Monday, February 17, 2014

Canauzzie Update - February 17, 2014

Realities | if public RV fails, where does that leave you?

  • What if they Railroad and Side-line the RVs and Dinars yet again? Demographics will part determine your future now, so wise up fast.

  • If only Special Interests scoop the pot for themselves, where does that then leave you?

  • Guard good US and Global Potential – Use it – or Lose it! One World of Nations for all! Learn to live together as Men, or we will all fail together as Fools. We are one! Which?

One World of Nations
17 February 2014

As the world ever more faces the reality of accelerating Capital Depletion, and economic consequences of reckless Political overspending, we need a reliable Global Central Bank policy to smooth the ripples and help fairly allocate essential resources to struggling nations. A Bank run FOR the people.

Won’t that be a first? A Bank morally serving us, as people?

But how? The US is straddled by the Federal Reserve, an elite Zionist Mafia run operation which has cynically looted the country for a century, akin to the greatest bloodsucking leech ever seen. Its ravenous claw encircles Europe also. You are trusting them to pay out? That will be a first.

The US Treasury, another Zionist Mafia stronghold, works hand in glove with the Criminal Federal Reserve Bank of New York, a foreign owned and controlled organization which pays no taxes, nor faces US Audits or Public scrutiny, nor does it face Congressional Oversight. It is no more than a Zero Tax, free lunch Zionist Mafia Criminal Group HQ, looting the world with impunity, protected by the US State, with Israeli deep penetration and dual Israeli passport holders, as with the US Treasury. A pernicious Zionist controlled, Thug supported Fraud Operation with Criminal immunity.

The US IRS is a Puerto Rican Private Company, a scam operation, collecting taxes not for the nation, but for Elite interests and the Military Industrial Cabal, to wage war on humanity and rape the planet. The American IRS IS a Private Puerto Rican Fraud vehicle and NOT for the people. It is for Extortion of the Republic. Not to serve the nation. Take it back! American taxes for Americans!

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