Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Event Watch (Update 62): Debt ceiling hit just 4 days away, and the fake coup against Obama

On Friday, February 7, the debt limit suspension passed by Congress last October will lapse and the federal government will once again be strapped for cash. According to the mainstream media account coming out today, House Republicans failed to arrive at a firm consensus on what to do about it during their 3-day retreat last week, so there seems to be no clear sense on what will happen. Will the Republicans quietly surrender and pass a "clean" debt limit increase by Friday, or will they string things out past the deadline?

If the deadline is allowed to pass without a deal, I'll be watching carefully to see exactly which "extraordinary measures" will be used to keep the government going. And I'll be watching the weekend of February 15-17 very closely. As noted in Update 31, Congress will be going home that weekend for the Presidents Day Holiday (and will be away from Washington till the week of the 23rd), and it is also a scheduled 3-day bank holiday. In addition, that weekend leads into the final week of the Sochi Olympics. So if no deal is reached before they leave that weekend, the 15th through the 23rd becomes ripe for potential mischief.

[Update 62 - 4 February 2014]

New Developments in the Fake Coup against Obama

According to a new report, Sheriff Joe Arpaio's investigation of Obama will release its "universe-shattering" evidence at a press conference on Wednesday, March 19. And interestingly, Arpaio's people have apparently approached Orly Taitz, an attorney who has been pursuing Obama's questionable credentials in court, and made the following request...

"...we would like to request that you stand down with regard to your ongoing court cases, which appear to have already run their course, you must admit. I cannot overstate the importance that your cooperation will bring to the disclosure of this essential information.

If so, we’d request that these court proceedings be respectfully closed by March 19, when Lt. Zullo and Sheriff Arpaio and I will make our announcement. And believe me – it’s going to be the most incredible, universe-shattering thing you’ve ever heard!"

A comment she made after this request is most telling...

"It is interesting that Carl Gallops and Mike Zullo are asking me to 'stand down' and voluntarily dismiss all my cases against Obama by March 19th after I posted evidence of Dawn Wiggins and SSA being complicit in Obstruction of Justice and Treason and not doing the search of SS-5 paper records and not providing Judge Hollander with a copy of the actual 'SS-5' for SSN 042-68-4425 of Harry Bounel which Obama is fraudulently using, and which is stored in the vault right after the 'SS-5' 042-68-4424 of deceased Thomas Woods. Looks like I am really in the way of a staged event! "

I have to agree, Orly!

To give a little history of the interaction between Team Arpaio and Dr. Taitz, consider an encounter she had with Arpaio at a meeting of the "Surprise Tea Party Patriots." It was recorded in this article from WorldNetDaily...

>>>Attorney Orly Taitz, who has fought for more information about Obama in a number of the court cases she has filed since before Obama’s election, flew on short notice from her office in California to attend an evening meeting of the Surprise Tea Party. She brought evidence she claimed proved Obama is using a fraudulent Social Security number...

Arpaio accepted the evidence Taitz presented, although sources close to the sheriff’s investigation told WND the posse already had the information she presented.

During her approximately 10-minute speech delivered in the front of the room, Taitz made her case to Arpaio, with her comments punctuated by audience applause. Arpaio, standing next to the podium, listened to Taitz attentively and politely.

“Thanks for your input,” Arpaio said, after she handed him the papers containing her evidence and arguments regarding the Social Security number controversy. “We are looking at this very closely.”

He commented that he was a little sorry Taitz went into details of specific investigative issues while the investigation was ongoing, but he acknowledged, “You have a right to do so. I’m investigating and I have to be careful sometimes. It’s very complex.”

Arpaio told Taitz and the tea-party audience he could not go public on any specifics regarding the probe until it was concluded.

So even by the WND account, Arpaio was a bit cool to Taitz's presence and presentation of evidence, which is demonstrated by the linked video of the encounter. Observe Arpaio's body language as she departs...
...He is displaying a "closed off" posture.

The Arpaio team's less-than-welcoming attitude towards Taitz is further confirmed in the communication they sent her...

"Mike said he was slightly embarrassed but he feels as though there might be some unnecessary friction between you two, even though we all share the same goals, and that we and the posse support all the work you’ve done over the years."

All this brings to mind some obvious questions...

> What possible reason could Arpaio have for requesting that Taitz withdraw her court challenges? Is he working as controlled opposition in support of Obama, and he wants her to drop her cases in advance of his release of thoroughly disappointing evidence that will go nowhere, thereby leaving Obama clear? Or is he working as controlled opposition against Obama, and he wants her court cases out of the way so they won't interfere with the "Operation American Spring" agenda?

> Why is he sitting on his evidence? Is it really to "preserve the integrity of the investigation," or is it to time the release in accordance with a larger agenda? You can imagine where I stand on that question.

Interestingly, the Surprise Tea Party Patriots website has pages devoted to both the Arpaio Cold Case Posse and Operation American Spring...

Up till this point, I'd been anticipating an increased likelihood of a staged move against Obama in early March, but now I'm thinking it might not be till Operation American Spring (OAS) in May. Releasing the damning evidence on March 19 will give it several weeks to percolate through the public consciousness before OAS provides a controlled outlet for people to act on it. And economic troubles in the meantime will add even more emotional steam to the situation.

Speaking of staged moves against Obama, former Major General Paul Vallely has been up to some interesting things. I'll get to that in a future update.

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