By the way, a detailed tutorial on how to convert to A=432 hz is at the bottom of this post. Also the A=444 hz tuning is another topic that will be covered in another post. It also exists for a purpose and I feel that it's also being used as a manipulation tool.

After doing all of this and listening to only 432 hz music, I became even more sensitive to 440 hz music and its effects. The best way I can explain this is when I became a raw vegan, I became much more sensitive to the foods I ate. My body started recognizing and telling differences between foods that it was not sensitive to before. I feel now something that is not good for my body right away and even before I eat it. Thus, this led me to a realization that 432 hz is a clearing/healing frequency just like raw food is to the body, 432 hz music is to the mind. This realization made me experiment with this even further and my journey continued.


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