Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Event Watch (Update 59): An alternative perspective on the Super Bowl false-flag threat and the solution-phase narration grows louder

Do they really have the balls to try?...

I have not been tracking the Super Bowl as part of the Event timeline, but given the widely-publicized (within the alternative community) Treason Bowl theme that has emerged, it deserves a mention.

Looking at the purported false-flag threat through conventional conspiracy lenses, one would expect it to go down like this...

1) The government plans and executes the attack, then publicly blames it on Syrian/Iranian terrorists working in concert with "domestic terrorist" elements.

2) They exploit the emotional outcry to further lock down the country and launch military operations in the Middle East.

Of course, this would never work, and they know it. Why? Because the op is blown. Everyone in the alternative community has seen the Treason Bowl warning, so if they actually try it, we will be all over it like we were all over the Boston bombings. With the prior warning in our hands, and with tons of photographic and video evidence to pore through and find inconsistencies in, the alternative community would win the public relations war over it. And this brings us to the real reason they might try it...

To generate the emotional outcry needed to carry out their phony takedown of Obama.

Just imagine...

1) The government plans and executes the attack, then publicly blames it on Syrian/Iranian terrorists working in concert with "domestic terrorist" elements.

2) The alternative press says "hold on a minute!" and presents the public with the now-manifested Treason Bowl warning, along with an ever-mounting pile of photographic and video evidence as we collectively analyze everything we can get our hands on.

3) In the course of a few weeks, the general public says, "Aha!!!" and starts looking at Obama as the instigator.

4) At that time, probably in March, Sheriff Arpaio unveils his "universe-shattering" new evidence about Obama, thus giving both the public and the "patriotic military & agency white hat" elements a legal basis to take him down. With white hot rage and a legal excuse to exercise it, the Obama sock puppet is removed from office by a military coup or "Operation American Spring."

5) They roll out someone like Ron Paul as interim President, then hold new elections to kick off the new slavery cycle.

I covered the Boston bombings in my old blog, and there were a couple of times when I had to stop and say, "This is too easy. They are throwing the game." And in the unlikely event that they do attempt something at the Super Bowl, I think they'll be throwing the game again. But it will be a gambit to carry out their larger strategy of changing the government and the financial system and making it look like a good thing.

It won't work.

[Update 59 - 29 January 2014]

Cue the Chorus: World Bank Ex-Chief Economist
Calls For End To Dollar As Reserve Currency

A new Zerohedge article with the above title offers this...


>>>In the past we have discussed at length the inevitable demise of the USD as the world's reserve currency noting that nothing lasts forever. However, when former World Bank chief economist Justin Yifu Lin warns that "the dominance of the greenback is the root cause of global financial and economic crises," we suspect the world will begin to listen (especially the Chinese. Lin, now - notably - an adviser to the Chinese government, concludes that internationalizing the Chinese currency is not the answer (preferring a basket approach) but ominously concludes, "the SOLUTION to this is to replace the national currency with a global currency," as it will create more stable global financial system.<<<

Expect to hear more and more "experts" speaking of the need to jump into the banksters' New Titanic.

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