Friday, February 21, 2014

NEO Update - February 21, 2014

Basic Monetary Policy | what you don't know can, and often will, hurt you

The real value of this site is its global inclusive representation of thinking people, with freedom to express reality and real world issues. A voice for all the people worth reading. Timing is key to each release. This article was created and submitted by Neo weeks ago, but needed the right slot, which is now coming into play as raw date comes available of the potential demise of humanity if not checked soon. Now, as hit rates are increasing Globally, is the the time to let it loose.

  • Wealth is a nations most strategic asset

One World of Nations
By Neo
21 February 2014

The quickest way to topple a government today is thru collapse of its financial markets. The collapse of the former Soviet Union was economic not militarily. As a result, some of the most secure facilities in the United States involve financial centers. Those who have access to them are scrutinized as thoroughly as an operator of a strategic missile silo containing nuclear war heads. Many of our security assets in the US are allocated to financial security along with its digital transfer base.

  • The focus of 911 was not blowing up a building or killing people, it was targeting our economic center

To some the vivid video images of the planes crashing into the world trade center is something we will never forget. The sheer magnitude of this devastating attack can how ever create a false illusion. Without question, the focus of the attack was not to destroy property but to inflict economic chaos within our economic system. Human casualties was the collateral damage in inflicting financial loss. The World Trade center was targeted for its economic strategic value. At the time they could have hit just about any target on the eastern seaboard had they chosen to do so.

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