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Mountain Goat Update - January 27, 2014

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Hi Everyone,

It is a wonderful time of the year now in the German Alpine region in winter. Plenty of hardy cold weather and bright cheery snow. As I look out the window I can see the skiers traversing the slopes in the winter wonderland of Bavaria. There are many obstacles to skiing on these steep slopes but we overcome them and at the end we can say we met the challenge and were successful.

Today I also played with Meine Kinder a game called hide and seek.

Have you ever played this game with children? Meine Kinder were not very good at this game since they assumed they could hide and I would not take the time and effort to search for them in the right places. They were wrong. Sometimes it was the simple, obvious places they hid too and since they thought my awareness was not too keen I would not find them. They were wrong.

Today’s News

There seems to be some confusion as to what is going on with this RV process. As long term dinar holders we have waited for years in anticipation for the revaluation of the Iraq dinar to take place. Do you know that officially the revaluation did in fact take place on December 1, 2013 ?

So why have we not yet seen this currency go international along with the other basket of currencies in the planned global currency reset (GCR), as organized by the IMF and the rest of the financial and economic communities.

After researching I have found many disturbing issues with this revaluation process that has been holding this process up. I will reveal now what my investigations have found.

I have found that the USA is intentionally, unmistakably holding the process up.

There are no other obstacles. Iraq is ready, the software or technical systems are ready, the IMF wants it, the rest of the world is ready. But why do we still wait? So let me clarify what I have found out is now happening.

This is a long story and you have to understand all of it in details I present to piece it together. But I will tell you now in brief it is corruption, misrepresentation and political manipulation.

This story may seem unbelievable at first because it goes against the preconceived notions of how we have been told this RV process should and would work over the last years of following the information. But if you do not believe what I am presenting you too can take the time and do the research yourself. You will come to the same conclusions.

So please do not be so quick to judge and criticize my news since the UST and the banks are counting on you to simply dismiss the facts and ignore it.

This story has developed into a political one, a battle still between figure heads of the democrats, the republicans and the progressives once again. It has now even filtered down into the global process of trying to correct the financial problems of the world economies and that is a pity.

I want you to please also look at this situation like this. Two men are standing on the deck of a boat (the UST and the US government current administration). There is a third man who fell overboard and he is drowning (the world’s economy about to crash). The two men on the deck are arguing over who is going to throw him a life raft (the GCR) to the drowning man.

As they argue the drowning goes down. He is struggling to breath. He is about to go down for the last time. It is only a matter of time before the man drowns (the next global financial collapse). He is now in a desperate situation. Will the two men finally agree and do the right thing despite their differences before it is too late?

Remember the software that the UST was testing over the summer of 2013? Remember when the rates went live in a test for the first time in mid August for a couple of hours. Yes this did really happen. .

We were all so optimistic at that time it was going to be shortly announced. But nothing happened. The Babylon II included the needed changes to coincide with the GCR and the new banking structure. There is a whole lot of software and when it is executed by the UST, (who owns it and is responsible for it) will push out the new set of rates to all the currency exchanges and other files downstream as needed to broadcast the new rates so as the financial sectors can do business worldwide.

Then the 401k managers and the hedge fund managers, etc, etc. can then get in and buy it for their client investors, Just like they currently do with current rates now live at the exchanges. As we know the IQD is not on the exchanges as of yet so when it comes out, the speculators will drive the price up and there is big money to be made for awhile in the speculative currency market.

So this is what they mean by going “international". This will then be the "market" rate of the IQD starting off at around $3.71 and going up for awhile, as driven by the speculators. This is all now on hold. These final steps in the process have not yet been executed by the UST.

Why? I will tell you.

What we, as dinar currency and other currency holders, are concerned about is this delay and why has this not yet gone international and when these final steps to the RV process will be executed by the UST.

We also know the IQD did officially revalue as early as December of last year, almost 2 months ago. Also there is a matter of special contract rates that will be used during the exchange process. These rates have been established and funded by contracts between the US and Iraq and the US and China, thus they call them contract rates.

So far, from what I have been able to expose , there have been early exchanges taking place between the politicians, their families and friends (basically the “boys” club of Washington DC). The so called “privileged”.

So how can they do this since the rates are not yet international?

They are able to do this since the administration in Washington DC controls the UST and the UST controls the RV process.

Such as they have the power to push the button to activate the rates at the banks whenever they want to. Since this is only one part of the process to go international and not the completion of the process to the final steps, the rates are not yet pushed to go live to the world’s exchanges but only go live to this small group of so called privileged people when they desire this select list of wealthy individuals need to exchange.

This list is not random and is hand picked individuals. They have been activating the rates at night in the cloak of secrecy so the elite can exchange behind our backs.

We are not supposed to know about this. So far they have used up much of these contract rates that were intended to be for the American public in general not just the favored and privileged few.

This is illegal and wrong.

It was not supposed to work this way. We were told consistently over the last few months by the UST that we would all have a fair chance to play in this process and also be able to participate as the general public by exchanging also with the contract rates.

How were these contract rates established?

China bought oil credits for $38 from the US per dinar. The US bought oil credits from Iraq for $32 per dinar. With this the US and China plan to buy oil from Iraq like the US at a very discounted price, way below market prices. At current market rate of oil being at around $100 - 120 per barrel this is a bargain for them.

China funded the bucket of money for the high contract rates associated with their deal by trading trillions in gold reserves. They already moved this to the UST gold reserve deposit. So the US basically sold part of their oil credits to China.

Now all the US needs is for the IQD currency to be fully exchanged or collected and credited back to Iraq. For each dinar exchanged in this manner more oil credits will be given. By individuals getting these contract rates upon exchange, the rate bucket is debited and thus decreases, There is only so much money in each of these special buckets to go around.

Another concern we should have as dinar holders is about the legal agreements made with the IMF and US for these contract rates to take place in the first place. In this agreement the US citizens were the intended beneficiaries of these contract rates not just the very wealthy.

Again the greedy are holding up this part of the process. Soon the contract rate buckets will be empty.

So what happened to tier 2 (our exchange tier) ?

To continue the saga, on or around January 13, 2014 the UST finished paying out the politicians as I described above. This was tier 1 of the exchanges.

 At this time we were told the UST were going forward with tier 2 but it would not include us, the general public. We were told up to this time it would. So why the sudden change in the plan?

Well it’s once again the very wealthy who are exchanging while we, the general public, have to wait. Do you see the problems so far with this tier 2?

Tier 2 was supposed to finally open up these contract rates (or whatever was remaining in these rate buckets after tier 1) to the general public of the US.

 Finally we thought it will be our turn to exchange after almost a month and a half since the official RV activation took place. Would the rest of the world also now have to wait for the international rollout?

A very disturbing issue is the fact that most of the exchanges in tier 2 are only being conducted with the very wealthy who never even heard of the dinar or a GCR until they were called by the bankers and informed of the process.

What about us, the common public who has been holding these notes for over 10 years. Why can’t we not now exchange? We were told this was the plan. We were told it would be our turn once tier 1 payouts completed.

Tier 1 is over.

So then on January 13, 2014 we are told tier 2 is not in fact for the general public but once again open only to the very wealthy. Why? Something smelled very fishy so I decided to take on the challenge to find the truth behind this. Read on as I will eventually explain why.

So then these very wealthy individuals then immediately bought dinar and since the international rollout is being held up they can still purchase the IQD as the very low provisional rate of 1166 and exchange at the $28-$32 contract rates.

Again most of these tier 2 individuals never even heard of the dinar until the bankers notified them. This is like insider trading and rigging the market since they have the power to release it internationally and purposefully and intentionally withhold this process so as their clients can still continue to purchase more at the low provisional rate of 1166.

Some of these clients are encouraged to double and even triple dip since the bankers are monitoring what remains in the buckets of money. They also control the system that would shut down the 1166 rate so they could no longer purchase the 3 zero notes.

So if they see too much remaining in the buckets they are they notifying these same clients to again buy more dinar and go through the process again and again until the buckets are depleted. They are doing this at the direction of the UST since they do not want the general public to have any opportunity to share in these rates.

This is contrary to the legal agreements made, as I stated already.

This is corruption no matter how you window dress it.

 Totally illegal since it is favoritism to a special class of individuals. Even now after this practice is exposed, they continue and more and more of this abuse continues everyday and will continue until the buckets are empty.

We sit and wait, the rest of the world sits and waits. These crooks don’t seem to care nor does the UST nor does the current administration in Washington DC care. This is apparent by their lack of action to stop such abuse.

When will it end?

Probably when they used up all the money in the buckets and are left with nothing else but to pull the trigger and go international.

They will not go international since this will take the 1166 rate to the international rate the feasting ends for the elite. They will no longer be able to double and triple dip. Do you see the problem here? Does this seem to be a conflict of interest to you.?

Here we have the bankers, who control the ability to exchange who they want, when they want and at what rates. The UST gives them direction and holds up the full international rollout so the bankers can continue to have their wealthy clients feast on more dinar at the low, low rate of 1166.

I can not tell you how much rhetoric I have heard over the last 3 years about double dipping and how they greatly wanted to prohibit the general public from this practice. Measures have been put in place to prevent it. So why do they now allow the elite now to do this?

Again I am telling you the fox is in the hen house and feasting.

Then the next feast begins with the hedge fund managers and other investors but no until they complete the execution of the rollout process in its entirety. We the common public should also be able to take in our dinar or other currencies at this time to exchange them but will probably no longer have the opportunity to have the high contract rates.

I want to remind everyone too that these are the same bankers doing this monkey business at the banks are the same ones who, just years ago used the tax payers money of over 900 billion to bail them out and keep them in existence. Now the abuse continues.

When will these crooked banking practices end?

I think we all need to hold these crooked bankers accountable for their recent actions and open up these contract rates to everyone in the US and do it now.

In the long run this will not save them from prosecution for corrupt banking practices but at least it will damper the public outcry now. put some money in the hands of the public to spend it. and get this economy rolling once again.

It may ( I said may) also prevent a publicity disaster (or should I say nightmare) for the current administration now in the White House and on Capital Hill.

Of course now to cover their tracks they have notified some special groups to exchange consisting of ordinary citizens just to mix up the demographics a bit and try to make it honest and to confuse us.

We only know about it because the longer we have to wait to get paid out as average Joe the Plumber citizens the more investigations are going to happen and the more will be exposed.

This is not a threat but a duty and a right for every American citizen to be a watchdog over the happenings of their government. This should always be allowed to take place in a free and democratic country. WE do have a free and democratic society...don’t we?

Only now with this lack of cooperation on the part of the banks and the UST there is a catalyst to give the citizens a reason, an incentive to pursue such investigations and find the truth to what is really going on with this RV process.

We have waited long enough while the rich exchange and get richer, we lose our homes, watch people die because they can’t afford medication and lose their jobs.

Remember I told you this exchange process is very dynamic in many of my prior new letters. Well here is just another example. Just when we all thought the RV process was over and we were all about to get paid out....what happens....tier 2....yet more corruption in the process and we wait again.

The question I now ask is how many more tiers are there going to before the general public can go to the banks and exchange?

How long will they hold up the GCR from the rest of the world to benefit?

We have consistently been lied to in the past about tier 1 exchanges then about tier 2 so how can we now believe any future exchange window they now give us.

There is also much more to tell to this saga but this will be reserved for a later time, if needed. Personally I am not a politician nor aspire to be one. Do not ask me to distribute or provide the lists of exchangers at this time. The evidence of this investigation will all will be presented to the general public in due time.

I am just an ordinary citizen. that has IQD and would like a fair and honest chance to partake in a fair and honest exchange process.

I will attempt to keep you all informed on any further developments coming out of these investigations.

Peace and Luv to Ya All,

Mnt Goat