Monday, February 24, 2014

9/11 Family Speaks Out - Sends letter to BIN

The following letter was sent to me from a group of 9-11 family members who wanted to get their voices heard and I am happy to be able to provide them with the medium to be heard. I hope it reaches as many people as possible.  -Mort

Dear Before Its News,

We were recommended to send this to you. We hope you can or will help.
Open letter for the world, dated February 14th , 2014.

Dear everybody with good hearts out there, We don’t deserve your sympathy any longer, not for who we’ve been.” How can we get most everyone to read 1 simple sincere, yet discreet for our safety,pass-around type of open letter? ” That was our, a half-dozen relations of 5,2 men and 3 women, crushed into dust on September 11th , 2001, thought when we got together at a local coffee shop close to the World Trade tower complex and decided we shouldn't hold our silence any longer about what we have since learned. This is how we decided to spend this Valentine’s Day afternoon.Sure, we hated hearing anything worse at that time, for a long, long time. Not only were our family members murdered, almost 3000, that horrible morning, but for the next several years to see protesters occasionally marching with their ‘ 9-11 was an inside job.’ and “Investigate 9-11′ signs and t-shirts? We felt like they were rubbing salt into our wounds by implying that the president, the federal government, and all big media outlets were lying to us, even Oprah too? We didn’t even want to go there, to even think that something like that could be possible. Yet we did vent our anger at the people trying to get us to open our eyes to a bigger picture; who wanted us to reality-check and seek true justice, for all. But time did pass so furiously by itself, while we rather wanted to believe that Osama planned it all and was mysteriously hiding out in a far-away cave, for more than a decade. They also gave us some of your money in 2002, about 1 million to each of our families and that helped distract us from the harder, harsher, truth as well. But we have spent that long ago and now hardly nothing remains except a deeper and truer feeling of loss of members of our family than even before. We also regret, more and more these days, scorning the many others who have tried to get us to look beyond all the dust caused since that day.

Yes, and it was all staring at us in our faces the whole time, especially regarding the simple fact that 3 buildings fell straight down that day. All of you, and you know who you are, have been right. Building 7 was blown up demolition style; the laws of physics bar-out any other reason considering how that huge steel skyscraper fell into itself. That means that building was already prepared with explosives that same morning. Now those who still have samples of the dust of that day have confirmed explosive residue in it, especially thermite residue, in these bags of dust they have saved. Yes, we now know and are absolutely sure what happened on 9-11 was turned into one big lie, or better said false-narrative, and one of the biggest hoaxes the world has ever fell for. We also know why. For the wars, for the profits of the military corporations, for control of the oil and the heroin fields, and for making it possible to bankrupt the middle-class then fooling them more into military rule, all leading up to what appears to be more ‘false-flag’ attacks against our families, against our country’s heritage, against our constitution and rights, against the world’s people; as we have all slowly become victims, more and more, of state run murders, plots, and hoaxes hatched by our world establishment’s richest and most powerful control freaks.

We are no longer asking you for your abundant sympathy, we ask you for your forgiveness for being so quiet, for so long. Most of us do feel that way and we feel scared too. The world all over is now in a lot of trouble, we can see it daily, and we understand we mostly allowed this corrupt system that we all live inside, as much as or more than all of you, to get away with so much murder and so many wicked and long standing lies. If you do now understand and forgive us for our long held silence, we will forever thank you. If we were just going to thank a couple of people, all 6 of us feel the same, that we wish to thank Alex Jones for putting all the pieces of the bigger picture together so quickly; because the whole truth was available as far back as March 2002, with the release of his documentary, 9-11 The Road To Tyranny. And we also wish to thank Matthew Mills of “wearechange” Brooklyn for taking the microphone from Malcolm Smith during the Superbowl’s post-game MVP conference and saying to millions of people live in front of their televisions “911 was perpetrated by people in our own government and it needs to be investigated.” Thank you Alex and Matthew; how could we have allowed ourselves to be so blind and for so long? It really is mostly our, the 9-11 victims family’s and friend’s, responsibility to soon seek true justice, to now seek revenge against the real killers. We kindly ask for your help and support in attempting this. If you rally all around to our sides, and backs, we will take the stand when we can. You can help right now by quickly passing this letter around to everyone you know, either by photocopy or the internet.
Let’s trust in the security of each other altogether that most all of us will do this right away. After this, let’s surround them and take the power away from the real murderers and liars, and create a much better system for all of us, especially our children, to thrive within. We have so much to fix up, let’s get started. With a spirit like of Paul Revere, let’s copy everyone on this letter.

Let’s not give up.

Let’s do it now, and let’s keeping doing it.

- From a half-dozen family members, and friends, in a coffee shop near the World
Trade Center, on an especially chilly February 14th, 2014